Monday, October 12, 2015

Time to ask a Question

Being immersed in my own process creates a challenge – to first of all be willing to peek out and engage at all, and second to find something worthwhile to discuss?

Because more than anything else, this current focus is on self.  With a magnifying lens pinned squarely on my heart – a variety of images appear.  They morph and shift and re-form into situations and people and obstacles – each carrying the same lesson plan.

What is clear here is that not only are we born alone, and do we die alone, but we expand alone.  Enlightenment is not accomplished via title or specific process or group or increased vibration – it emerges from self-acceptance.

What doesn’t matter is who you’ve been or how many things you’ve done while being her or him.  What this depends on then, is who you are now.  And now.  And now.  And now.

A dear friend of mine told me about the book “The Presence Process” by Michael Brown.  It is “a journey into present moment awareness”.  It is not a course.  You can’t sign up for it or have anyone lecture you about it. He doesn’t teach it.  You have to read it and do it yourself.
I love that because of where it puts the responsibility – right on us.  We can’t short-cut or smiley-face this one.

As “time” moves and I find more acceptance of “others” I also discover the real one I need to accept – myself.

What surprises me is how much this surprises me.  

The deep self-acknowledgement that accompanies sovereignty leaves no doubt as to worth.  There is no room for fault or blame in absolute awareness. 

How do we overcome what may amount to years of self-abuse?  How do we stop?

If we accept that this existence is a hologram and “as above so below” and “there is no out there, out there” – then there is only one place to go for this love we are seeking.  It is to our very heart.

I realize I held love Quests for years in an effort to discover the keys to Agape.  Today I cannot run a 7-day-in-a-row Blog/Quest, due to current “jobs” and “time constraints”.  I will, however, hold a Love Quest.  It may go on for weeks.

On this Quest I’ll search out loud for Agape.  I’ll start here, today, with a question.  We’ll continue on Facebook Here, and on the blog Here; with comments and more questions. 

The Question is this –
“How can we let go of our dependence on “other” for love/validation/worth?”

I’ll end here.  Facebook will not allow me to invite guests, so please join here.  If you are not on Facebook, please use the comment section of the blog on my website here. 

I love you all so very much.  I’ll continue soon…

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