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Sphere Alliance Message #35
What was the Tesseract in My NDE?

Comments in red are AK, comments in blue are Denise... -AK

I almost didn't post this one.  I talked to some friends and they reminded me what Heather says... all the data, not one piece missing.  I didn't want anyone to think I was pretending to be ANYONE's savior... you save yourself by coming to understand who you be...  a creative aspect of Source... all I can say for sure is that I refused to be their DESTROYER...  I thought the tesseract was something different... but was not sure just what...  

This was the last remaining big question I had from this life... Thanks and love to the Sphere Alliance in being so open with their responses.  Information has been so hard to obtain until this moment.  I find the forthrightness refreshing, even if its not always what I expect to hear.

Who the beings were that took me to where the Tesseract is.. I don't know.  Their energy just felt really OFF from the earlier part of the NDE experience.  I have searched everywhere for a similar NDE experience and nobody has had one like mine.

This reply raises new questions that I am expecting won't be answered until the "SHOW/PARTY"... as to who exactly it is that I really BE...   I am so done with the amnesia!  -AK

-----Original Message-----
From: American Kabuki
To: Denise Demmer
Sent: Sun, Jul 26, 2015 2:07 am
Subject: The Tesseract in my Near Death Experience

Can they tell me what the Tesseract was in my near death experience and why did the beings I encountered wanted me to alter the tesseract prematurely?  I refused to do it as I sensed it would cause much loss of life and offered my life instead.  That was the instant that I woke up and found myself in my hospital bed…. and began the many months of recovery.

For brevity [on the blog] here’s the NDE experience [pretty much in full] I recorded on the Galactic Channelings blog:[Note: Blossom Goodchild was the first source I read about 5D and I used to visit this web site quite a bit.  I still like Blossom's work, Sheldan Nidle, Mike Quinsey's SaLuSa, and Matthew Ward do not hold much resonance for me anymore.  Especially the claims about the "new" banking systems which I know to be false and not new.]

Hi AK:
Sorry I did not get to this one yesterday.  Everything came so fast with all of the messages, that I had totally forgotten.  Guess what?  They reminded me as our last guest just left (big family party).

OK, I clear my space and I declare that only messages of pure and absolute love and truth are welcomed.

BILL/AK There is much depth to this message. Your experience of that moment was multidimensional, as you know.  Your physical vessel was nearly destroyed, and for that we request forgiveness on behalf of the COLLECTIVE>  we remain collectively responsible for ALL that has occurred.

The tesseract is a 'device' and not quite physical but it does have some 'physical components'. The tesseract contained timelines and time loops, a device of storage and interactive possibilities.  There are many, many tesseracts throughout creation, although not always used by every 'civilization' in all dimensions and time/space/realities.

We are the science collective on the Radiance once more here to answer this question.  Had you destroyed it prematurely, and yes they wanted it 'destroyed' not just altered, it would have altered the timelines to the point of mass destruction on many levels of time/space/reality.  For if ONE and by that we mean one vessel containing Eternal Essence fails to 'deploy' and by that we mean "begin/exist" then the loss of that potential has a radial effect on the WHOLE. 

Remember the possibilities and probabilities would be altered forever into infinity.  If one ESSENCE was not in place for this END, then the entire END would have different eventualities.  So with this destruction which would have effected millions of BEings in multiple time/space/realities, the END may/most probably would not have happened and this "game" would have continued most probably into infinity.  This we say based on our calculations and assessment of ALL possibilities and probabilities with the DATA we have collected.

Yes, your returned to your Earth Vessel to return to the timeline that brought this reality into the time/space continuum.  

Be prepared, Bill.  This Moment is approaching with the most magnificent possibilities.  WE calculate a most amazing 'SHOW'

Thank you for your patience, understanding, and forgiveness.  Our love and appreciation for you BILL is beyond measure.

We are, and remain, your faithful companions and compatriots aboard the Radiance.

End Transmission.

‘Internet-scale anonymity’: Researchers unveil high-speed Tor alternative

Good to see an alternative to Tor coming out, Tor is extremely slow... -AK

Published time: 25 Jul, 2015 23:50
Edited time: 25 Jul, 2015 23:57

An international team of researchers have presented a new routing network they say paves the way for internet-scale anonymity.” A more secure alternative to the Tor, the new HORNET suggests better scaling and much greater browsing speeds.

The “High-speed Onion Routing at the Network Layer” (HORNET) was developed by five researchers from the UK, the USA and Switzerland. A research paper, presented earlier this week, outlines details of their project which is yet to undergo large scale tests and a peer review process.

