Sunday, September 21, 2014

World Peace Day

Today we embody our power and speak as One. Embrace the globe with a single word – peace. Let peace birth your every thought and direct each movement. See our earth transformed. She is not a mess of countries and conflicts but One star, encircled by light. She is lit from within, gorgeous and luminous with our brilliance, the light of eternity, the radiance of One.

Love Quest Day 7

Good morning.  How perfect that our conclusion is reached on World Peace Day.  For self love is peace; Agape is that quiet within.  Once found, for however fleeting a moment, you know truth.  There is nothing to worry about.  You know where home is.  You know how to get there.

This was not supposed to be easy.  It was supposed to be formative.  We came here to grow, to evolve, to remember truth in the most dire of circumstances.  We are not thrown here, as if to the lions.  We arrive upright, excited and ready.  Remember that.  It will alleviate your self pity and righteous indignation.

We are One.  Today’s global meditation gives us a chance to consciously choose together.  We’re always choosing, and our united voice/choice is absolutely creative.  Yet on most days it’s diluted with 7 billion+ varieties of focus.  Not today.  The opportunity for creation today is astounding.

Alone we have this opportunity each and every moment.  The creative spark for our own lives does not require a match or global participation.  It requires intent.  A direction/focus that spans every interaction; one thought that moves with you through the “time” you experience.

For “time”, illusory as it is, becomes a powerfully creative substance in that where you spend most of it is who you become. We are associative beings.

There is truth in the idea that none of this is real.  Yet that truth requires the 60,000 foot point of view.  We are right here.  This life we love is created by our viewpoint.  I focus on yesterday’s disagreement and I feel pain, disappointment and guilt.  Each article and conversation I participate in, while allowing that focus to permeate my day, will contain some element of pain, disappointment or guilt.  This is how it works. What you do with the illusion of “time” becomes pivotal.

“Time” is a powerfully formative substance in that where you spend most of it is who you become.  Part of the last 7 days has been spent considering self-love.  This Quest is at an end.  I, like you, have been to life changing workshops and read transformative books that lost their power once I stopped going or reading.  The difference was where my head and my “time” were focused.

There is no magic Agape button.  Returning to “life as usual” will only be altered if your desire for joy and power, freedom and love, overrides your addiction to emotional trauma.  You’ll have to want it so badly that you are willing to continue trying for it, regardless of opposition.

This world isn’t currently set up for 7 billion+ sovereign beings; who stand sure and compassionate and unyielding.  Perhaps today, with the end of our Quest and a global voice speaking “Peace”, the preparations can begin.  It’ll take a gentle reminder: “love yourself”. It’ll take a constant intent: “love yourself”.  It’ll take a daily focus: “love yourself”.  It’ll take a new direction: “love yourself”.

To find Agape doesn’t mean you’ll be “right” every time; it means every time you’ll be love.  It’ll take effort and self discipline.  You are a way-shower.  Examples to follow are scarce.  Do not be afraid or discouraged.  This is why you came.  You are fully equipped.  All that you need is found in your heart.  I love you without condition or reservation.

We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for.

It’s been an honor to travel together.  Perhaps we can do so again on our next Quest, October 13th, 2014.  Look for your invite on Face book.  It the coming 3 weeks there will be more gifts (and my blog) found on the new website.  It is a month long celebration!  Please come and visit at  Namaste’.

Enjoy a selection from my son, a composer.  Its description fits ours as well: “dramatic, uplifting, and epic”!

Jim Willie: The Crash Heard Round the World- Saudis to Reject USD for Oil Payments


Jim Willie: The Crash Heard Round the World- Saudis to Reject USD for Oil Payments
Posted on September 21, 2014

Putin kicked out the Rothschild bankers from his country.[Ahem... my Russian friend tells me the Bank of Russia is still Rothschild controlled central bank and enjoys the same immunity from prosecution from the Russian government the US Federal Reserve has in the USA... -AK ] Putin interrupted the US Govt heroin trade supply routes out of Afghanistan. Like Abraham Lincoln 150 years ago, the elite banker chambers wish to remove Putin and to suppress Russia, but the sprawling nation has joined at the hip with China.  Thus Russia cannot be isolated any more than a bear can be bear hugged.  The nation spans 12 time zones and is a top supplier of numerous important commodities. The Russia & China bond is growing and will result in a marriage, the consummation being a baby called the Gold Trade Standard.

The King Dollar is being displaced, kicked off its throne.  Its squire the Petro-Dollar is undergoing demise.  The Ukraine War is the US Dollar Waterloo event.

The Saudi rejection of the USD in exclusive oil payments will be the crash heard around the world.

Transpicuous News Ep 1- Ebola

Transpicuous News Ep 1- Ebola

20 September 2014

Debut broadcast of Transpicuous News with Dani Arnold McKenny. In this episode D discusses the current Ebola ‘situation’ in West Africa.
When Ebola isn’t really ebola, and EV-D68 is really Polio:  Digging deep to connect the dots of medical mythology.

Audio Only
D’s  “ebola” articles


Lets look at the oil reserves in northern Africa- well would you look at that! all the countries that have “ebola” outbreaks are also known to be oil rich!


