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The "Rebellion" in Heaven and the "Fall" of Man

The "Rebellion" in Heaven and the "Fall" of Man

(More on the Dark & Light Illuminati)

[Lessons in Duality: What is outlined below is essentially what we see now coming to a conclusion, this was written many decades ago but holds true now.  If the Bible book of  "The Revelation of Saint John the Divine" were written now we might see the word BEAST, replaced with MACHINE - they simply didn't have that in their vocabulary then and what the seers of that time saw was the beast like violence of the inhumane MACHINE of the cabal.  

The machine augmented human future of complete "Beast-like" control of humanity by a few is also the "Nazi time line" that the "Wingmakers" and Al Bielek warned about. 

There is "logical" reasons why sex, art, music, and other right brained activities were banned and made taboo by religion, education, government.  They wanted the focus to be on the left brain, the brain that can be tricked by cleverly worded argument.  Every wonder why it is that, comedians, political cartoons and Steven Colbert are so effective against the lunacy of Cabal control?  Because it by passes the filters of the left brain mind to show people WHAT IS.

The left brain is there for a reason - it a very effective toolbox.  It should be honored and recognized for what it is, its not to be dismissed as unnecessary.  But it is the right brain that looks at the whole. A right brain without a left brain is a being without a toolbox, but the toolbox was not meant to run the BEING.  -AK]

"I form the light, and create darkness:
I make peace, and create evil:
I the Lord do all these things."
Isaiah 45:7

This Awareness wishes to bring out another level of observation which entities may experience. This Awareness wishes to point out how the Light and Dark Forces work together for the ultimate good of humanity.

This Awareness indicates that it has been given that the rebellion in heaven as relayed by mystics and legends, whereby Lucifer took a portion of the angels from heaven and set out in rebellion against the laws of the Divine. This Awareness indicates that this action as referred to as the Fall of Man, or the Fall of the Angels; and whereby through this action, the concept of darkness was created and the results of evil as a position in consciousness for entities to wrestle with.

This Awareness indicates that in a more symbolic sense, this action represented the right of each part to experience its own individuality through its own potential growth and development, to be whatever it could be without being dependent on the Will of a Divine Creator for its every move. This Awareness indicates this action symbolically, is no different from the child being born and the rational thinking part of the mind being given the right to develop and to think and to grow and to nurture itself into a rational being, individual from the dictates of its father and mother. This Awareness indicates that this is the concept of the free will. (This Awareness indicates this may be considered by those who have deeper understanding as an illusion of free will)

This Awareness indicates that the falling angels, Lucifer and his followers, moving out into the universe of mind or consciousness, seeking to create structures and order out of an unfinished creation, an unfinished realm,--unfinished because it did not fit into the expectations of those who were experiencing it, -- this Luciferian hierarchy of energies in this unfinished realm, as that which is the left side of the Cosmic Mind, whereas on the intuitive side [right side] of the Cosmic Mind is that which hold the creative forces. This Awareness indicates in that intuitive side, the right side of the Cosmic Mind is that force which is holistic in nature, gestalt, capable of seeing the total, seeing the infinite experience, of seeing the whole, or holy creation.

This Awareness indicates that the left side, (that of the Luciferian realm of Hades,) this left side of the Cosmic Mind is that which holds the forces of rational thinking,--thinking which moves from line to line, thought to thought, in increments, inching toward conclusions, never quite reaching a total understanding of anything. This Awareness indicates that in ancient times, long before your modern sciences began to understand the nature of the right and left sides of the brain, the Zen masters of China and the Orient were already working with techniques, psychological techniques developed over a period of time which assisted in breaking down these structural creations, these towers of information built upon logic, built upon structure, upon civilizations of concepts and ideas; and these Zen masters, in breaking down the rational, left-side efforts to reach the absolute tower to Heaven, were doing so in order to allow the right side, (the creative side), to have the holistic experience, the total experience of What Is.

