Sunday, November 10, 2013

The last great illusion

It is what holds you apart from your power.  It perceives weakness.  It imagines need.  It sees the source of your essence outside of yourself.  This final illusion is the greatest of them all. 

This last and greatest illusion is that you are less.

This keeps us at bay; relentlessly asking, constantly searching, always doubting, never sure, forever waiting.  It tells us fulfillment comes from someone, something, or someplace else. 

It is never here, not now and most certainly not you.  The specifics matter not.  What defines this illusion is that it depletes you.

This last and greatest illusion is that you do not know the truth.

It is not true that someone else should love you – you must love you.  It is not required that someone else show up to save you – you must save yourself.  This is not anyone else’s life.  This is your life.

We have birthed a new age together.  Like a newborn, it is the care in these early moments that shapes the life to come.  It is not time to wait for a person, law, bank or god to give you the atmosphere you think you need for happiness. 

That baby is here right now, breathing in the air all around it, taking whatever nourishment you are offering.  This is the foundation from which it will grow.

Think about what you are offering.  Unity, joy, strength and compassion do not spring from name calling, finger pointing, doubt, subservience, blame or accusation – no matter how cleverly given.  What you give, you see more of.  What you believe becomes your life.  This is truer today perhaps than it has ever been.

There is a line from the Harry Potter series – “constant vigilance”.  It is worth keeping that in mind.  There are no small moments or inconsequential acts of love.  You have been placed here now to usher in Agape.

Your mind operates in relentless pursuit of data – what do you fill it with?  Self-doubt, criticism and descriptions of pain and cruelty are creative thoughts.  You’ve been deliberately misled by mainstream media to think you must see, experience and share each horrific event as it happened.  That somehow knowing all the grisly details of the latest crime makes you a compassionate human being. 

It does not.  Fill your mind with the world you’d like to be living in.

This does not mean to stick your head in the sand.  Yet it does mean to pay attention to where you dwell.  Do not underestimate the knowledge of those who’ve held the keys to our education and information for a very long time.

We’ve learned from a young age that someone else knows the answers, that we can “fail” and that we are powerless to lead ourselves.  It is with that in your mind now that you search for answers outside of yourself.  There is only one question, and its answer will tell you what it is you seek.

“How does this person, place, action, thing or subject matter make me feel?”

The answer to this will direct you.  Rules and sins be damned.  You are trustworthy.  You are good.  You are, in fact, quite a decent and intelligent human being. You know what serves you.  You really do.  You have just forgotten how to listen.  We are One. What serves you, serves the whole. Trust your inner sense. It does not lie.

There is no one greater or lesser than you.  The value you hold has been marginalized, bonded and squandered without your conscious intent.  You hold the truth now. 

Your essence is unlimited.  Your power is exceptional.  Be vigilant. Use every bit of it. 

You are the One you’ve been waiting for.

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