Saturday, September 26, 2015

Surf's up

Akin to ocean waves, this recent energetic pulse is a huge force.  It will not be stopped.  It has been building far off from the expanse of the cosmos.  It brings things with it, washes over whatever it touches, and carries things out with it.  AND IT TOUCHES EVERYTHING.

Like a steamroller, it sort of rolls over the landscape to make it all equal.  What we’ll have then is a starting point.

This will be disruptive at first and for sometime after.  As the new levels adjust, there will be peace in your breathing and from within – your world will turn around.  It starts with you.

Everyone will be taken off guard, not able to stand still or in one place, holding their ground.  You will be knocked off balance.

What happens when you are knocked off balance?  You reach for the first supportive and nearby thing to grab onto – to hold you steady so that you can regain your footing.

It feels like this wave is meant to be ridden.  Standing still while it floods in will be near impossible.  It’s time to “go with the flow”.

I see this played out in children, co-workers & myself.  Most children and a surprising # of adults are excellent surfers.  They are confused, yet energized, busy and engaged.  They are explorers and sort of resemble the “deer caught in headlights” look.

Those that haven’t yet learned to surf are crabby, sour faced and struggling to hang on.  The foundations they’ve counted on to support them for so long are crumbling.  They feel lost and react with more severe attempts at control.

It’s sort of a glorious mess.  This process, foretold and planned these many years is happening in our lifetime, right now and before our eyes.  Our bodies and hearts can’t help but respond as well.

The old is being turned over, washed up, exposed and altered or dragged out.  Surf’s up! Time to learn to “hang ten”.  (Or some other way to ride this wave, see video.)

We will navigate this, either smiling, screaming, or both.  We came for this.  
We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

With so much love,

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