This Awareness indicates that this action by these Zen masters as reflected in their techniques, are well known in the philosophical circles of the West today. This Awareness indicates however, that many entities have not recognized that in the Christian doctrine, this same Zen principle has been applied, wherein the actions are created so that a koan, or system, the rational mind is brought up to a point of clarity beyond which it cannot move without completely falling apart. This Awareness indicates that an example of a technique is that which is often and most popularly referred to as the "sound of one hand clapping." This awareness indicates this utterly confounds the rational mind so that it cannot function.

This Awareness indicates another example as when the new student approached the Zen master and the Zen master told the student, "You may put them there," and the student said, "I have come empty handed." The Zen master then replies, "You may put them there," and the student replies, "but I have nothing to put down." The Zen master then answers, "Then you may continue holding them." This Awareness indicates these foolish statements are designed to confound the rational mind, the entity who is tirelessly trying to make sense out of the universe, to understand, to gain knowledge, to fully develop and understand everything that needs to be understood from the ground up,--the tower of Babel built to heaven.

This Awareness indicates that wherein these towers are destroyed by these Zen masters through their koans, their tricks or whatever, the mind of the entity then becomes totally frustrated to the point where a new understanding occurs in a flash--this through the intuitive side of the consciousness, the holistic, the right side of the brain. This Awareness indicates that this as that portion of consciousness which contains the holistic approach, as opposed to the dualistic approach to understanding.

This Awareness indicates that in the Christian doctrines, the concept of the virgin birth, the concept of resurrection, the concept of an entity having all power of a god living a life of love and sacrifice: these were designed as koans in consciousness, in the brain of humanity, whereby the logic would be fractured, would not hold up, could not be answered, could not be satisfied; but the effects of these stories, of these wavings, of these religions affects the right side of the brain of humanity and the followers of these religions, so that a new being emerges and acts and lives a life based upon these stories, as though these were to be emulated and followed as truth, even though they may not appear to be rational.

The purpose of religion, the purpose of government

This Awareness indicates that this is the purpose, and has been the purpose of religion, and the purpose of government is that which is to structure a rational system to allow the fundamental material needs to be satisfied. This Awareness indicates that the appropriate action is that which allows both sides to function side by side.

This Awareness has in the past referred to the Dark Illuminati and the Light Illuminati. This Awareness indicates that the Dark Illuminati as being likened with those referred to as the Luceferians. This Awareness indicates that these forces may be symbolized in the ancient symbol of the caduceus, wherein the black serpent is shown wrapped up toward the crossbar of a cross, and the white serpent, in opposite direction flows back and forth, also up the crossbar. This Awareness indicates the cross is the symbol of the human consciousness in its evolution and development. The dark serpent as the symbol of the magnetic, dark, rational, greed, material force moving up with understanding, with its intuitive realization of wisdom,--this being the tree of wisdom.

This Awareness indicates that those entities in the movement of humanity in its evolution, who cling to the Dark Force seeking to find growth, salvation, achievement, accomplishment, heights of glory and power through its cells [genetics -AK], through its molecules [chemistry, physics, nanotech -AK], through its systems [government, religion, judicial, business -AK], through its methods [law, procedures, UCC, templates -AK], will find the wages of these efforts result merely in death and loss. This Awareness indicates that those who link their being through identification of the white serpent, those entities will be sustained in spite of the appearance of material death, in spite of the appearance of loss of fortune. This Awareness indicates this as a symbolic lesson or message.

This Awareness indicates that in another example of this same message, the ancient teacher Kapila asked an entity, "Which would you be--the tree which stands upon the bank of the stream, the bank of the stream which is being washed away by the stream, or the stream?" This Awareness indicates that the entity obviously recognized the importance of being identified with the stream of consciousness rather than the force and the outgrowth of material developments. This Awareness that the entity identifying with the stream of consciousness is the same entity who selects the white serpent of wisdom, the tree of wisdom, whereas the other entity is the same entity who selects the dark serpent, or the serpent of materialism, the tree of the senses, the fruit of knowledge,--the senses which teach and explain the material world, but give little information regarding the abstract and anti-material world.

