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Etheric Rainbow Shower

This is not a new post, its over a year old, but seems to be meant for this time, at least that's my sense of it, and is we know there is no time, only NOW...  Take what resonates from this... BTW, the entire Earth is a crystal light chamber... you don't have to go to inner earth for that... -AK

JULY 18, 2013
Etheric Rainbow Shower

I was shown a vision in awakening this morning of what is happening energetically to me and others with the changing in energies.  Beings of the Elohim were with me.  We were on a platform overseeing the planet.  They were showing me how we are creating a new song, a new dreaming for ourselves, where we stand and BE our own story and co-create with our  Cosmic Heart (the divine US – Mother/Father/God).  “It is now time that you understand the potentiality of this moment.  It is now the timing of ‘alchemical transition’ for all”.  With that they showed me how the pulse of sound created us into spectrums of light, colour, vibration etc.  Each of us holding a unique sound and colour pulse that brings through our many aspects and gifts that are re-awakening, both for our individual journey but more importantly our collective union and how we merge into the one, all gifts brought together into synergy – like a massive love puzzle!

If you feel at the moment you are between worlds then this is pretty accurate.  They showed me many of us going through “light chambers” – chambers of sound and information that is re-formatting and re-calibrating our energy systems – from our physical bodies right out to our cosmic energy.  I was shown that these chambers assist us in balancing these higher frequencies and will assist in the amplification of our ‘light wave’ that links us to our Source, or Original Blueprint of Infinite Love.  There were areas within our energy fields that at this time ‘pulsed’ stronger than others – but this would be quite individual according to the level of consciousness.  The major pulse of course was the heart.

They showed me how many people are changing their ‘hue'(ie: radiating colours/vibrations).  That this was a choice that many Souls chose to express at this time in our evolution.  The human side of this change could bring a sense of ‘loss of oneself’, numbness, confusion, physical symptoms of pain, ‘what the *&## is going on???” type of feelings – as if your physical form is undergoing deep transition and even a ‘stretching’ out.  “All that is being experienced is short-lived if you allow it, you are undergoing deep transition in your ‘liquid light state’ that brings diverse change into your present hue-man state.  Remain focussed on the big picture – even if you are not sure what that picture is LOL!!  FEEL YOUR WAY and be very present with your experiences, this will move you into and through your transition very quickly”.

Victoria - on the way up the mountain

What the (bleep) is going on???!!!
I was told that not everyone will go through transition consciously at this time, yet they will receive a deep integration of the higher vibrations through their higher awareness. ” It is like you are undergoing an etheric rainbow shower’.  You may choose to step under and be cleansed, balanced and accelerated or you may await another time, another day”.

Putin: ‘Love is the meaning of life’

Russian President Vladimir Putin. (RIA Novosti/Michael Klimentyev)
Russian President Vladimir Putin.
(RIA Novosti/Michael Klimentyev)

Putin: ‘Love is the meaning of life’
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Vladimir Putin is known for his sharp wit, but musings on love are a relative novelty. In an unexpected remark Friday, the Russian president spoke of the “meaning of life,” saying that for him “in general” it is love that matters.

Briefly digressing from politics, Putin ventured a philosophical observation that “multifaceted” love is the basis of all actions and the essence of being.

"The meaning of our whole life and existence is love," Putin told his audience at the 15th Congress of the Russian Geographical Society. "It is love for the family, for the children, for the motherland. This is a multifaceted phenomenon; it lies at heart of any of our behaviors."

Putin, who chairs the board of trustees at the Russian Geographical Society, went on to express his hopes that “joint work” would help strengthen love for the motherland.

"It is exactly the top priority which all of us should go after, and I am absolutely sure that we will succeed," he added.

Putin has spoken at length about the necessity to attract more interest in geography among younger Russians, saying it “can and should be one of the most interesting subjects in school.”

The president also suggested launching a National Geographical Quiz for testing knowledge in this field.

A Message From The "We Are Here" Team


A Message From The "We Are Here" Team
from: Peggy Black's Morning Messages

We are here. It is our desire to share these messages and offer an invitation for humans to establish a strong link and awareness connected to the many aspects of their own multidimensional reality. Each and every individual who awakens to the knowing that they are multidimensional starhumans contributes to the whole.

It is important for humans to realize that they travel from one dimension to another many times a day. Remember you only see what you believe. Reality will match your beliefs. The dimensions are a matter of frequency and vibration. This truth is becoming known to many on your planet.

It is the awareness and the welcoming that allow for the merging and the exchange between our frequency and vibration and your frequency and vibration. Our invitation to you and to all other multidimensional starhumans is to allow the softening and the merging of the dimensions. Let there be a flow, gently and smoothly.

It is a matter of shifting frequency and vibration. The most powerful tool in this hologame on earth, the golden key so to speak, is the conscious practice and skill at holding a pure frequency of joy, gratitude and appreciation no matter what is happening, continuing to return to the alchemical chalice of the heart and radiate these vibrations into your daily life, moment to moment to moment.

