Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Disseminating Moon Phase - Moon in Capricorn/Aquarius
Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Disseminating Moon Phase - Moon in Capricorn/Aquarius
Ruling Mahavidya - Chinnamasta

While a purging of grief and a breakdown of old, restrictive, beliefs and systems is underway, simultaneously, beams of energy are being sent in to not only support, but also replenish the structure as a whole.  This goes for everything - the world at large and ourselves as individuals.
Picture it this way: An implosion is underway inside of us and energetic pieces are flying off.  But at the precise moment a piece leaves, a beam of light is shot into the area.  The beam of light is raw energy.  It's nature is highly refined and it fills in the spaces.  It also activates the DNA of the body to harmonize or resonate at vaster levels.  It's the pure energy of creation that is being sent to us and the goddess embodied as the planet by her fellow divine beings in the Galactic Center. (See recent posts for more information on the astrological transit of the Black Moon to the Galactic Center.)
The purpose of this is not only to sustain the Earth and us while drastic changes in the collective of humanity are performed (so that "civilization" or the state of humanity at the moment doesn't collapse), but also to provide an opportunity for something truly magnificent to transpire and make the collective of humanity much better than it was before.

On the individual level, this means that energetically we're the butterfly emerging from a cocoon and pieces of us are being left behind because we are changing form.  We're very familiar (and thus comfortable) with those old pieces  but those pieces need changing, so they're being blown away and replaced with fresh pieces that do things differently and more artfully.  In short, we have a better life.

Some are experiencing this more acutely than others.  We can be of great support to ourselves and others by remembering that refreshment and healing are taking place.  Remembering that refreshment and healing are taking place is the hardest thing to do when it is happening because we are enmeshed with whatever is being blown away.  It is often hard to face what is being revealed.  Wounds hurt before they feel better.  (The wound is our core or primary fear in life - see "The Astrology of the Black Moon" in the Books tab above for free download.)

Healing is facilitated by several things, so pick a bouquet of some of these today and carry them around with you: tolerance, patience, laughter, kindness, simplicity, attention, creativity, acceptance, surrender, gratitude, generosity, interest, appreciation, service...any others?

Another Message from Off World

Another message today, with some more information about disclosure and this weeks hearing:

“Sophia, here is a deeper understanding of this event.

What is always interesting is how "the most sacred wish when fulfilled is unnoticed". But this is the way the Universe was created;)

Here is the article from the link which was included above:

UFO and Extra-Terresterial Disclosure -- Part I
by Debbie West

Citizen Hearing on Disclosure Pressures U.S. to Join other Super Powers in Disclosure—Space Treaty to Ban Space-Based Weapons Next Step

HOUSTON, TX — April 29, 2013 — The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure scheduled April 29 through May 3, 2013 at the National Press Club in Washington DC reveals with certainty that the truth about extra-terrestrials and UFO’s has been hidden from the public. The real question is how? And why has this has been going on for so long? It is no accident that the US is fixated on ridiculous media reports while this event is happening. The media distraction has been effective for too long. Tired of the lies and deception, and awakening by the millions, nations and people across the globe are demanding the truth. The key message from all extra-terrestrial civilizations making contact with us is clear.  We are on a path of destruction of the earth and are being warned to stop before we destroy our home. This is a warning we must heed as we open our minds to the reality of disclosure and a universe full of life. Stopping space based weapons is the next step so earth can emerge peacefully into the galactic community.

In an effort to push disclosure on the US Government, the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure will present conclusive evidence that there is an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race. The speakers including astronaut Edgar Mitchell, Dr. Steven Greer and Stanton Friedman are attempting to accomplish what the Congress has failed to do for forty-five years—seek out the facts surrounding the most important issue of this or any other time.

“The truth is that aliens are indeed visiting us and that they recognize us as a primitive, tribal, and war like species bent on endless warfare and our own destruction,” stated Stanton Friedman, one of 40 speakers at the upcoming Citizen Hearing on Disclosure. “We here on earth have developed technologies in nuclear physics, rocketry and radar that allow us boundless opportunities. But we have yet to evolve into an understanding that we are all earthlings and need to use this technology for the greater good and our own survival.” He further adds,” Candidly, other races observing earthlings would undoubtedly see us as a threat to their neighborhood.”

Space-based weapons have been a concern for decades as it prevents earth from participating in the galactic community in a peaceful way. Carol Rosin Executive Director of the Peace and Emergency Action Coalition for Earth who worked for many years with Warner Von Braun is pursuing signatures from all nations for the Outer Space Security and Development Treaty to ban space based weapons. The Honorable Paul Hellyer, former Minister of Defense, Canada, and another speaker at the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure says, "This Treaty is the most important document of our time." This treaty changes the outdated and dangerous warfare paradigm mindset of the military industrial complex as it now exists and paves the way for earth to peacefully enter the Space Age. Rosin is also founder of the Institute for Security and Cooperation in Outer Space, and World Peace Ambassador for the International Association of Educators for World. Peace. She has testified before the U.S. Senate Arms Services Committee, the Congressional House Ways and Means Committee, and the U.S. President’s Commission on Space.