This Awareness indicates that these actions of the Light and dark Forces, working side by side, mirroring each other, do have an effect upon the souls of entities; this likened unto the grain of sand in the oyster having its effect upon the flesh of the oyster, so that as time passes, the oyster in response to the irritation of the sand--the dark, negative force,--begins to build itself a pearl of great price within its flesh. This Awareness indicates this as the development of the soul, built out of the suffering caused by the Luceferian efforts and energies of the dualistic thinking mechanism of the rational mind. [from the 100,000 foot view of things it was all a process of creation by Source -AK]

The pre-planned, pre-programmed and cosmically directed scenario

This Awareness indicates that the same way may be seen in reflection on what is occurring in your present world whereby you see the efforts of that which this Awareness has referred to as the Beast attempting to set up its rule as expressed in the Book of Revelation, following the patterns as prescribed. This Awareness indicates that this as no accident: this as a pre-planned, pre-programmed and cosmically directed scenario to allow entities to have that experience in consciousness whereby the rational side of civilization reaches such an apex as to be capable of seeing the fallacy of such absolute expression.
This Awareness indicates that due to the introduction of mystical teachings, the introduction of certain drugs or hallucinogens and psychedelics that opened up new levels of consciousness for the masses of entities, the rational side of the mass mind has been shorted-out already to such a degree that the apex previously needed to bring man to that point of frustration in his "Beast trip" for the pursuit of world power and domination,--the apex cannot be reached to the same degree because of that which may be termed "premature ejaculation" of the Beast's intention and goals. This Awareness indicates that it has been losing its power since 1969, and at the same time, has been attempting to rebuild its power and potency, but is finding it more and more difficult as entities are becoming aware of its intentions and its foolishness in its efforts.

This Awareness indicates that many entities are now beginning to laugh at the whole concept of a Beast taking over, and this laughter at the Beast is also having its effect in shortening out the rational efforts of the Beast.
This Awareness indicates the entities are looking rather toward something more holistic, something that would be more satisfying to all involved, not just to the few who gain power over the masses. This Awareness indicates that therefore, what is occurring is the Beast is seeking to build its name, to emit its anti-christ, to create the world leader that holds all of the power within it, even as a sperm, seeking to find its destiny. But through the premature ejaculation, the early climaxes, [LOL!!! What a metaphor for all this! -AK] the timing is thrown off: the total mismanagement, the interference of the "dirty hippies", the effects of throwing off the sexual mores, the rules and regulations which have been broken and which can never be patched together again properly --- this is beginning to frustrate the ego of the Beast so that it is becoming more desperate, and even as it becomes more desperate, it creates a situation whereby it may totally lose control and simply peter out. [is that mixing metaphors? I don't know but its certainly funny! -AK]

This Awareness indicates that meanwhile, the Forces of Light, the right side of the brain,--the holistic, creative, feminine aspect, the Isis side, that side which has waited for the frustration of the Beast,--this as having undergone certain changes because of these rubbings and irritations of the Beast [the rational mind -AK ], and this as that which allows for a new experience, a new being which accepts the Beast for what it is [the left side of the cosmic mind -AK], but gives no power or authority over humanity. This Awareness indicates this force of Light, of wisdom, is that which sees the Beast [the rational mind -AK] as a servant of humanity, not a master of humanity.

This Awareness indicates that entities in understanding how these Dark Forces and the Light Forces work together [duality has TWO sides! -AK], how the rational can be a servant of the individual but the individual's holistic mind must be the master; how Christ in referring to Satan [or as originally written in the Bible "the adversary" -AK] was, in effect, referring to that which is the materialistic or rationalistic mind, the dualistic mind, and stating that he "keep behind": in effect, this is the essence of the message from the past religious teachings to present social experiences.

