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Updated Aug 9, 2014: The Phoenix That Wouldn't Rise.


The Phoenix That Wouldn't Rise.

Over the past two years I have spoken several times about the templates that the "cabal" and "Powers that Were" continuously use in all of their activities.  These templates play out over and over again in all aspects of business/finance, war, "politics", "terrorism"/false flags, and "history".  Once you can identify the template that "they" are using, then you can see the entire scenario for what it is and know exactly how it is being played out. 

The template that was used for the Colorado theatre shooting, Sandy Nook school shooting, Sikh temple shooting, the Boston Marathon bombing etc... made it very very easy to spot the next "false flag" the moment it was perpetuated. Hence the fact that now when they happen, the alternative media and quick witted people all over the world uncover the lies and deceptions within hours, if not minutes of the incident.  Many of us have sat back and laughed and pointed fingers at "them" and said "Oh my god! What a bunch of idiots!!  I can't believe they thought that this would work!!!", and "How can they be so stupid?!"  Yet it's not actually "stupidity".....

They literally can NOT go outside the template that they have.

Let's look at the various health "pandemic" template that they have (tried) to use on the public to further their "Martial law", "population reduction" and "fear and distraction" plans.  Norwalk, SARs, H1N1, H5N1, H1N5, H1N7, H7N9......... Not ONE of these "pandemics" worked on any level of what "they" were trying to perpetuate.  There was no mass die off's of the human species, there was no martial law installed, there was no massive panic by the populous.  None.  It didn't work.  "Their" template was a bust, and yet they can't break the template so they have to try again.... with the same damn template...

...Enter:  The Ebola Outbreak. 

"They" had to jump to their last resort "outbreak" out of desperation of a completely failed plan.  "Desperation" because, even with 40 years of research and testing, "they" still haven't managed to weaponize Ebola into the bioterror weapon that "they" have been hoping for.   As I have pointed out in the last two articles I published:

"The Ebola Outbreak: The pandemic that isn't"
"When is Ebola not Ebola?  When it walks off an airplane"
"Their" attempted "pandemic" is a complete failure.  

The "Ebola pandemic" was run off of the exact same template as all the previous "pandemics" (because they can't change the template) using a failed chimeric frankenstein virus that isn't even coming close to working they way they wanted it to.  "Their" last ditch effort was aimed at distracting the public for as long as possible, and hoping that somehow they could figure out a way to at least scare people enough with the "Ebola" boogieman  that they could finally get their "martial law" thingy in place.....  which also won't work.

AISHA NORTH: A short update on the Gathering

A short update on the Gathering
By Aisha North

As a new day dawns, we can once again congratulate you all on a job well done, for what you managed to complete during this latest installment of your communal get-together was nothing short of impressive. You see, these communal efforts all tie together like giant pieces of a puzzle, so everything you have accomplished before has laid the foundation for what was now put into place. And so, what has taken you many months to fulfill, will now finally come into fruition. For this last installment so far was indeed a major one, as this time, all of the cogs and all of the gears that you have previously installed were finally pushed into motion by your combined efforts, and for this, we cannot thank you enough.

We are aware that for many, our words will seem to be repetitious, but let us just say that they can in no way adequately cover the subject of what it is that you have actually accomplished. For this is simply a subject that is too accomplished in every sense of the word for your human mind to comprehend, but we will indeed embed the required energy within this message for you to grasp this on a higher level. This may sound mysterious, but again, as we have touched upon so many times, it is only the “outer layer” if you will of your consciousness that will be apparent to you in your guise as a human, but on a deeper level, you are all fully connected to Source, and you are fully connected to you. And as you know already, you already know fully well what it is that you are taking part in, but your human mind find it literally too mind boggling to try to contemplate, and so it will search for the right words and the right description in order to try to get a clear image of it. But to no avail, for what you have been through is not like anything anyone have partaken in before, and so, the still very much limited capabilities of your human parts will struggle mightily to find a way to wrap its mind around this. Be that as it may, you are all fully in the know in those parts of you that can and will be able to grasp this, and if you try to put your mind aside, you will literally see what we mean. For then, you will indeed feel it in your very bones that something fundamental has been set into motion, something that will carry you and all those who have chosen to step away from the old all the way to their new life. For you have not only helped to construct your chariot, you have also set it into motion, and now, it will continue to roll as if on its own accord, carrying you all safely within its sturdy frame.

AISHA NORTH: Welcome to the August Gathering around the Pond

Welcome to the August Gathering around the Pond
Sunday August 3By Aisha North

Dear family of light!

July has been a transformational month for so many of us, but now we have entered August, and with it comes a new opportunity to connect even deeper. For today, at 21:00 Oslo time, it gives me much joy to once again invite you all to another Gathering around the Pond, our monthly group meditation. This is what the CCs have to say about it:

“By now, the traces of energetic renewal has become apparent to so many of you, and even if this season has already brought you many a fruitful moment it is by no means over. And now, we will once again take this opportunity to remind you that you have another one of those intensely beneficial get-togethers scheduled, and this time, we venture to guess it will be one that will make its mark in so many ways. You see, as the weeks have passed since the last time you took the time to connect in this circle of light that you have formed on these shores, the energies have brought you all to a very new place, and so, what you will bring with you into this circle this time will be even more powerful than the last. And, as is always the case whenever you take the opportunity to pool these accumulated energies together, you will find that the effect they have on you all will indeed be one that once again will prove the point that 1 + 1 equals 3.

You see, your sphere of influence has also grown alongside your ability to drink even more deeply from this fountain of light that is gushing ever more powerful on your shores, and so, whenever you take a deep drink of it in unison, you will also serve the heighten the outflow of light to such a scale, it will indeed power up not only you, but also all of those that come into your field of energy. And by now, it has certainly outgrown the most hopeful of predictions.

In other words, as you prepare to connect again through this interconnected grid of energetic filaments that you have so painstakingly enlarged through all of your diligent work, we have also prepared a package of information that will be delivered through this vast network of intercommunicating lines that by now criss-cross this entire globe, so as you open yourself up to be a part of this collective event, you do so not just for yourself, but you do so for all. We know that this will not be news to any of you, for your journey has long since taken you past that point of mere personal conquest, if we may use such a word, and it has brought you deep into the field where what you sow is for the benefit of this entire globe. And now, the seeds that will be distributed alongside this empowering shower of light carry so much of what will constitute the very fabric of your future. For now, you are no longer preparing the foundation, that has been laid well and truly into place, and so, what you will partake in during this upcoming event can be more likened to the raising of those first impressive beams that will mark the beginning of that magnificent structure that will soon stand upon you shores for all to see.

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