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August 20, 2014



Russian President Vladimir Putin is taking names. Potentially thousands.

The former KGB colonel, concerned with how social media can be used to undermine his authority, this month expanded his regulation of media to the blogosphere, requiring those with at least 3,000 daily readers to register their real names and contact information. So far, about 580 bloggers in Russia have applied to register with the country’s communications regulator Roskomnadzor.

The government says this is needed so it can remove inaccurate or defamatory information on the Internet. But some bloggers fear it will limit free speech, allow Putin to close down blogs he doesn’t like and give him an excuse to block sites such as Twitter in the future.

The total number of bloggers who are required to register may be several thousand. Roskomnadzor may shut down the accounts of those who don’t follow the new rule. Roskomnadzor sent Eduard Limonov and Boris Akunin, who are known for their opposition to the government, requests to register their blogs, according to the daily newspaper Izvestia. 

Aisha North: A short update on the energies August 21, 2014

A short update on the energies
by Aisha North

By now you have all become adjusted to being constantly adjusted, and as such, this feeling of discombobulation that you will experience from time to time will become more familiar as you start to settle in to this state of being constantly un-settled. You see, the flux that we have discussed so many times earlier is not about to calm down, but that is for a very good reason indeed, namely to keep you moving ever forwards. We are aware that for some, what you experience as being unsettled will feel unsettled in ways that you might think of as negative but it is in fact the other way around. For you are being helped to get free from anything that may stand in your way, and in order to set you free from any limitations, you must literally be shaken loose in every way. So expect this sense of instability to become a permanent presence, at least for the time being, and take it for what it truly is, namely a sure sign of progress.

Again, mankind has been taught to expect as little turmoil in their lives as possible, or in other words, mankind has been taught that a sense of immobility is what you should seek for. And no wonder, as upward mobility in the energetic sense of the word was to be shunned, that is, according to those living amongst you who saw all of the benefits they could reap from keeping you all fixed within those narrow confines that they described for you. But you are no longer affixed to any of those old ideas, and so, you have become nomads in the best sense of the word, constantly moving with the flow and following the trail the light has set before you. And so, you have ventured out from the dark and narrow tunnel that mankind has spent so many lifetimes holed up in, and you have entered the flow in every sense of the word. For this river of light will not stop, and neither will you, and together, you will make a whole lot of changes happen over a wide area indeed. Not just geographically and restricted to your planet and to this timeline, no, this goes far wider and deeper than that.

Les bouts se touchent - (the extreme ends touch)

Les bouts se touchent - (the extreme ends touch)
by American Kabuki

During these tense times in geopolitics its easy to get caught up in the media hype and hoopla and banging of war drums, accusations and counter-accusations that fly in such tense moments.   Looming war, and civil insurgency in Ukraine, Iraq/Syria, martial law in Thailand, and the brutal leveling of Gaza in retribution for 3 teenagers killed in Israel (did anyone doubt those murdered kids would lead to war?).

I had a customer for many years that utilized my web servers for his web forums.  A psychologist by training, he was an expert in reverse speech analysis and human behavior.   He told me once of a college paper he wrote comparing the extremist literature of the John Birch Society, and Stokely Carmichael and other revolutionary groups of the late 1960s and early 1970s America.  

What he found was that the inflammatory rhetoric was almost word for word the same, from one end of the political spectrum to the other. The template remained the same, regardless of the ideology. He used the French phrase "les bouts se touchent", (hopefully I got the French correct - no doubt I will corrected if its wrong!) which means the (extreme) ends (of the political spectrum in this case) touch each other... that is, they are the same.

What I do know is that people are waking up world wide on a scale not ever seen in recorded history of this planet.  I have talked to Chinese that clearly see the corruption in their government, Japanese who see the bleak future its controlled elite offer their youth as an aging demographic clings to power. Russians who are every bit as awake as their American counterparts to the shenanigans their country pulls.
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