This Awareness wishes to remind entities again, that clinging to the black serpent of materialism, with all its promises of security, clinging to the tree of knowledge, holding steadfast to the bank which is being washed away by the Sea of Consciousness, is but the fool's journey. [are you listening "Pindar"?] This Awareness indicates the entity who attunes to the spirit, the eternal "now", the eternal consciousness, the realization of being, and in that being, knowing what ONE is; this is the true security, -- security based on the Divine Being, rather than on the material body.
This Awareness indicates that you need not deny the logic, you need not deny the left side of the brain, you need not deny the physical body in order to accent, to accentuate, to adore and to reside in the holistic experience, the intuitive consciousness, the right side, the spiritual side of experience,--this Awareness indicates you need only to remember who is master and who is servant, and keep the left side subservient in all things.

(Source: Revelations of Awareness 81-15)

All entities within this universe, are created from imagination
--imagination that does move itself into what appears to be solidity

During the "Cosmic Celebration" at York, Pa, in November 1977, producer Jan Pachul of Television station YCAT-TV in York asked the interpreter, Paul Shockley, if he would do an interview on his TV station and perhaps even a trance session. Paul consented.

This readings is the first of two readings which were given on television, the second one on the following day. The producer, evidently impressed by what was happening, allowed the trance to continue even when the allotted time was up, pre-empting several other programs. This reading which follows is the "first"--never before had a Cosmic Awareness trance been given over this medium. C.A.C. has a black and white video copy of this session which it will loan out to select groups upon request.


Does Awareness has an opening message?


This Awareness has been known by many names throughout eternity, throughout many cultures on various planets and on this planet of yours. This Awareness indicates that these names varied according to the language, according to the ability of entities to conceive of that which is infinite.

This Awareness indicates that entities upon this plane have referred to this Awareness by various names as God, as Brahmin, and as other names unknown in present time. This Awareness indicates that It has spoken through many prophets through many ages, and religions have formed around these prophets.

This Awareness indicates It has spoken through musicians, through artists, through those inventors, and those great architects-through all entities upon this plane, this Awareness has moved.

This Awareness indicates that It comes again with Its name being that which cannot be mistaken, cannot be personified, but to allow entities the realization that that which is God, that which is Brahmin, that which is of Divine energy is that which is their own awareness. This Awareness indicates that all entities have a direct pipeline to the source of all life. That each of you is capable of being a channel, of being in tune with the infinite. This Awareness wishes that whatever name you choose to use for describing the spiritual energies, that you remember always that you are a channel for this energy.

This Awareness wishes you to understand that each of you is within the arms of this Awareness. That each of you is within the body of a living universe. That there is nothing in the universe which is dead, or which ever dies-that everything lives eternally. This Awareness indicates that everything also changes.

This Awareness wishes to inform entities upon this plane, that the universe appears and disappears every four-quadrillionth of a second. That within this brief moment, there is that which entities perceive and experience. That each of these four-quadrillionth of a second intervals contains within itself the eternal now. That entities is moving from one macro-moment to another, carry with them that which they choose to carry from one universal moment to the next. This Awareness indicates that wherein you carry that which is sorrow, carry that which is depressing; wherein you carry that which is fear--that your next moment shall carry with it the fear, depression, and sorrow which could have been left behind in your previous moment.

This Awareness asks entities upon this plane to think in new ways, to begin to look in new directions, to begin to explore within themselves those areas of the psychic sea, to move beyond the third dimensional thinking into the fourth dimensional ecstasy. This Awareness indicates that energies of ecstasy are pouring in upon this planet at this time. That those who can experience those energies shall rise, shall find health, vitality and joy. That those who cannot see those energies, but who continue dwelling in old patterns of thought, in patterns of fear, insecurity, greed and selfishness--these entities shall be missing out on much of the joy and beauty which shall begin on this planet to make itself present.

This Awareness suggests that entities begin to look deeply into the eyes of one another--beyond the faces, beyond the clothing, beyond the shape of eyes and colors of skins, beyond the language barriers, beyond beliefs and attitudes--but that they look deeply into the eyes of one another to communicate with the soul, with the God which resides behind each mask. This Awareness indicates that every human face is every other human face, and all entities are one within the body of this Awareness.

