Friday, November 1, 2013

Transcripts of Recent Conversations with SWISSINDO Representatives and Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf

Continued from a prior blog post....from Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf

.....I AM also sending over for post tonight, the Skype conversations that I have in Skype, emails, and the most recent documents/hierarchy structure that they sent me for review.... regarding a transparency tool, specifically the tool perceived and purported to be SWISSINDO........:

1. Emails from Melanie Spencer/Mel Ve with attachments (not attached, I will forward the email directly)

2.  Skype convos with Ani/Pieta/MelVe post sept 17, 2013 (attached).....due to "Skype" wiping out all my convo histories pre-sept 17, 2013, when I had to set my computer back to manufacturer's settings due to Microsoft "net" updates....I mean, a "virus"

3.  a letter from Pieta to Mr. Sino that she sent me (not attached, separate email)

4. his purported response to her letter (not attached, separate email)

5. a letter she just sent me tonight (not attached, separate email)

6.  the final comments of I to Mr. Sino's purported response to Pieta's letter, point by point (not attached, still finishing it, as it addresses all purported "finance matters", inclusive of the "programs", "resets", "revals", "SGT" and making transparent "why" that stuff has not been released, will not be released as it "stands", and the change of the energetic signatures required to release said....I will send it to you when it is ready.)




[Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf]

Message from SaLuSa by MADAD - November 1, 2013

Message from SaLuSa by MADAD - November 1, 2013

Date: Friday, 1-Nov-2013 20:58:36

The higher reality is upon those who chose to experience it as soon as they complete the necessary transformation of their beings, into those aligned with higher energy flow. Throughout their first experiences in their higher realities in this process of Ascension, all others will have great source of information when they decide to finish their own preparations. It will be stored in collective consciousness of all Humanity on Mother Earth and every one that desires to experience more will be guided to connect to them, it will be very easy to find these energy patterns as they will be of pure Love and Light, and they will create powerful attraction for all those searching for upliftment and change. All previous learning experiences do not carry such strong energy, except those that you already know from your history, and you already found out the true purpose for them. They were guiding you all that time needed for your growth and were showing you the path of Love and Light. Although they were connected with very hard life experiences, they were also the choice of all those who decided to be the ones that will show the way, as you are doing now.

You were also experiencing very tough moments in your awakening, but once you chose to follow the path of service to others, nothing can take you away from it, as this is the most wonderful self realization, that instead of being angry and hate so many, you can spread only Love around you and watch how it changes everything. These feelings are so very powerful due to nature of Creation that we are all created in, that is supporting the primal energy flow without stopping, and is clearing all obstacles that are occurring between intention and expressed reality with pouring more Light that carry high frequency patterns of pure unconditional Love. This way you can raise yourself to your own higher reality, that you have created and you will add these experiences to the collective consciousness for all other people to guide them into their own creation of their own higher reality. And this is how the necessary collective changes are happening, due to your very own intentions of seeing the higher version of life on Mother Earth, spreading everywhere, into every single detail that you can think of, and leaving it clean and strong and welcoming many others that will come to experience their choice.

We already can see many results of your intentions, expressed so strongly, that it would astound you to know what all have changed since last year. Everything is moving with the perfect alignment to your overall change and the lower energies are being cleared very intensively in this period, as nothing that is done can stop this process of change. Those people that still want to be attached to the lower energies they will still find them, but these energies do not have power over the whole Humanity anymore, and the higher energies are taking their place among all of the others that chose to move away from fear and are searching for more Love to be present in their life experience.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and wish you to see your own choices as the ones that are leading you straight on your soul path and have no doubts that something could have been done any other way. Everything is happening with the purpose of gaining knowledge and understanding and is always leading you so perfectly into your higher realities of existence. Listen to your Heart, as all the connections are now working almost completely, so you can fully trust yourself in receiving the wisdom from it as your mind is clear now and is awaiting to receive information from your Heart.

Channeler: MADAD

Webpage: SaLuSa : ENGLISH

Meet “badBIOS,” the mysterious Mac and PC malware that jumps airgaps

I had a man with military connections tell me there are 3G wireless transmitters in the chipsets of mother boards with Intel i5 and i7 CPU chips (the latest chips).  The motherboards can be accessed remotely (I am told) by cell towers.  The wireless attennas for this are said to be embedded in the circuit traces of the printed circuit boards which means complete cooperation with the security agencies by motherboard designers and the plants in China.  Not surprising I suppose since the USA Corporation is just a Chinese owned corporation.  I have not been able to confirm that rumor yet... -Bill

Meet “badBIOS,” the mysterious Mac and PC malware that jumps airgaps
Like a super strain of bacteria, the rootkit plaguing Dragos Ruiu is omnipotent.

by Dan Goodin - Oct 31 2013, 7:07am PDT

Aurich Lawson / Thinkstock
Three years ago, security consultant Dragos Ruiu was in his lab when he noticed something highly unusual: his MacBook Air, on which he had just installed a fresh copy of OS X, spontaneously updated the firmware that helps it boot. Stranger still, when Ruiu then tried to boot the machine off a CD ROM, it refused. He also found that the machine could delete data and undo configuration changes with no prompting. He didn't know it then, but that odd firmware update would become a high-stakes malware mystery that would consume most of his waking hours.

In the following months, Ruiu observed more odd phenomena that seemed straight out of a science-fiction thriller. A computer running the Open BSD operating system also began to modify its settings and delete its data without explanation or prompting. His network transmitted data specific to the Internet's next-generation IPv6 networking protocol, even from computers that were supposed to have IPv6 completely disabled. Strangest of all was the ability of infected machines to transmit small amounts of network data with other infected machines even when their power cords and Ethernet cables were unplugged and their Wi-Fi and Bluetooth cards were removed. Further investigation soon showed that the list of affected operating systems also included multiple variants of Windows and Linux.

"We were like, 'Okay, we're totally owned,'" Ruiu told Ars. "'We have to erase all our systems and start from scratch,' which we did. It was a very painful exercise. I've been suspicious of stuff around here ever since."

Contour Crafting: 3D Printing of Homes

Posted at: Blacklisted News

The Printer That Can Print A 2,500 Square Foot House In 20 Hours.
October 31, 2013

Source: Industry Tap

We have seen huge advancements in 3D printing. We’ve even seen oversized wrenches printed that measure 1.2 meters in length. Now, we can print an entire 2,500 sqft house in 20 hours.


In this video, we see a prototype of a machine called ‘Contour Crafting’

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