Saturday, May 16, 2015

Melting the Stars

“Human speech is like a cracked kettle on which we tap crude rhythms for bears to dance to, while we long to make music that will melt the stars.”

Music sings what words cannot convey.  It is language in its own right; one universally understood.  It is ONE’s chosen voice.

If you step all the way back, looking at humanity as a singular family, you may find yourself trying to create the most constructive home for them, to surround them with the most nourishing circumstance, to communicate your intentions to them, so that you would be understood on any and every level.  What tool is available in which to accomplish all of that?

There are no words for the language of love, for the utterances of ONE.  There are sounds; frequencies that reach you within and out of time; that grab hold of your heart and speak directly to it.  These are eternal chords of resonance.

Events do that certainly – birth and death, fights for survival, moments of exquisite beauty – each of these move us at a level not normally touched.  Yet music, certain music, does the same.  It is available at the touch of a button – always.  The voice of ONE – our collective voice.

It is created in orchestral movements, many voices of man and instrument collaborating the song.  This music is no accident.  This music, made by many, yet singing as ONE, is our song.

We may not agree on specifics, yet we understand beauty on a visceral level.  We resonate with our own power; our body sings when it is recognized.

I write mere words; a poor substitute for the depth of communication coming from song.  My son writes music; powerful, epic scores.  I believe those of us that can do so are gifts for the whole of us – understanding the chord combinations necessary in order to reach humanity’s gut and heart.  The language of ONE is universally felt.

Over several years of conversations with GE (found here), he shared piece after piece of orchestral, epic music. They can be found here, and are worth a listen.

The link shared below is a compilation from a favorite composer of mine.

Music like this is often the background to my daily chores.  How much would our days be enhanced with a soundtrack? ;-) This is the language of our soul.

I know you too are feeling the changes we are going through.  Perhaps not always knowing what to do to assist or enhance them.  Perhaps wondering where it’s all going to end up?

Music tells us the answers.  It ends with us powerful, complete and following our eternal heart.  The guide we have, the one that never steers us off course, is located within.  It is easily accessed and can be called out with a little help from music.

Listen.  Our sound has been playing always.  Turn up the volume and trust.

We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for.

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You tube link here.

Zerohedge: China Creates Perpetual Leverage Machine After Dropping Debt Directive

Tyler Durden's picture
China is in a tough spot and it’s starting to show up in what look like contradictory policy decisions. The problem — as discussed at length in “How China’s Banks Hide Trillions In Credit Risk” and in “China’s Shadow Banking Grinds To A Halt As Bad Debt Surges” — goes something like this. In the interest of curbing systemic risk and decreasing the percentage of TSF comprised of off-balance sheet financing, China has moved to rein in the shadow banking boom that helped fuel the country’s meteoric growth. The effort to deleverage a system laboring under some $28 trillion in debt is complicated by the fact that the export-driven economy is growing at the slowest pace in 6 years (and that’s if you believe the official numbers), a scenario which calls for some manner of stimulus. Unfortunately, the yuan’s dollar peg has served to further pressure China’s exports while rising capital outflows (plus an IMF SDR bid) make currency devaluation an undesirable tool for boosting the economy. Beijing has thus resorted to slashing policy rates, cutting the benchmark lending rate three times in six months and RRR twice this year (and they aren’t done yet). This of course flies in the face of attempts to deleverage the system. That is, lowering real interest rates encourages more leverage, not less, but Beijing has little choice. It must walk the tightrope, because at some point, the deceleration in economic growth will become so readily apparent that China will no longer be able to stick to the (likely) fabricated 7% output figure.

Only 22 Countries Have Never Been Invaded By Britain
(For Now)

Only 22 Countries Have Never Been Invaded By Britain (For Now)

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 05/15/2015 21:45 -0400

While America may have troops in around 150 countries around the world, it still has not 'officially' invaded as many as Britain managed throughout its history... but there's still time.


Source: @MaxCRoser

* * *

Time to step up the American Empire game...  [erm...CANCEL THAT! We've been there DONE that... -AK]

Zerohedge: McCain Joins Ukraine Advisory Committee Headed By Georgia's Fugitive Ex-President

Remember when US gov't "leaders" would pretend to be working for US Citizens?  But then, the favorite son from my home state of Arizona got let off the S&L hook decades ago as one of the Keating 5, so he's proven his chops to the banker elites, and now he's very transparently helping them carve themselves a new homeland out of someone else's homeland... And of course... its the Ukrainians who lose. -AK

McCain Joins Ukraine Advisory Committee Headed By Georgia's Fugitive Ex-President

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Submitted by Tyler Durden on 05/14/2015 19:00 -0400

John McCain — everyone’s favorite possibly senile senator who Vladimir Putin thinks may have gone nuts in ‘Nam and who has had quite a difficult time shaking rumors about his past dealings with “brave” Syrian ‘freedom fights’ who may have gone on to become ISIS militants — is ‘back in the (former) USSR.’

Earlier this year, McCain expressed his disappointment in the glacial pace at which Washington is moving on the path to World War III, saying he is “ashamed” of the President, the country, and of himself, for not “doing more to help those people.” By “those people” McCain meant Ukrainians and by “more to help” he meant sending lethal aid to Kiev so the Ukrainian army can turn the on-again-off-again “conflict” with Russia into a proper war that self-respecting hawks can be proud of.

McCain is no stranger to Ukrainian politics. In 2013 he spoke to a crowd of protesters in the wake of then-President Viktor Yanukovich’s (who was once the victim of an attempted assassination-by-egg and who famously fled the country amid widespread protests last year) decision to lean Russian on trade, telling the crowd that “the free world is with you, America is with you, I am with.” It appears McCain is taking that pledge quite literally because as you can see from the following official release from the Ukrainian government, the Senator has been added to Poroshenko’s International Advisory Board.


Decree of President of Ukraine on May 13, 2015

REGULATIONS of the International Advisory Council reform International Advisory Board Reform (hereinafter - the Council) is a consultative body under the President of Ukraine, whose main task is to provide suggestions and recommendations for the implementation of reforms in Ukraine based on the best international practices.


International Advisory Board Reform

Miheil Saakashvili - President of Georgia in 2004-2007 and 2008 -2013 years, chairman (by consent)

Carl Bildt - Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Sweden in 1991 - 1994 years, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Sweden in 2006 - 2014 years (by consent)

Elmar Brok - Chairman of the European Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs (the agreement)

Mikulas Dzurinda - Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic in 1998 - 2006 years (by consent)

Andrius Kubilius - Prime Minister of the Republic of Lithuania in 1999 - 2000 and 2008 - 2012 years (by consent)

John McCain - United States Senator, Chairman of the Committee on Armed Services of the Senate of the United States (by consent)

Anders Aslund - Senior Fellow, Peterson Institute for International Economics (United States), Professor (by consent)

Jacek Saryusz-Wolski - Member of the European Parliament (by consent).

Note that f
ormer Georgian President Miheil Saakashvili also made the list, which is notable because .. well, he’s an international fugitive. Here’s RT:

Saakashvili has been appointed as head of the new advisory group, says the statement on Ukraine’s presidential website…

Back in February Saakashvili was appointed as a non-staff adviser to Poroshenko. The ex-Georgian president, who was in power from 2004 to 2013, faces numerous charges at home, including embezzlement of over $5 million, corruption and brutality against protesters during demonstrations in 2007. Georgia’s Chief Prosecutor’s Office launched proceedings to indict Saakashvili and place him on the international most wanted list, but Kiev refused to hand over the fugitive president, despite an existing extradition agreement between Ukraine and Georgia.

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