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Britain leapfrogs Japan
as world’s 4th most valuable nation brand

If you had any doubt as to the corporate nature of countries... -Bill

2 DECEMBER 2013 - 9:49AM
Britain leapfrogs Japan as world’s 4th most valuable nation brand

Britain has risen to fourth spot in a table of nations holding the most valuable brands thanks in large part to the success of hosting the Olympic Games in 2012 and a positive reception to the ‘Great’ Britain promotional work, according to consultancy firm Brand Finance.

A double whammy from 2012, which saw both the Olympics and Diamond Jubilee celebrations for the Queen, saw Britain rise from fifth spot last year – although it still trails the US, China and Germany in 1sr, 2nd and 3rd spot respectively.

The poll was calculated based on factors such as a country’s attractiveness to talented immigrants, quality of life and projected GDP growth. A valuation based on what a third party would be expected to pay to license the use of such status is then used to form the rankings.

This method values Britain at $2.4bn, an 8 per cent increase on the year before, with the US and China valued at $18bn and $6bn respectively.

Brand Finance chief executive David Haigh, said: “Countries take nation branding seriously and invest in it as if they were a corporate brand. [They] have realised that it can be an economic advantage if you rank high in global perception. [emphasis added by AK]

“Though relatively modest, this represents a strong performance for a developed, and in particular an EU, country.”

Definition of a Rebuttal, and conversations with Heather

Definition of a Rebuttal, and conversations with Heather
Posted by D.
reblogged from Removing the Shackles

I am posting a few pieces of conversation that have happened over the past couple  of days.  Not only for Transparency's sake, but to help answer a few lingering questions.

First off, I wasn't going to respond to this conversation last week- I mean, I was, then I decided I wouldn't.... and now I've decided to make just one last comment on the topic, followed by Heather's last comment on the topic as well.

Here is the statement that ran all over the internet on skype and in various forums:

[2:39:49 PM] Henry O'Leary: UCC FILINGS Have Now been REBUTTED:

The Debate should be over !
People can now move on to other, more fruitful ideas.

I clicked on the link, and the link listed on the link which takes you right back to the original link- which is a forum.  No web page, No UCC filing pdf, No link to the official UCC website showing the rebuttal....  So therefore I have to assume that the post on the forum IS the "rebuttal" that, the glaringly obvious, "Henry" has posted.

My response:  Dear "Henry",

Posting your opinion on a forum is NOT a "Rebuttal".  Please note (highlights are mine):

If there is a dispute, error, or falsity make AND deliver a duly verified sworn DECLARATION OF REBUTTAL to the duly verified, sworn and REGISTERED OPPT DECLARATION OF FACTS, point by point, with specificity and particularity,with full responsibility and liability, under the penalty of perjury under any law you identify, that the forgoing is true and accurate, signed by your wet-ink signature.
To date, no such rebuttal has been registered.

"make AND deliver", means Make your sworn and duly verified DECLARATION OF REBUTTAL, and Deliver it, ie: it must be filed in the UCC as a FORMAL REBUTTAL. You may also wish to note that there is always a time frame that a rebuttal can be filed within..... usually 72 hours, although the OPPT Trustees were nice enough to give the corporations/governments 5 months to file a rebuttal.

..... Posting your opinion on some forum 16 months later..... doesn't qualify as a "Rebuttal", nor is it even slightly within the allowable time frame.

Just sayin'.

Consolidation of Gaia Portals Comes, as Cosmic Light Alignments are Completed

Consolidation of Gaia Portals Comes, as Cosmic Light Alignments are Completed
by √ČirePort

Consolidation of Gaia Portals comes, as Cosmic Light alignments are completed.

There becomes as one aligned Being, the combined efforts of all.

Portals have essentialized necessary requirements for humanity uprising.

Flash point of hu-manity non-aligneds approaches, and will be moderated as necessary by Light aligneds.

Fires of compassion for under hu-beings comes forth with near explosive force, as Cosmics impress upon Gaia whole.

Flowers of Light blossom into fullness of expression and acceptance by hu-beings.

√ČirePort | December 1, 2013 at 14:10
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