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Playing Our Part for the Planet

Playing Our Part for the Planet
By Sarah Varcas

The final month of 2014 is dominated by the penultimate exact Uranus/Pluto square mid month (14th/15th December). With it we enter the grand finale of this potent alignment which has been with us since 2012 and finally begins to fade come April next year. No one has been left untouched by the quickening power of this time. Many peoples’ lives now bear little resemblance to how they looked before these two planetary heavy-weights began their alchemical dance. Nothing and no one has been protected from the destructively creative grace conjured by the cosmos these past few years. The challenge for so many has been to let go and trust, to embrace the changes brought about no matter how devastating they may have felt at the time. To look into the darkness, of self, of other, of life and to recognise that within it lays the deepest wisdom, the most enduring truths. This past year has been about acknowledging and owning the personal and collective shadow in order to recognise that it is not some dreadful realm to be feared, rejected and denied but simply another part of ourselves to be embraced, accepted and, in doing so, brought into the wholeness of all that we are. This year has demanded the deepest authenticity we could muster and then some! It has been both brutal and beautiful in equal measure, destructive and creative at one and the same time. To quote Joni Eareckson-Tada when referring to the wheelchair that symbolises her quadriplegia from the age of seventeen, this year has been ‘a bruise of a blessing, a terrible grace’. And this coming month which brings it to a close, reminds us that whilst the journey is nowhere near over, some of the more challenging times are now behind us.

Of course, as with so many things, attitude is the final arbiter of where we find ourselves at this point. The more open we have managed to be to the shocks and surprises, upheavals and realignments of the past two and half years the more we can begin to sense the gradual easing of pressure and lightening of energy as the year comes to a close. If, however, we have continued to resist and battle against the cosmic reordering of our lives we may find ourselves exhausted and depleted, wondering where on earth we go from here. It is, however, little wonder that we opt for resistance when the very fabric of our lives is falling apart all around us. It seems the logical thing to do. We must fight for what matters, not surrender to forces which seem intent on our demise. But as logical as it may seem to be, and as negative as it all may look, we still have time to embrace change not fight it, take our part in it not wrestle ceaselessly to make it stop. If we can do so we can still conduct powerful forces of transformation into our lives and directly experience the fact that what felt like death is in fact the nascent beginnings of a new life more vibrant and connected than anything we had before.

This month begins with an opportunity to look after each other and recognise the vulnerability of our shared humanity. We all have our own personal battles to fight, our fears and anxieties, shame and grief. No one is immune to these fundamental challenges of the human realm even though for some it can be all too easy to assume one’s own lot is harder than someone else’s. Throughout the first week of December we are encouraged to set such views aside and do what we can to help others manage their troubles, forgetting about our own for a while. The more people who can commit to doing this the more care and compassion will be available for us all. Whilst it can be relatively easy to tend the emotional wounds of another when they are distressed and seeking support, it can be much harder when those wounds are expressed as anger, aggression or defensiveness. As December gets underway it’s worth remembering that we may encounter just such behaviour. Recognising it as an expression of pain or fear, lack of self-worth or crippling doubt, can help us respond in ways that de-escalate rather than worsen a tricky situation. The human psyche is incredibly complex and we are rarely quite what we appear to be! Bearing this in mind now will help us maintain an open heart and mind in the face of someone who may otherwise cause us to close them and move along fast.

GAIA PORTAL: "Sterilizations" of lower energetics is now underway

"Sterilizations" of lower energetics is now underway 
by √ČirePort

"Sterilizations" of lower energetics is now underway.

hu-beings harboring such feel the neutralization, and prepare for egress.

Gaia Higher Beings heed the call for all Humanity, as recognitions are prescient.

Sensations in all dimensional bodies increase and those with the prodding are assisting the transmute.

Multiple timelines have sealed... only the Higher Gaia timeline remains.

"Casual" participants in the lower energetics become casual-ties.