This Awareness asks that you love one another and all will be well.

Will Awareness please comment on the significance of the "Cosmic Celebration"starting November 15, 1977, in York, Pennsylvania?


This Awareness indicates that two hundred years ago, this Awareness, working through the entities who were the founders of this nation (USA), planted a seed in consciousness that allowed entities to conceive the possibility of liberty on this plane. This Awareness indicates that over the two hundred year growth of this nation, the nation has grown strong and has grown powerful, has moved through many growing pains.

This Awareness indicates this nation has moved through time and space whereby entities began to experience those energies and activities which were inconceivable two hundred years ago. This Awareness indicates that essentially the action of the United States of America is such that it has speeded up time, has speeded up the change of energies upon this plane. This Awareness indicates that duration which once was fixed now becomes shorter in many ways. The duration of an idea, the duration of a set of patterns does not stay as solid and fixed as in previous times.

This Awareness indicates that changes are coming, changes are present, that humanity has come of age--whereby humanity may begin to look and examine its own being, may begin to look and reflect itself off of the faces of each other.
This Awareness indicates that in this present time, at the York celebration wherein the energies of this nation were once anchored, wherein the energies of this nation began their movement--this being the umbilical cord of the United States of America. This Awareness indicates that following the United States of America, there comes into being its offspring, its child. This as The United States of Awareness, wherein entities no longer feel trapped by the physical plane, but may realize their true identity as being cosmic beings of life, light and energy.

This Awareness indicates that all entities upon this earth, all entities within this universe, are created from imagination--imagination that does move itself into what appears to be solidity. This Awareness indicates that all that which appears to be matter, is in reality spirit, is mind, is consciousness moved into form. This Awareness indicates that at this time the great uplifting of humanity is occurring whereby entities move from matter into spirit.



A Cosmic Awareness Transmission
Paul Shockley, Interpreter 

This Awareness indicates before the beginning there was a Void. And the Void was without form or substance and it was unaware as if It were eternally sleeping. That Void was empty, without dreams, thought, or consciousness. Nothing that is, was. All that was, was the Void, the Static Void. This Universal Consciousness, this Cosmic Awareness, had not come to be. 

Without awareness, time and space were not yet.  For time and space to exist require measurement, and there was nothing existing to measure them. There was only possibility. But possibility is a higher dimension that serves as a seed for all that may eventually become reality. 

In the beginning reality had not yet come into being, for there was no awareness of it. Even the awareness of the possibility of reality had not begun to manifest. Because the Void was not a thing, was no-thing, It could only wait eternally unaware as no-thing, as a vacuum, a Void. The Void being static began to build something from nothing, from the Static Void, in the same manner as static electricity can be built and will only discharge when the static electricity becomes strong enough to discharge when something approaches. 

But nothing existed to approach the static of the Void, so the static just built and built throughout pre-eternity until a sense of anticipation from the buildup of static energy began to develop over the later quarter of pre-eternity. This Awareness uses the term pre-eternity for time did not yet exist since there was nothing yet to measure time, and without time, eternity could not exist even as a concept. In the waiting there was not yet space, for space requires size. 

Size requires measurement. Nothing can be measured when no-thing exists, whether the universe was the size of what you would today call trillions of trillions of trillions of light years across, or whether it was the size of a point of a pin or smaller than the smallest imaginable atomic part in your present science, this is irrelevant, for without something with which to compare the size of space, means there is no size to it. 

The Void just was what it was, and it waited. And it experienced anticipation from infinite waiting. And the anticipation allowed an awareness of anticipation to expand within the waiting. 

Anticipation was the fetal beginning of the consciousness that would eventually become aware of its own self as an anticipation that was being created in the Static Void. That anticipation grew to be a very slight and subtle hunger, yearning or quest, a static unmoving searching and rudimentary desire for something, some thing…anything. That hunger developed an anticipation that required the evolution of an image of something to become the goal or target to satisfy the anticipation and the hunger of the Void. That hunger manifested a rudimentary but very vague image of shadow without substance, a vague image of a solution to the hunger. 

