Monday, November 3, 2014

Giant Sun Spot Still Growing

Norway Aurora


GAIA PORTAL: Eminence of Gaia Energetics provides all Hue-manity with validation of coronal crafting
at the Highest Level

Eminence of Gaia Energetics provides all Hue-manity with validation of coronal crafting at the Highest Level
by √ČirePort

Eminence of Gaia Energetics provides all Hue-manity with validation of coronal crafting at the Highest Level.

Crescents of BEingness are now unveiled at all Gaia-culture levels.

Impacts of Sol beams allows transcendence of each Hue-being and hu-being to the next level (phase) of consciousness.

Fractals of awareness continue to manifest the Higher D "reality".

Consequences of individual and collective Heart-Thought manifest near instantaneously, a benefit to all aware Gaia inhabitants.

Modulations of Cosmics continue indefinitely so as to assist all planetary occupants with their Light Path Development.

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Move complete...

M'Diq Coastline in the Morning
by American Kabuki

I moved into my new apartment Saturday morning. Its a small 1 bedroom place but very clean and the view is fantastic. And did I mention it has working plumbing?  Ah civilization!  I couldn't afford this place were it not the off season.  The Spanish fill this town in the summer as its so close to Spain and the ferry from Ceuta to Malaga.

The owner wanted twice as much but settled for half of what she was asking. These beach units have to be lived in or else mold grows in them from the moisture.  They need to be aired out daily.   Caleb and I had a similar situation Cabo Negro last year...but none of us could afford that place in the summer.  I have the unit until the end of April, at which time I will have to move again.  I have a place to carry me through the winter and its better solution to my housing needs than I had hoped for. And the Internet connection (when there's not a solar flare in progress) is very fast.

Dani and family, and the rest of crew are up the beach about 4 km, roughly about halfway where the beach starts to curve to right.  That location works well for them as they have access to a car, but the location doesn't work for me as I need to be able to get fresh food within walking distance.

I wasn't sure where I would end up, thought maybe it was time to go back to the States... so I thought I'd just listen to what the universe provided, and if enough money came to go back I would otherwise I'd stay here.  I got the answer and for now I stay put in Morocco, for whatever adventure comes next.

Thank you to those of you who helped out, I really appreciate it.  I had moving costs I didn't expect, kind of typical Moroccan rental and moving experience... the undisclosed fees and expectations... so its not surprising in some ways... I need to raise another $200 to last me to the 23rd,  if you are able and can help with that I thank you in advance.  I may be eating oatmeal for  a bit.

Its a very nice place to live and I don't have to spend a lot of money on taxis like in the old place so while more expensive than Aouchtam, it may end up being cheaper.  Food and everything I need is in easy walking distance.   And with the faster internet connections I can do better research on the Internet for articles.
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