While other countries like China have opened some of their UFO files, so far the US has resisted. Since the crash at Roswell, many government files in the US have been classified and kept secret. Trillions of dollars are spent yet the public is not informed.

In Brazil, the disclosure of extra-terrestrial contact was officially started as a result of a similar citizen event which made a formal request to the Brazilian Ministry of Defense that all UFO secret archives be disclosed. On April 25, 2013, the release of documents was announced by the Brazilian Ministry of Defense.

Concurrently, our most courageous scientists and archaeologists are delving into the reality of extra-terrestrials not only in the present era, but dating back perhaps thousands—if not millions of years. Discoveries about our ancient past uncover a story of such magnitude that is at first hard to digest, but just like any dark secret, when the story unfolds, the truth sets us free.

Acknowledging and understanding contact with other civilizations involves totally changing our concept of history and our religious and scientific understanding of the universe. Many ask, where is the evidence that civilizations were here before us? Evidence now shows us that ancient civilizations like Atlantis existed 30,000 years ago as described by Edgar Cayce’s readings. These civilizations nearly destroyed the earth with weapons designed to change the climate and the cosmic structure around the earth.  Currently NASA is experimenting with their HAARP climate controlling technology. Recent reports show that NASA is also trying to bring planets and/or meteorites into earth’s atmosphere which can destroy not only our planet but much of our solar system. According to historians who understand ancient history, this must be stopped because it will destroy the earth.    
Notably, the most recent and significant evidence is presented by the following researchers and historians:

The Vatican is contemplating disclosure for obvious reasons; because our current religious paradigm is incongruent with extra-terrestrial life. When we compare ancient Sumerian text with the Christian bible as shown by Erich von Daniken’s historical accounts, interaction with alien races is corroborated. What is fascinating is that we don’t need to overthrow religion to accept these views. We just need to follow the doctrine as taught by these ancient civilizations of unity and love and peace among all peoples known as The Law of One. This information, found in the Dead Sea Scrolls was taught by the Essenes. Biblical texts have been manipulated and important revelations were omitted that distorts our understanding of spiritual evolution and immortality.                      

Another Nail in the Neocon Coffin

Another Nail in the Neocon Coffin

by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

The recent opening of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity was a watershed moment in American history. There has never been anything quite like it. Ideologically diverse, the Ron Paul Institute reaches out to all Americans, and indeed to people all over the world, who find the spectrum of foreign-policy opinion in the United States to be unreasonably narrow. Until Ron Paul and his new institute, there was no resolutely anti-interventionist foreign-policy organization to be found.

Neoconservatives have not responded warmly to the announcement of Ron’s new institute. Whatever their particular gripes, we can be absolutely certain of the real reason for their unhappiness: they have never faced systematic, organized opposition before.

The Democrats would see the earth tumble into the sun before supporting nonintervention abroad, so they pose no fundamental problem for the neocons. Ron Paul, on the other hand, is real opposition, and he can mobilize an army. The neocons know it. What’s Tim Pawlenty up to these days? Where are his legions of well-read young fans who seek to carry on his philosophy? You see the point.

For the first time, strict nonintervention will have a permanent voice in American life. It is another nail in the neocon coffin. The neocons know they are losing the young. Bright kids who believe in freedom aren’t rallying to Mitt Romney or David Horowitz, and, like anyone with a critical mind and a moral compass, they are not going along with the regime’s war propaganda.

At this historic moment, I thought it might be appropriate to set down some thoughts on war – a manifesto for peace, as it were.

(1) Our rulers are not a law unto themselves.

Our warmakers believe they are exempt from normal moral rules. Because they are at war, they get to suspend all decency, all the norms that govern the conduct and interaction of human beings in all other circumstances. The anodyne term "collateral damage," along with perfunctory and meaningless words of regret, are employed when innocent civilians, including children, are maimed and butchered. A private individual behaving this way would be called a sociopath. Give him a fancy title and a nice suit, and he becomes a statesman.
Let us pursue the subversive mission of applying the same moral rules against theft, kidnapping, and murder to our rulers that we apply to everyone else.

(2) Humanize the demonized.

We must encourage all efforts to humanize the populations of countries in the crosshairs of the warmakers. The general public is whipped into a war frenzy without knowing the first thing – or hearing only propaganda – about the people who will die in that war. The establishment’s media won’t tell their story, so it is up to us to use all the resources we as individuals have, especially online, to communicate the most subversive truth of all: that the people on the other side are human beings, too. This will make it marginally more difficult for the warmakers to carry out their Two Minutes’ Hate, and can have the effect of persuading Americans with normal human sympathies to distrust the propaganda that surrounds them.

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