Wednesday, March 16, 2016

As We Shift - Shit Gets Real

In 2012 we chose to do this ourselves; not surprising really.  After countless generations of manipulation and control, we’ll handle our own world, thank you.

What is becoming very clear now is that those who left (think, Poser) as a result of that choice; offered some cushion.  They were protecting their assets.  There was a gap between us and everything that wanted to capitalize on our energy.  That cushion is now gone.

Yet the “everything that wanted to capitalize on our energy” – is not.  There is currently a barrier preventing everyone else from getting in or out of here. They cannot escape until this thing is done.

So what does this look like for us in our everyday?  What I see is a sort of feeding frenzy and free for all.  The entities/beings that “feed” on our emotional extremes are right here, and they are an aggressive bunch.

This is the beginning stage of living as a Sovereign Being.  Independence looks like “constant vigilance” and absolute conviction.  We are not alone in this; we are ONE.

I’ve just returned from helping a loved one recover after surgery.  Your healing energy and light has worked wonders.  She was pain free after a 100% successful operation.  Everyone is astounded at her recovery.  I share this to remind us all – we are in this togetherPray, send love, send light, meditate; for everyone it occurs to you to do so for.  Our power is accelerating and our focus works miracles.

Negative emotion and our prior un-initiated re-canting of how lousy we feel – is creative.  It is, right now, amplified by these energy feeding beings and they will feast on us only as long as we let them.

Anything you can do to protect yourself – do it.  I have a talisman, two different crystals actually, that I wear.  Two weeks ago, while traveling, the chain was ripped from my neck while I slept.  I found the stones and snapped chain on the floor in the morning.  This has happened once before while staying in the same place.  I carry it now and have doubled my mantras and protective prayers.  These are said for everyone in my life, including you. Realize that prayer does not have to be supplication; it can be an announcement and re-statement of the power you hold.

A week before that, my partner was “energetically “shot with something.  He had to lie down and when he did he had a hideous nightmare.  He has since doubled his own protective measures, which include the home we share.

These stories are shared here to validate what may be happening in your own life.  I’ve watched people I love just seem to dissolve into grief and misery from which there seems no escaping – at what seems to be happening in their world.  Without this awareness, this could be your experience as well.

As “light workers” you are the first to notice and feel and then realize these new shifts and energies as they happen.  Someone said to me yesterday, “At first this all seemed like a dream; it didn’t touch my everyday life.  That’s not true now.”

Shit is getting real. I have been told this is just the beginning. The energetic impulses and effects are reaching us physically. This entire illusion is constructed of energy and we are feeling every imagination of it now.

As we figure out the most effective way to eliminate the undesirable effect of those feasting on our drama – we will demonstrate that.  This is why we are here.  We know who we are and what it is we’ve come to do.

 We’ve come to love without condition or restriction.  This moment now we may have to use some “tough love”.  We’ve got this.  We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

With so much love,

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