Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Game

This is about all that you have ever believed was real and true and how all of that is about to change.  You are not only what you see in the mirror.  Your worth comes from a place unseen by human eyes. 

It is not so much what work you do in this physical world that you are here doing.  It is that, yes, for things that you came to experience and to learn about.  Yet while you sleep on this earthly plane, you are still working and doing. Not so much learning; yet it is true that learning is something you cannot escape – but DOING.  It is in your ‘dream work” that you are fully engaged.

The multi-dimensional aspects of you are something you “get” intellectually but not in a way that you can “hang your hat on”.  They are not just reserved for sages or seers or those you would term powerful.

Understand this – all are equal.  There are no degrees of power.  There are states of awareness.  Yet even that is a misnomer because each of you is a fully realized God; a God who has chosen, because of a deep desire to understand life, to forget its Godhood and take on a physical life.

Access to memories of your magnificence is not reserved for especially “holy ones” or “enlightened ones” or “good ones”.  The access is either acknowledged and used or ignored, depending on each life’s choice and purpose.  It is there for all of you – every part of God knows itself as God. It is only in the flesh that the forgetting is possible.

By choice you are here.  All of you.  You came at this time to experience the remembering and transformation of Humanity.  Your part has been chosen by you from a place of complete knowing.

Degrees are a Human invention.  Words like levels and potential and impossible and slow and wrong do not have meaning beyond this incarnation.  They were created out of a top-down slave state with the intent to solder it in.  This was and is an experiment, a game.  Because you are here now you’ve become a player.  

The game was one of creation.  “What could be done with it?”  This is not a game in which you are a victim.  The beings who are “pulling the strings” and “Lording” over the ones who would be called “Owners” are no lesser or greater Gods than you.  They’ve chosen this as their focus and they are a necessary part of creation in every way equal to you.

Now the game has become more of a challenge because all participants are remembering the rules.  As the game of creation, slavery, ownership, awareness and life continues, it only gets more interesting, not less.  The “owners” will merely alter their methods, they will not stop playing.

You cannot know their purpose for incarnation and as such cannot assume to understand anything about the choices they are making.  There is no right or wrong choice – this is a game.  All are players.

With life and “death” and “re-incarnation” you merely pick up a different piece and play again.  Sometimes you choose a king, sometimes a rook – yet regardless, each is a plastic piece and part of the game – they are not you.

Repetition of anything yields success.  It is with practice that we hone our technique and discover nuances to the game we never imagined at rudimentary levels.  The depth and breadth of creation encompasses infinite scenarios, possibilities and results. 

You are not just playing a creation game.  You are fearless explorers – discovering aspects and outcomes not seen until you arrived. 

Fearless is an attribute reserved for high stakes adventure.  My fellow Gods, the stakes have never been higher.  The game you currently play is a Universal Game.

As Humans, you represent all of creation, with an aspect that brings power to your every thought.  This power is the fuel that you’ve unknowingly fed to the “Controllers” for the duration of the game.  This fuel is not a foreign concept or complex thought.  It is your emotions.

The one thing that levels and unites you is your gut level response.  An illiterate being will respond with the same horror to cruelty as will a scholar.  This is the secret kept from you.  The offering of your emotional energy, specifically your pain and sadness, has been unconditionally given by you, while you unconsciously played the game.  They “owned” the board because they controlled and manipulated the energy of all the players. 

You have been giving up the board to them, while unknowingly giving all of your energy up to them, as you watch the news, violence, war, abuse, corruption, poverty, need and domination they create.  You have accepted the conditions they offer you, as if they are the only ones who can manipulate energy, and there is no ulterior motive behind the horrific scenarios played out on the nightly news. 

This is not true.  All are equal.  Your eyes are opening wide.  As they open further, the awareness of your power increases.  We are now like children learning to walk.  It does not take long for you to let go of whatever structure you have assumed supported you (i.e. mom or dad) – and run.

Newborns do not at first know they are separate from mom.  They gradually become aware of an internal drive to move to specific and self chosen places.  This becomes a “problem” for mom perhaps, as there are new challenges with controlling the wanderings of the child, but it is a thrill for the young one.  We have just found out we have our own ability to move.  It is time to figure out how to run. 