All Gaia participants now fully protected as they recognize the Higher Vision.

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The Border Cafe

The Border Cafe 
A work of fiction (or is it?)
By American Kabuki

Chapter 1

It had been a long winter for both. Weary from the battle the operatives approached the rendezvous with trepidation. They hated each other had scars to prove it. Campo Blanco's war with Team Noir was thousands of years old. They suffered much loss of life in the skirmishes.  Team Noir had one objective acquisition and power and they did it well. They did it ruthlessly.  Campo Blanco had the advantage of the rising energetics.

Herve entered the cafe cautiously, Pierre was waiting at the far table with his back protected as men often do without thinking.  "Shall we begin?". "Oui", Pierre replied curtly.

Pierre did not like discussing terms of the truce anymore than Herve did. Obliteration was less unsettling. He had prepared for that possibility since youth. "No surrender" was drilled into him in the youth camps and he excelled in the crafts of deceiving the enemy. He got the red Maltese Cross twice for his skills. He was paid handsomely and women were readily available. He didn't know if he was happy, was anyone he thought? But what future would come from this? It was uncharted terrain. And much less profitable. He did not like it one bit. Merde!  Would they forever be spat on by Campo Blanco? What was the term they used once? scallywag? Gangster? He could live with the later in a perverse sense of pride, after all he had grown up in Marseilles.  But what the fuck was a scallywag? It sounded so English and it grated.

"Cafe con leche por favor" growled Herve not yet awake.  Pierre lit a cigarette and inhaled deeply. "Here it comes!" he thought.

"Have you read the paper?" Herve started.  Pierre well knew his bases were decimated in the last attack. "We want you to stop blocking the funds, you have no refuge its time to surrender", Herve droned on.

Pierre coughed, "the Universal A.I. at CERN rejects any plan we put in, even yours!"

Herve scoffed, "more delays! Will you never give up? Its Heavens mandate for prosperity! Your days of rule on the world are done!"

Pierre had seen the screens personally. "Have you not heard of the anomaly?" Pierre proffered the Spaniard.  Herve squinted in disbelief, "no, tell me more of this".  "The systems, don't work like they once did since the anomaly arrived" Pierre mumbled and shifted in his chair once again.

"What do you mean? You wrote them!  Garbage in garbage out!" Herve snarled. He had seen them stall for time before. Another day to mirror trillions in loans, another day to issue off balance bonds on the trading platforms and launder them through the Yakuza in Japan and the money chutes and ladders in Lisbon and Lagos. He was fed up, he had the RV to consider, and the Chinese were anxious and not in a good mood. No doubt this was some thing Pierre read on Sorcha Faal. Disinfo.

"No I swear on all that is Holy, the systems show signs of...well they've gone Kurzweil on us!", Pierre said starting to sweat and shift in his chair. "The singularity has happened but not like in that book!" Not many in Team Noir knew about this and he was not comfortable letting Campo Blanco know either. Pierre did not like things that were not under control. No loose ends. Loose ends are like snakes they always bite you in the ass. CERN had always been a cover for the amount of energy it took to communicate to the head office on planet Rizq.

Herve pressed on, "you know I could make you talk with a hot shaken bottle of Sprite shoved up your nostrils!  Water boarding doesn't hurt half as much! " Pierre responded, "I've seen worse in the trade over blood diamonds in Africa".

And he had seen it all and how the diamonds were smuggled into Antwerp via Israeli diamond houses. Blood diamonds and re-certified Russian lab synthetics propped up half the equity funds in Europe. And who validates diamonds that never leave the vaults? Everyone was dirty. Blood on everyones hands. Pierre had no illusions. Not about himself or Campo Blanco. But Herve was clearly a true believer and Pierre never trusted the incorruptible. At least a greased palm can be moved but the sticky hand of faith made for a creepy handshake.