So the world’s militaries are all fumbling around with no funding and severe funding cut backs. So if you have a place that you want to control, yet you don’t have the money to actually create some sort of excuse to send in your military, then you need to find another way, right? wella! a medical emergency allows you to openly send in the UN “peacekeeping” troops and the “CDC” (you know that the CDC is actually part of the US military right?) Using the CDC gives you an excuse to get funds, ‘cause you know…. it’s a medical emergency! That of course gives you an excuse to send in the military to “support” the CDC personnel under the guise of “peace keeping”, and if they just happen to take over some oil fields… well…. you know.
This is actually a very important aspect to all of this “ebola” scare. There is no money, so they have to come up with other ways to do what they want. When there is no money, they have to use other means to control- ie: FEAR.
and of course there is the fact that they are using the “Ebola” outbreak to project FEAR and distraction to the global population.

Ebola symptoms

Early ebola symptoms are almost identical to malaria and typhoid fever, chikunga, and dengue fever, which in it’s severest form is called dengue hemorrhagic fever.

Malaria deaths map:

Health Minister Debunks Outbreak of Ebola Virus in Nigeria, Says Is Dengue Fever

“He said as a follow up to the report in a section of the media on the outbreak of Ebola disease in Nigeria, the Federal Ministry of Health wishes to inform the general public that laboratory investigation has revealed that it is a case of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever and not that of Ebola virus as erroneously reported.’


This is a very strange story, I found this at Project Camelot.  This is either a controlled demolition of building or a 9/11 style thermite/energy and/or micro-nuke attack (we still don't know what brought down the twin towers - but it wasn't because of two airliners....).   

What is curious about this story though is this is an American-Style mega-church guest house of the popular Nigerian Christian preacher TB Joshua who is purported to have predicted an asian country would lose an airliner with 200+ people on it.  

This prediction of attacks in Kenya is also curious:

And this one about Russian airspace:

A case of someone reading the quantum field potential? Or was the cabal telegraphing its intentions as is required of them through T B Joshua before they did a stunt like  MH-370, MH17 in the Ukraine or the terrorism in Kenya?  

Was the building collapse just an insurance scam for cash or intimdation to keep TB's mouth shut?  Hard to know right now, but one's thing for sure the "truth will out" as nothing is hidden in these new earth energies...

There's been a lot of very strange things occurring in central Africa, the Ebola outbreaks and the resultant hysteria being pumped by western media.  The subsequent offers by the West to send in "humanitarian troops" and IMF/World bank offers to finance failing economies hurt by International quarantines. Once troops go in they seldom leave right away.   Also the recent case of the alleged hostage taking  and killing of Ebola aid workers in Guinea (a pretext for western troops).  Does the world think African's are stupid about the interelationship of mass innoculations with vaccines and the subsequent disease outbreaks? 

What we do know is the financial systems are broke, and they desperately seeking ways to find assets to balloon money through highly geared derivatives to fund their continuing operations.  The cabal families have been funding the systems themselves out of their own resources the last two years and are nearly out of funds.  Central Africa is rich in oil, gold, diamonds and rare earths needed in modern electronics and cell phones, its not coincidental that all the countries affected by Ebola are rich in mineral resources.  Gaining control of the assets through debt agreements is tried and proven way the cabal creates money, those assets can collateralized in trillions of liquidity in the fiat money system.

Nigeria is also the home to some of the largest money laundering operations in the world, which is why you see the covers of the nigerian email scams to discredit it - in the public eye- of being any kind of legitimate banking center. Nigeria has easily fungible crude oil which is very easily converted to cash for money laundering purposes and is a well known center of laundering shady bank money. Organized religion is also used for money laundering as churches quite routinely get cash and real estate as well as the estates of deceased loved ones donated to them.

The worst fate an African country can have, it seems, is to be rich in resources industrial countries want, because it means enormous covert proxy wars and epidemics.  Witness Boko Haram terrorism  meant to destabilize Nigeria and provide the pretext for inviting foreign troops.

See also D.'s report on Ebola at:


Reposted from Kerry Cassidy's Project Camelot:

17 Sep 2014 10:31
Written by Kerry Cassidy Category: Kerry's Blog

This is truly bizarre and had to be targeted with a particle beam weapon or scaler weapon:

Above found at: and reposted here for faster loading

No way this article gets to the truth...

67 South Africans killed in Nigeria building collapse
2014-09-16 20:57
Rescue workers gather at the site of a collapsed building belonging to the Synagogue Church of All Nations in Lagos, Nigeria. (Sunday Alamba, AP)

Cape Town – Sixty-seven South Africans have died after a building at the Synagogue Church of All Nations collapsed on Friday, according to the presidency.

In a statement released on Tuesday spokesperson Mac Maharaj said: “I am greatly saddened to announce that 67 South Africans died and scores of others sustained injuries, after a building at the Synagogue Church of All Nations collapsed on Friday, 12 September 2014, in Lagos, in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”

The last death toll from the collapsed guesthouse at a mega-church in Nigeria was reported at 57 earlier on Tuesday.

Maharaj said: “Our thoughts are with the families, friends and colleagues that have lost their loved ones in this heart-breaking tragedy. The whole nation shares the pain of the mothers, fathers, daughters and sons who have lost their loved ones. We are all in grief.”

He directed the relevant government departments and entities to act with the utmost urgency to ensure that the presidency facilitate the movement of relevant family members to Nigeria, to identify the bodies.

“Government will keep the public informed of developments around this tragedy.”

A prior article here:

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