HORNET seems on the surface to be a reaction to a volley of revelations concerning the global surveillance programs, which essentially destroyed the notion of online privacy and anonymity. The developers sought to combine the anonymity of the Dark Net with the high-speed browsing internet users are accustomed to.

“HORNET is designed to be highly efficient,” researchers said. Without sacrificing security, the network supports data transfer speeds of up to 93GBps and can be scaled at little cost.

READ MORE: UN says encryption vital to free speech, calls on US govt to end 'backdoor' push

In the so-called onion routing networks, the data packet is encrypted by each node as it passes to its destination. However the process takes time and resources, especially when the number of users grows. So HORNET researchers decided to overcome the weaknesses of Tor and reduce the cryptography work required from each node.

“Instead of keeping state at each relay, connection state (such as onion layer decryption keys) is carried within packet headers, allowing intermediate nodes to quickly forward traffic for large numbers of clients,” says the paper.

Updated 7/27/15: Sphere Alliance Message #34
Message to Oliver Troll

Denise in blue.  The Sphere Alliance calls Oliver Troll "OL".  -AK

-----Original Message-----
From: Oliver Troll
To: Denise
Sent: Fri, Jul 24, 2015 1:24 pm
Subject: Concerning the private messages..

Hi Denice,

I hope you are well..

There is particular one part I don't get with the Private Message from the other day that our friends gave me.

" OL has one last important part of this beautiful experiment.  She is arriving for you OL."

Is it possible to clarify?

Hugs Ollie

From Denise

Hi Ollie!
I am away visiting my parents so I am not checking email as much as normal -- about 2x daily.  Here is your answer :)

With LOVE, DEARL OL and you know what OL stands for do you not? OUR LIASON! You are an AMBASSADOR to earth for us!  You will remember this and you will en JOY the fun that is coming your WAY!

Now to your Question: the answer is this: as we have stated, every choice adds a new pathway to possibilities, probabilities, and eventualities!  Your 'girl' of frequency match is but one CHOICE -- for each of you.  This is part of the end of the experiment and we can only say to you: you will "KNOW" what we mean when the 'time' is right!

With LOVE, and JOY we remain in AWE of your SERVICE, BROTHER!
End transmission

Wow! Did not expect this one!  I am not sharing your private email with AK, but I hope that you will!  He is documenting this entire "ENDING" and Heather likes all the DATA, not one piece missing! 

With JOY!

From: Oliver Troll 
To: Denise
Sent: Sun, Jul 26, 2015 3:18 am
Subject: The energies are so CRANKED up before the SHOW..!

Hi Denice,

I see that you are very busy reading all posts from AK.. The energies are just running rampant.. atm.. ! It all makes sense now.

I'm in total gratitude for the task you are doing.. and I thank you with love! I knew that this was not the end with HTJ in last November and after Aouchtam who simply was a pilot project... 

2 Questions:

"With LOVE, DEARL OL and you know what OL stands for do you not? OUR LIASON! Your are an AMBASSADOR to earth for us!  You will remember this and you will en JOY the fun that is coming your WAY!"

1. Does this mean that I will doing something on the world stage? I've sensed this for a long time that some kind of grooming is brewing for this.. given your latest transmission it seems very likely.

OL, YOUR will/ARE DOing something and lots of THINGs on the GALACTIC stage (no limits!)  DO know that WE LOVE YOU and YES the energies are as you say "CRANKING" up!  Be ready, dear ONE, you ALL are in for the SHOW of a lifetime!

2. A couple a years ago when I still was married my wife then and all three kids living with us and me included saw a flashing yellow ligt in the living room of that old apartment. I thought it was from a garbage truck or some other kind of vehicle outside the apartment, but everytime I looked there was nothing there! We all saw it was just a flash .. What was that about? 

That flash was indeed an orb, according to our DATA keepers.  There is not much to report about that event other than it was a VIDEO reconnaissance and not one of DNA Study.  YOU have been watched/protected for many lifetimes but this ONE even more so!

WITH JOY, we end transmission 

Seems like my soul cluster also is ramping up.. yesterday a girl contacted me who had checked me out at McDonalds more than a month ago 300 KM from where I live close to my moms.. she must have looked at my liscense plates! She told me that she checked me out on behalf of her friend.. ... I'm so happy with joy and excited.. with all the fun.. happening NOW!

In love and eternal gratitude..