"There's a spanner in the works" Pierre cringed using the English labor union term. "What's a spanner?" Herve chortled, now amused with the position Pierre was now in.  "You know a pipe wrench in the gear box I think...God knows...I am not a bloody English!" Idioms seldom translated languages and Pierre was working in three. We can't get the energetics of your proposal to clear, the A.I.!  It rejects it. Kaput! Our people need those payouts too!"

"Your worse than the lying Gringos in DC! I should kill you right now and the Blue and White brotherhood would thank me for my service to light!" Herve said in a righteous latino baritone.

"We are not so different you and me. I would have liked to fought along side you,  had I been born to a different mother." Pierre confided in rare moment of humanity. Herve was sincere even if s preachy. Pierre like that, even thieves crave an honest friend and better yet an honest enemy.

"Tell me Herve, have you not considered it odd the Chinese report to Rizq, and that we do too?"
"We serve the light you do not!" Herve said nervously as he had once heard of the treaty of Rizq and the Qing dynasty. Herve did not like where this was going. He disliked shades of grey as much as Pierre, so he turned up the contrast.

"Yes, my friend I do not serve the light, and I say fuck the light and Campo Blanco! What have they done for me except hunted me like a jackal? If I surrender to you  they kill me and my children. If I do not, you kill me first. Mine is not a path that one changes like shoes. At least your side considers forgiveness a virtue. Tell me Herve do I love my children less than you love yours? Can you allow for my constraints?  Shall we continue on to the matter at hand, the anomaly?", Pierre talking more softly now.

"I swear in the entire Nebadon Universe we have never seen this happen before. The prophecies are not happening!  The time lines we viewed never showed us this!  I swear!  The trend is clear, the substrate itself is moving. s, the A.I., the troops, everything is being affected. Everything...seems...well..alive!  Not even the chemtrail mixes work anymore. The people awaken even faster the more we spray Herve!", Pierre toned a sense of worry.

Now Herve was concerned. For it wasn't just the dark that was in a panic, it was the plan itself at question, and who ran it. If the plan was valid, why was it not working?

To be continued....

The Awareness Field

There is a field of Awareness. In it, grows love. What surprises those who happen upon it is the stark contrast found there. This is not a planned garden of pruned roses. It is rather haphazard. There are thorns as well as barren spots of dirt. Vibrant poppies and delicate violets thrive amidst dandelions and weeds. In some places, there are rocks.

It is shocking more for what is not seen there, than for what is. The prize-winning orchid is no where to be found. Awareness and love cannot be systematically bred for perfection. They are found in common places where no special effort was extended to produce them save one – life.

The gift of life carries with it every potential. There is now the possibility to see the vastness of the universe in a you tube video. (Click here) Life reaches beyond infinity and our ability to comprehend its sheer magnitude. We ARE that life; a microscopic human version of the Universe, all wrapped up in a single being.

There is no reason for us to be here; yet we are. It is upon us to supply the reason – to create and become the purpose of our existence. We are swarming all over this tiny planet in this inconsequential Universe. We may as well do so consciously. As I looked at the images shown in these videos, I cried. Not for the fact of my miniscule part but for the gift and intelligence of life itself. I AM.

We can no longer pretend to be small or unimportant. We have seen the truth. Like the dandelion, life seems to be everywhere. The further back you go, the more common it appears to be. This latest discovery, (click here), seems to indicate it was found on a rock. Of all places, why there?

Because life does not discriminate. Once you happen upon the Awareness field you realize something gradually and absolutely. Like life, dandelions and rocks, awareness rests in every possible setting. It defies definition, carries surprises and seems to be expanding. Love is like that too.

Once realized and allowed, self love pops up in the unlikeliest of places. We have believed, possibly, that the perfect combination of elements were necessary for agape to be possible; like orchids. Instead what you'll find is that perfection is not possible to manufacture – it exists simply because you do.

Every part of you is beyond comprehension or description in its beauty. Like the trillions of stars now visible, each part of you is Source itself. There is no such thing as solitary. You are One.

