Thursday, May 1, 2014

How to Get Internet Service in Aouchtam Morocco

As many of you know Aouchtam sits in a steep valley and has really poor cell and 3G data reception because there is no local Moroc Telecom cell tower, the nearest ones are near Oued Laou and Amsa which are a few kilometers away. The Internet issue is problem for all the bloggers currently here.

I wish I could take credit for this idea but it was suggested by our resident Russian engineer Levon... I love the way Russian's think!  But I did build it and test it out and it does indeed work well!

Basically its a D-LINK 3G router available at Marjane in Morocco (the Walmart of Morocco), with a Moroc Telecom 3G stick stuck through the LNB hole of a typical satellite dish.  Since cell frequencies are microwave, they are basically the same as satellite signals so the dish makes a very good antenna and concentrates the RF energy to focus on the 3G stick.  I double stick taped the router to the hole, with some super-strength 3M double sided tape I got at Home Depot in the USA (somebody please bring me some  more of that stuff!!!) but you could conceivably use extra strong velcro or silcone sealant to do the same thing.  The 3G stick sits at the focus point of the dish. Viola!  NICE SOLID BLUE SIGNAL!!!! WOOO HOOOO!!!!

D-LINK Corporation, here's your cue for a LNB shaped 3G WIFI router! Go for it! I won't even patent the idea!

I have not yet weatherized this, perhaps a plastic bag zip tied around it is sufficient for now to keep the rain and salt air out of the electronics.  I will soon attach it to a pole or perhaps the banister railing for stability.

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