Wednesday, April 9, 2014

NASA footage of UFOs

Watch the hundreds of ships that show in this one about 2:00 minutes in.

The Clinton Chronicles

Unlike the testimony in this video it was not just small aircraft smuggling cocaine into Arkansas. Since 1994 I have had three individuals who did not know each other give me first hand and second hand testimony as to the Cocaine running in planes marked as Arkansas Air Guard cargo aircraft from Colombia to Little Rock.  Whether they were actual Arkansas Air Guard planes or covert CIA aircraft is not known.

A Little Rock TV man told a close contact of mine of the cement bag pallets of Cocaine he found on tarmac at in Little rock.  Normally the pallets were under armed guard but one weekend they were not guarded and this man stuck a knife in the bags which were in shrink wrapped pallets and tasted it and it was pure cocaine from Columbia.  He said that anyone who had reported on this in Arkansas found themselves dead. No local TV station would touch the subject.

Cocaine was used to fuel the covert cabal run military space programs for a planned NWO break away civilization that David Wilcock and Andrew Basiago and  others have reported on.  It was also used to corrupt politicians and for political and influence purposes.

In the banking community Clinton is known to be part of what they call "The Texas Camp", Bill Clinton is closely connected to George HW Bush financially and has done much to further that NWO agenda.  There is no difference between the two political parties. -AK

Full article that comes with the video is here:

Street Sign in Phoenix Arizona

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