These are incredible times upon your planet. There is a shift in the matrix that is taking place. Humanity is experiencing considerable shifts in perceived reality. You have always been straddling multi-realties; the shift that is happening now is that you are awakening and becoming conscious that you are doing it. You are aware of your physical surroundings, those frozen in your perception, and you are also aware of the information we are offering—that with very little effort you can travel to any location in the galaxy.

Your human body is always operating in multi-realities. Every cell is aware of the noise within the body and outside the body and is making the necessary adjustments. Every cell of the body is reading the position of the sun, moon, and stars and making the necessary adjustments. Every cell of the body is monitoring all input from all dimensions and making the necessary adjustments. Every cell of the body operates at a multidimensional level and knowing.

Humans are evolving and becoming conscious that they are affecting the reality that they step into, and they are affecting the movement of energy on the planet. As they stand fully engaged and mindful of the total connection…the total matrix of divine unfolding…the total oneness and total weaving with the All That Is, they are starhumans.

This evolution is occurring within the atoms of each human being on earth at this time.

There is and has been a vanguard of multidimensional starhumans who have been carrying this banner of enlightenment for lifetimes. There is an awakening to the knowledge, that each human is multidimensional. Now is the time to recognize and merge with the consciousness of others who are also cognizant of their multidimensional beingness.

As more humans begin to expand into their multidimensional aspects, they will become pioneers in this field of aligning, balancing and untangling the energy weavings. There is a restoring and mending of the grid of this planet. This work has been taking place for hundreds of years in the subtle realms. It is now taking place in the active physical realms. This restoring, this mending of the grid, is held in the galactic realms. This is the time. This is the coming together. This is the shift activating your very purpose to serve.

There are considerable numbers of others like you who recognize and realize their purpose in this evolution of consciousness that is taking place. They have reached out and requested assistance and support on this stage of physical reality. Their conscious request has been heard, and much is being offered from the convergence of the highest vibrations in the universe.

We invite you and other awakened starhumans to hold the anchor and focus, for these energetic gifts that are being showered upon you. With every breath you take, realize that you are Light, you are needed, and it is time for you to be fully awake. Your every vibration ….your every thought is projected into the matrix of the energy field of planet earth. Continue to ask yourself, "Does this word, thought, action, feeling add to the light of the world, or does it add to the dysfunction of the world?"

Remember you are an important part of this unfolding. Each starhuman carries a code that is needed by many to trigger their own realization. Each encounter holds the auspicious moment in which codes and activation take place between both beings. When you and others are vibrating at your highest and most inspirited frequency, this is when the opening is available to lift any lower vibrations within another human.

Every time a multidimensional starhuman makes a conscious choice to experience an uplifted thought, a high frequency vibration of joy, gratitude or appreciation, there is a shift in the entire matrix of humanity. Every time.

Every time that a multidimensional starhuman stretches to be more compassionate, more understanding, more authentic there is a shift in the entire matrix of humanity. Every time.

One by one humans are taking their mastery; their authority and stepping into their personal sovereignty. We are celebrating with you in this incredible shift that is taking place. We invite you to stay the course, walk the path, and share who you are with others from this high expanded multidimensional starhuman place.

When you and others anchor this frequency, this truth, this knowing, when you vibrate the high resonance of joy, gratitude, appreciation, you welcome and allow others to connect with their own awareness of their multidimensional magnificence. Every time.


CME TARGETS EARTH, AFTER ALL: On Nov. 7th, when an X-flare from AR2205 hurled a CME into space, at first it appeared that the cloud would miss Earth. Follow-up computer modeling by NOAA analysts suggests that the CME might deliver a glancing blow to our planet's magnetic field after all. A complete forecast follows this movie of the eruption recorded by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory:

The CME left the sun traveling approximately 600 km/s (1.3 million mph) albeit not directly along the sun-Earth line. If the computer models are correct, the outskirts of the cloud should reach Earth mid-day on Nov. 10th (Universal Time). First contact could spark a G2-class geomagnetic storm on Nov. 10th subsiding to G1-class on Nov. 11th. NOAA forecasters are citing storm probabilities as high as 75%.

These storms in the forecast are mild, not extreme, so there is no danger of power outages or communications blackouts. However, the CME impact could spark some beautiful auroras around the Arctic Circle. The lights might even spill across the Canadian border into northern-tier US states such as Maine, Michigan, Minnesota and the Dakotas.

AISHA NORTH: The manuscript of survival – part 429

The manuscript of survival – part 429
November 9, 2014
by Aisha North

Once more we would like to take the opportunity to thank you all for the way that you continue to embrace these ever evolving and rapidly unfolding sequences of events that were initiated during the week of gatherings that took place a short while ago in Crete. Again, this was indeed something that involved a much, much larger number of participants than those collected under the same roof or even in that specific geographic location. For not only was that crowd more than outnumbered not just by all of the otherworldly beings that came together in that same space at that same time period, for in addition, a whole host of souls took part in what can only be described not just as a global but also as a truly cosmic affair. For in this, we can in no way overstate the importance of what took place during that one week period of staged events, for it was indeed something that had far reaching repercussions not only geographically but also time wise.