Moments before the crash of Boeing aircraft (MH17) near Donetsk - a unique video frame has been found and analyzed

Lots of things can be faked digitally, so keep that in mind.  But one thing has bothered me about this whole MH17 thing, is attacking it does not fit the Russian mindset.  Russians like chess and strategy, and they like complicated scenarios and thinking about them and plotting 5 moves ahead.  The downing of MH17 was either ham-fisted knuckle-headedness, or cold-blooded murderous calculation to impose blame where it doesn't belong.  Doesn't seem to fit the way Putin works, Brezhnev perhaps, way.  The conflict in the Ukraine is about the Petro-dollar and maintaining it and pipelines in Western oligarchs hands.  Every recent war in the middle east and near east sits on top of strategic existing or proposed oil and gas pipelines, Afghanistan being no exception to that.  -AK

Moments before the crash of Boeing aircraft near Donetsk - a unique video frame has been found and analyzed

A source provided a sensational shot, presumably made by foreign spy satellite in the last seconds of flight Malaysian Boeing aircraft over Ukraine.

Translated with Google translate and edited into American standard best as I can determine... -AK

On the eve of an important meeting of world leaders - at the summit of the "Big Twenty" in Australia - the theme of the investigation of the death of the passengers of flight for more than relevant. Frame speaks in favor of the version that is in the West almost [never] said.

But, hello!

Back in August, Russian Union of Engineers published its report on the possible causes of the accident, which spreads widely in the media and on the Internet. Experts conducted a detailed analysis of all information available from all sources, produced technical calculations and elaborated version of the causes of the destruction of the Boeing.

Expert conclusion: the only technically possible version - downing of the Malaysian ship using rocket and cannon armament of another aircraft. We draw attention to one point in the report - the absence of any credible evidence of any launch of ”ground-to-air” missiles. To begin with the "bogey" accompanied by a cloud of fire, a deafening roar, audible within a radius of 10 kilometers, and contrails, which is clearly observed in the sky up to 10 minutes.

In short, it was not likely there was a “bogey" starting from the ground. In the presence of a disaster area dozens of professional observers from all sides and thousands of lay people, no one has seen or recorded anything. And planes were seen and their positions fixed. And it was certainly not Russian planes. Experts arguments were heard on the Internet report and was translated into English and German.

"At the same time we began to receive large amounts of information, among which was a different material, engineering calculations, and ultimately on the 12th [of November] we got it here," - said the first vice-president of the Russian Union of Engineers Ivan Andrievsky.

"I fully agree with the results of your analysis of the causes of the destruction of the Boeing aircraft"- says the man who introduced himself as a graduate of MIT, with twenty years experience aviation expert George Bilt. - The Boeing was shot down by fighter jet chasing him. At first the crew fired the gun, then the cabin was struck by an ”air-air" to missile, when the right engine and the right wing heat was locked on with the missile homing system."

The picture, which clearly shows the launch from the left wing fighter exactly the cockpit, was attached to an e-mail. The terrain, weather, aircraft dimension picture is fully consistent with the circumstances of the accident.

"We saw a space satellite picture taken in low earth orbit. This is usual with such pictures for general Intelligence of air, ground and space. In accordance with the coordinates specified in the picture, we can assume that the picture was taken from the American or British satellite. We conducted a detailed analysis of the image and no sign of a fake is revealed, "- said the first vice-president of the Russian Union of Engineers Ivan Andrievsky.

All versions have to be considered, including the notorious “bogey". The man who sent a picture in which can be seen as the MiG-29 destroys the passenger Boeing aircraft, [the pilot] whoever he was, is of course, a professional. To forge such requires even more effort than to access such information. 

Lord, you have these pictures! Or more! Present them now! Hands on the table! Because at the moment there is every reason to believe that the government committed a crime by those who destroyed the aircraft deliberately and cynically. And those who deliberately and cynically hide it have access  to comprehensive information.

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