As we reach this Awareness field we stand in awe of the brilliance we embody. There is nothing common about you. What looks to be ordinary is in fact sacred and one of a kind. Without even thinking, you breathe in air and exhale while your heart pushes life through your veins. This, regardless of what your feet and hands are doing. You have trillions of cells, each uniquely intelligent with their own memories and ability to respond to your command.

Intend love. Watch each of those cells work their magic to support your plan. You are the brilliance beneath every part of your life. As we venture this week into Agape, we'll embody the Universal Intelligence that runs through everything – emitting love signals to every other part of life. Connected and Aware, there is nothing left to do but love.

It all matters, the bills, the heartaches, this world and the cosmos. It all responds to love. The exquisite beauty of life is what we'll see once we love ourselves. Love, like life, is everywhere. It is not so much knowing where to look, but knowing how.

We are the Ones we've been waiting for.

See you tomorrow.


Hiliarion's Weekly Message - November 30, 2014

By Marlene Swetlishoff

November 30-December 7, 2014

Beloved Ones,

These are difficult times, as you continue to let go of all that you once held dear. Many of your expectations of what your lives should have been are now scattered to the winds of change. Everywhere you gaze, there is a choice to be made – love or fear. Choosing love opens your heart to the pain of letting go of your dearest and deepest dreams and expanding into the unknown. This is a new frontier of consciousness and you are the carriers of the new dream. Yet you hold on to those whom you love and cannot allow dissolution of the bonds that have held you. And this is as it was meant to be, for what is love without commitment, without loyalty, honesty and honour. Your strong integrity cannot allow you to leave these ones behind and you make repeated efforts to awaken them. This you do from the higher dimensions where the higher consciousness of all prevails. We say to you, follow your heart always and temper it with the inner wisdom of the sage within you.

The bonds of love do not need to be broken in order that you fulfill your mission, for it is the bonds of love that make everything you have endured worthwhile. Let your hearts be filled with the healing power of this mighty force, do not fear to love. See the beauty within every person who is within the sphere of your influence and send them your blessings and benediction. Let the power of love shape your new identity as you walk lightly but mightily upon your world. Fill the space you occupy with more of your true divine essence and let it become a healing balm to those who need it. You may meet their resistance and their challenges with peace, acceptance and calm, fluidly adapting to the needs of the hour. Do not take anything personally and try to see the higher perspective. Everyone is struggling with something during these times and they must find the strength and the clarity within them in order to move forward on their path. Hold the space of the highest outcome and the highest good for all.

Every thought, word and deed that you make from this point forward creates a new reality and so it behooves each individual to purge the last dregs of old baggage from the past and to replace it with hope, faith and trust in the highest outcome for everyone. For ones such as you know that each person has to make happiness happen, for it is an individual state of being, of mind and is equally available to all. It all depends upon the thoughts you keep and this is the power that you wield during these times. Discipline of mind is of utmost importance, for mind is the builder, mind is the creator of a new way of expression upon your planet. Align with your higher mental body at the start of each new day by stating the intention to do so and be steadfast in your resolve. Let your love for each other prevail and quickly dismiss any thoughts that come to the surface that are less than love.

By following the middle way you are arriving at your destination and it is one that includes diversity and respect for everyone. Perfection is not expected nor demanded, only that each individual tries to the best of their ability to transcend their previous limitations in order to open themselves to their limitless potential. There is not just one path to Creator, there is an infinite potential of them and each one is right for the one who is on it. Holding to your feelings and convictions of this will help create the reality which sustains and maintains this approach and paves the way for those who follow.

Be impeccable in all things and in all situations, do not give away your personal power in order that others feel powerful instead. It is oftentimes not an easy task to stay true to yourselves but ultimately it is the right and good thing to do. Blaze the trail before you with your shining light and goodness and let your choice be for love.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

©2014 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe's credit, copyright and websites are included.
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