Unlike a benevolent parent, these controllers have not had our best interests at heart.  They are right now conspiring new ways to continue their manipulation of our energy. We are seeing clearly now all the illusions of control they have created. They will not give up, they are fierce game players.

Remember it’s a game.  Strategize the outcome you desire and create it.  That’s the fun of a game; the play.  What are you waiting for?  You are the One.

GAIA PORTAL: Activated Solar Gateway Connects to Enhanced Gaia Transforms

Activated Solar Gateway Connects to Enhanced Gaia Transforms
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ÉirePort | April 16, 2013 at 17:55
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GAIA PORTAL: Gaia Transforms Activated

Gaia Transforms Activated
by ÉirePort

Gaia transforms activated at this moment. These are global in nature, and includes all levels of Beingness.

Such transforms are based upon the principle of healing, or rectification, bringing awareness of Wholeness, Unity, of all humanity, of all Creation.

These Gaia transforms are able to activate now, as sufficient Hue-manity (Rainbow humans) are present with Gaia at this time.

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Brian Kelly's Blog: Swissindo as I Understand It

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April 16th, 2013

Ask and ye shall receive!

This will officially be the first time anyone from the I U/V Exchange (formerly OPPT) Ground Crew has published any of the SWISSINDO information. Let me preface what I have to share today with a Skype chat I just sent to Heather a few minutes ago.

9‎:‎25‎ ‎AM
Got a quick minute?

9‎:‎26‎ ‎AM
This just came through:
UN email from Mr. Sino.AS

9‎:‎27‎ ‎AM
My thought is to publish solely for the purpose of allowing people the opportunity to put to use their inner compass of resonance. Will NOT be saying we have agreed to any deal or anything like that...

After last night's show everyone knows where we stand on this new development. Transparency is my only objective.

So, in honor of this position and post, based on nothing other than total transparency, I will share the most recent communications and documentation received from our contacts at SWISSINDO. However, before I do so, I need to make a few things perfectly clear, considering this information will be scrutinized and dissected by a great many people just itching to make all kinds of assumptions.

1. As stated above, We have not signed any agreement or agreed to any terms whatsoever

2. We have not yet met face-to-face with anyone from SWISSINDO, as of this post

3. We are still in the process of conducting an extreme level of due diligence. No documents have been finalized, so there is still work to be done before this is conclusive.

4. There is much mention of dollar figures in these documents. This is NOT, nor will ever be about the money OR the gold. This IS about an energetic exchange. The implications of what this could all mean (at least on my end) have yet to be determined. So, I would rather not speculate.

5. In a few places there is mention to the "New World Order" and "Committee of 300." What they are referring to is the shutting down of these systems and groups.

6. This whole process up to this point has been a journey of exploration. Any assumptions as to speculation of an agenda are merely that, assumptions. The best case scenario I will leave to your imagination. The worst case scenario, we walk away hands clean.

7. Most important point: ALL IS IN PERFECT ORDER EITHER WAY!

It is important to note here that we hold the representatives from SWISSINDO and the Javanese culture in the absolute highest regard. They have shown nothing other than a great deal of kindness, compassion and the purest of intent. We honor their legacy and history of their ancestors, whose courage and determination made this great and worthy work possible. I am humbled by the opportunity to have had a chance to be part of a very pleasant and quite exciting exchange.

What attracted me originally to this story was how, after months of rigorous study and due diligence on their end, they have given complete confidence and total credibility tot the UCC filings and all accompanying work the OPPT have put forth. You will see by the documents shared today that our mission appears to be one and the same; to free Humanity from tyranny and return ALL the people back to Eternal Essence.

In order to fully understand and comprehend what has been unfolding, I'm going to include some back story, which can be found in these first few sets of documents.

NOTE: It will take some time to go through all of this. Most of it can be skimmed through rather quickly. Some of this information has already been released on Facebook through the SWISSINDO side, so may be redundant. The most recent updates are the files at the end of this post.

Paula's email at the very end of this first document is very important. With great transparency, it shows the very nature of our true intentions.
This next document is the first one I received, coupled with the email exchange above. I am listed here as Media Contact for OPPT, which is how I got involved and the reason behind my publishing of this information today. 

This next document was a collaboration between SWISSINDO & OPPT to effectively communicate our common ground. 

These next three documents represent what we've received today. The UN order, bearing with it some of  the greatest implications. 

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