From: Oliver Troll
To: Denise
Sent: Mon, Jul 27, 2015 3:30 am
Subject: Concerning protection..

Hi Denice,

Another one that I think will add to more understanding.

Given the answers concerning that some have been protected throughout many life times
as well as now.

What about those that leave their vessel in haste through "accidents, murder etc". Are they not protected? Is free will also at works on other levels thus signing up for different experienced before incarnating?

End transmission with love and you in pure truth.


OL, THIS IS A QUESTION that will be completely answered and revealed at the show, but to alieve your MIND, we say to you this, ACCIDENTS, VIOLENCE, and other, seemingly  'unhappy events' are a part of the former experiment.  

This is not to say that you are more important than others and that your protection was above OTHERS, this is to say that not ALL humans were previously protected in the manner in which you are now.  THE EXPERIMENT is OVER.  THE SHOW BEGINS SHORTLY. 

This vessel reminds me that there are still deaths/accidents even today.  YES, WE SAY, Yes, but remember NOW the energies of MANIFESTATION are present and HUMAN THOUGHT is NOW RESPONSIBLE for EVERYTHING that TRANSPIRES from here forward.  KEEP YOUR THOUGHTS HAPPY!.


Updated: Sphere Alliance Message #33
On the Circumstances my Murder

AK commentary in red, AK questions in blue

This was a bit of a "holy fuck"! moment this morning to realize I had been murdered by an unnamed galactic agency or agent.  Fortunately Source had different plans for me.

The illness was very severe and caused a great deal of difficulty for my family, and the $350,000 medical bill required that I declare Chapter 7 bankruptcy in California. I was in ICU in Encinitas California for 30 days, and spent another 30 days in subacute care.  It took me a month of rehab to learn to feed myself and walk again (at first under oxygen support), and nearly two years of night-time oxygen support while I slept.   I have regained full health, I am living above 5000 feet in altitude and thriving... but I do still have scars on my legs above my ankles from the infection.

I was told it was MRSA but now I have doubts about that since they couldn't culture the second occurrence in 2012 and determine what the cause was. Heather once told me MRSA was a military biological weapon.  Dani and Nick also came down with a different variety of MRSA about the same time period in Thailand.  It seems to be gone from me.

The Sphere Alliance writes below: "We do "BEG YOUR PARDON" as well as BEG A COLLECTIVE PARDON."  [AK note to Galactics, "BEG YOUR PARDON" is probably a poor chose of english phrase as we commonly use that when we accidentally bump into someone, much like the French would say "excuse moi" I would in the future substitute "clemency" or "forgiveness". "beg your pardon" will only infuriate English speakers as it feels much too casual for the context - but I know how it is for beings who are not native speakers of a language as I routinely butcher French, Italian and Spanish]

I must admit this news took me by surprise this morning.  But I did do my I Am Declaration last December and all is ONE.  I KNOW THIS TO BE TRUE.  I have chosen to live by this so that I can be the fullness of my being. I chose and choose PURE LOVE with no preconditions or exclusions.

I thought about these revelations below, and I had a moment of anger, for it was a VERY difficult experience.  Heather once told me the time it takes to transmute these kind of emotions is how every long we choose to experience. I choose to do it as the speed of heart.  I am choosing to view it in the larger light of this moment of NOW... I view it as an opportunity to TRANSMUTE these emotions for the collective of humanity, and perhaps that will take some of the sting out of it for the rest of humanity.  What others choose I do not know, but I know what I choose.

My reply to the beings or being responsible:
There is nothing to forgive.  All was done in pure love.  Without your actions I would not have escaped this body long enough to KNOW who I BE.  You empowered me beyond what you will ever know!  There is truth no death, only loss of inbodyment, and mine was only temporary.
Thanks to your act of contrast, which was not done in full consciousness, and perhaps it was done in the belief you were protecting your own loved ones and lifestyle.  Yet,it was done in such perfect precise timing that it boggles comprehension.  It needed to be done.  Because of this act I came to know I was completely and utterly loved by Source,  and I got a taste of being super-conscious, which has carried me through many difficult moments in recent years.  You took away my fear of death.   That is a great gift.  I lost everything, my life, my business, my wife.  I lost fear and gained love. 
So rather than forgive you, there is in TRUTH nothing to forgive. I thank you for the gift you gave me unknowingly, and most of all I thank you for NOW stepping beyond your worst fears of retribution and judgement and for trusting Heather/Andreas/Michael/and names known and unknown enough to join the Alliance at this moment of NOW so that we may all end this nightmare of duality and return to ONENESS and love which is who all BEINGS BE.   See you at the party. I will give you a hug! 
In PURE LOVE and Gratitude for ALL I Am.  Enjoy the WAVE! 
My questions and their reply below:

Dear Bill,

You ask this: Please elaborate on the extractions/experiments/additions to the human vessel.