You see, as you entered that time period here on this planet, you also entered what we can only describe as a pocket, or perhaps bubble would be a better word for it, of linear and non-linear sequences of time, all coming together for the very first time in such a way, what was undertaking during one of them, affected also those more free flowing ones. So what took place during that week of coordinated events did not simply affect life in your timeline, it also managed to literally jump over into other and far less linear concepts of time than the one you are all currently experiencing. Let us explain. You see, during this period, the sea of time can be likened to a frothy foam, one where individual bubbles of cosmic time are thrown together, seemingly haphazardly, but with a carefully orchestrated plan behind all of it. And so, as you went about putting into action those seemingly small and unconnected pieces of the puzzle that you as individuals were given to carry out during that same time frame, what you did had a far reaching effect, one that literally crossed over into so many other sequences of hitherto unconnected timelines. And so, as one spark may jump from one cable to the next without any parts of them having any direct contact at all, what you set into motion in your timeline affected so many other timelines as well, setting off a veritable firestorm of interconnected events that in turn served to sever that hold the Old world had not only on you, but also on your forebears and indeed your children’s children’s children in an ever widening ripple of time sequences.

Blossom Goodchild - November 8, 2014

Blossom Goodchild - November 8, 2014

I was just taking some time to tune in for today’s session, when out of nowhere, the song ‘Consider Yourself’, from the musical ‘Oliver’, came into my mind. The chorus ran through my head and I smiled …

'Consider yourself ... at home; Consider yourself ... one of the family. We’ve taken to you ... so strong, its clear, we’re ... going to get along. Consider yourself ... our mate. We don’t want to have fuss, for after some consideration we can state, consider yourself ... one of us!
I realise that was sent through from you ... and thought you may like to use this as today’s topic? Good morning, by the way!

And to you we state … Good morning, also. We are happy that you allowed the freedom of mind to bring forth these words of song. For indeed, we are family. You are One of us … We are One of you.

Here lies a topic that would warrant consideration … in considering yourselves to be considered as One of us.

Do you mean from the point of view that we are all One? You know, all that we have been talking about?

From a certain angle, yes. Yet, have any of you ever considered … and we know some of you have … that you have chosen to come down into the physical Earthly form to assist and experience ‘Life’ as it is ‘down there’ … yet, you chose to do so from having being counselled from one of ‘our homes’. I.e., one of our ships?

Well, that doesn’t seem too drastic a leap of understanding. I would imagine many have, as many I hear from, KNOW they are from elsewhere … different planets, stars systems etc. Can I ask? Do those of The Federation who reside on Light ships … also have a ‘planetary’ abode? Or, is their home purely based on board, so to speak?

Each One has a planetary home should they desire. Yet, we do not think in terms of ‘time’ spent away … for this differs from your explanation of time. We can be away from home for long, long adjustments … Yet, when needed, ‘our souls’ can return in a Nano second … in order to recoup and replenish and rebuild in Energy … to continue on, aboard the ships. This is not necessary for all.

What we would like you to understand, is that when we are speaking of The Federation … we are speaking in terms of a vast Family of Light. This incorporates many Galaxies and Universes. Can you consider how huge that is?

Nope! Not really, to be honest.

Bolivia Gives Legal Rights to Mother Earth

Beautiful concept, lets just hope they define "collective good" more clearly, many a despot has done his rule of tyranny in the name of the "greater good"... -AK

Bolivia Gives Legal Rights to Mother Earth

Law of Mother Earth sees Bolivia pilot new social and economic model based on protection of and respect for nature.

Bolivia is to become the first country in the world to give nature comprehensive legal rights in an effort to halt climate change and the exploitation of the natural world, and to improve quality of life for the Bolivian people.

Developed by grassroots social groups and agreed by politicians, the Law of Mother Earth recognises the rights of all living things, giving the natural world equal status to human beings.

Once fully approved, the legislation will provide the Earth with rights to: life and regeneration; biodiversity and freedom from genetic modification; pure water; clean air; naturally balanced systems; restoration from the effects of human activity; and freedom from contamination.

The legislation is based on broader principles of living in harmony with the Earth and prioritising the “collective good.” At its heart is an understanding that the Earth is sacred, which arises from the indigenous Andean worldview of ‘Pachamama’ (meaning Mother Earth) as a living being.

An initial act outlining the rights – which was passed by Bolivia’s national congress in December 2010 and paves the way for the full legislation – defines Mother Earth as a dynamic and “indivisible community of all living systems and living organisms, interrelated, interdependent and complementary, which share a common destiny.”

Bolivia’s government will be legally bound to prioritise the well-being of its citizens and the natural world by developing policies that promote sustainability and control industry.

The economy must operate within the limits of nature and the country is to work towards energy and food sovereignty while adopting renewable energy technologies and increasing energy efficiency. Preventing climate change is a key objective of the law, which includes protecting the lives of future generations.

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