Extractions/Experiments/additions to the human vessel (s) has been in occurrence for nearly 30,000 years in our recent updated collection of DATA.  Yes, it appears to the HUMAN to be an intrusion/expulsion/heinous act; however, please do KNOW that ALL has been remedied by our recent transmissions which will be verified shortly.


Are you referring to the vessel who goes by the name of BILL or humanity in general?  

HUMANITY has been 'constantly' tested/probed/inspected/used/and experimented on.  THERE IS NOT ONE EM-BODY-MENT on EARTH that has not been "inspected", "tested", "used" in 3d, 4d, in form and not in form in physical, dream, meditation and in all aspects of IN-BODY-MENT!

BILL you were a particular SOURCE of INTEREST/INSPECTION, for it was known to us who you were.  You alluded to the 'men in hoods' they were employed by US ["US" as in unspecified Galactics - not U.S. as in the USA Govt] and we take FULL responsibility for ALL ACTIONS OF ALL INVOLVED IN ALL ASPECTS OF THIS EXPERIENCE FOR ALL OF HUMANITY!

[Men in hoods = Men in Black? Slightly confused by this reference. There were men in hoods who visited Heather's grandmother when Loie was born, fearing that Loie was the one who would do what Heather did, when they looked down the time line of Loie's life they saw that she did not do what they feared most - and they let Loie live - Loie has a very similar energetic signature to Heather and that was by design to hide Heather until it was time. The only way to hide an energy signature from beings who travel time lines and even change them, was to put a "duck decoy" in front of Heather that so closely matched Heather's energy signature they could not see her until she awakened to who she was.  -AK]

AK: How many known times has the vessel known as Bill have experiments, extractions or additions made to it and what were they? 

WE count to date of this Moment of NOW over 400 probes, experiments, extractions (we know SHE [?]  prefers ACCESS) but indeed it was EXTRACTION of DNA and other SOURCE Materials. 

THESE experiences were done on EVERY ONE; EVERY HUMAN IN EARTH NOW and BEFORE.  MOSTLY painless; unseen; unobtrusive, in effect: not ever noticed.  

Updated July 26, 2015 12:27 PM GMT:
When they said SHE prefers Access instead of extract, they were talking about Heather. The men in hoods referred to the experience of Heather's grandma -- they 'showed' me an image of several hooded characters and when one was looking down the timeline, he swung his hand in front of him much like the ZZ Top group does in their videos.  It was low, and slow and its head turned as the hand swept.
Hope you are well!  I woke with an intense headache.  Top of my crown is doing some final upgrades. Peace & JOY,Denice

From Denise this morning in a separate email she revealed this:
In June before we moved to Ocean Island Beach, my boys sat in the back yard and Dragon flies landed on them. I was able to have one land.  IT was HUGE!  It plucked an arm hair and lifted what looked like a helmet and stuck the hair just under, like at the neckline.  I kid you not.  It was so intensely weird!  -Denise

YES, the VESSEL [now referring to Denise] recalls seeing a "dragonfly" pluck a hair from her arm and inspect it!  YES! ONCE THAT DNA is internalized into our structure/infrastructure/quantum computer, it is available to ALL who have access.  SO DATA can be collected from a hair, a tooth, a drop of blood or other fluid, and so on.  SO MOSTLY in OBTRUSIVE!

AK: Was the illness I came down with [in 2008-2009]that resulted in my near death experience artificially introduced to cause my death?

TO THIS we respond YES. COLLECTIVELY we take responsibility for this act. AS ONE we will NOT name the ONE who caused this experience.  WE COLLECTIVELY Apologize for this experience.  We do "BEG YOUR PARDON" as well as BEG A COLLECTIVE PARDON.

AK: If so who did it? 


AK: Was the 2nd mystery illness that again afflicted my legs artificially induced?

BILL, this was actually an end result of the FIRST Experience.  Remember there is no time where we ARE and loops/quantum flux and other anomalies occur that can cause 'collateral damage' which WE also document and quantify.

AK: Doctors could not find any specific known pathogen nor could the culture it.  That illness came shortly after I compiled the lists of banker resignations. 




UNTIL THEN: end transmission.
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