Monday, April 15, 2013

God Whisperer

I hesitate to share this, as I do not normally speak like this.  Yet, it is me and I have been sharing my understanding out loud right along.  I have accessed my eternal essence and speak here as God.  This is not channeled.  It was whispered.  I share it here because this is a journey we are taking together, as One.  The language is uncomfortable yet it was and is mine.  I have been transparent with you all along and this discomfort will not stop the transparency. 

At the end I share a song sung by Joan Osborne “What if God was One of us?”   


You are resting in a field of “when”.  Even now, when the legal instrument for your freedom has been supplied – you wait to be handed your freedom.  You wait for your captors to give up and give you back what they took.  Still you think like a slave.  The training is embedded deep within this race; it will take a fight to get it removed.

You are my children and I watch you kneel and bow and grovel and obey a set of beings who have set themselves against the purpose of creation.  Creation thrives on balance.  Yin Yang, Positive Negative, Hot Cold and yet these “masters” have altered the fabric. It was an experiment and its time for completion is long since passed. 

The final word was and always is mine.  It was to be different – I am pleased with what my creations have accomplished and yet still the raping and theft of the planet continues at the hands of those who would call themselves Gods.  They are powerful beings; equal to God in every way but one.  The Source of this Universe does not spring from them. They have taken truth – the truth of their power, and isolated it.  They forgot who they were and pushed so far past what is true as to forget.

They do not want Oneness and will not be convinced of its benefits.  The benefits they seek are here in the material world.  Life means little to them, except their own.  They will not alter their course except by force. It is humans as One force who could stop them, yet it is not seen that the desire is there.

An era of love has overtaken the planet.  A very good thing but with these beings it is not love that will stop them in their current form.  It is force.  It will take a melding of all the voices, not just the Light, to stop them.  It will take a refusal to be slaves.  It will take an acceptance of the truth of them.

Power does not come without knowledge.  Acceptance does not mean a lack of action.  Understand the difference between polite and subservient.  You will have an effect now only in full acknowledgement of your power.

You are able to change the course of history, the plan for the planet if you do so as One.  There is One voice that is heard by me and it is spoken by Humanity.  This is the voice of Man.  This voice unites now on being sick of the corruption and tired.  This voice has not yet said “No”.  A “No” will be heard when the truth of your slavery sinks in.

I understand that not everyone has the temperament, purpose or desire to fight – yet without the internal resolve to ignore and dissolve the Masters – there will be slaves.

You were created to express life and have not displeased me.  You were also scheduled at this moment to answer a question – “How much will it take to push you into action?”  “How deeply do you sleep?”  “What is the threshold of your Absolute Awareness?”  For the time of partial knowing is over.

The transformation is upon you and it will happen voluntarily or drag you along with it. 

You cannot be partially free.  You cannot be a little in love.  You are free.  You are love.

There is a term coined “tough love”.  This implies doing unpopular things because of love.

And what is love?  It is an acknowledgement of other in self – a seeing of self in other – and saying “Yes, I see you, I accept you, and all is well.”  Acceptance does not mean alter.  Acceptance means honesty.  It does not hide from what is obvious. 

You have a pink elephant in your house.  It is a member of the house and is defecating everywhere; it stinks.  It has to go someplace else.  Your talk of loving the elephant falls far short of stopping the shit from destroying your home.  It has to go; love has nothing to do with it.

Love does not mean inaction.  It does not mean allowance as in submission.  Love means a direct understanding of the truth in all beings – an acknowledgement of the sacred in life.  It means responsibility.  Love demands an examination of all thought, word and deed.  You cannot partially serve Truth.  Truth demands Absolute Awareness.

Once I understand that I am not higher evolved or lesser than – I am called to act as if.  Act as if there is One Truth.  You do not know if your way of being is the desired way for all beings.  Yet you must always maintain the absolute right of all beings to maintain their own way of being – UNLESS IT INFRINGES OR DOES HARM TO LIFE.

Life expressed physically is You – it is all things – it cannot be separated – it is One.

The life that is You is being harmed and this cannot continue.  Life demands to be allowed to continue.  As a tree must lose some sickly branches in order to thrive – humanity must lose the poisoned ones so that it can thrive.  You are again at a moment of decision that you can take into your own hands and make or allow me to make for you – I will make it with destruction as in the case of the planet that is the only way for life to continue.

Slaves can have many Masters – not all are physical; some are ideas, thoughts that limit and beliefs that keep us in line.  It is upon you now to examine every emotion that unsettles – seek its origin and decide if at its root it is slavery or freedom that disturbs you.

For freedom is a disturbing place to be as well – a place that incites passion and action and an ever reaching grasp for more.

At your core you are designed always to reach – “More” is the fuel of creation.

When you are confused about the source of your inner disturbance ask this – “Am I disturbed because of a giving up?”  “Am I disturbed because of a letting go?”  “Am I disturbed because of fear?” “What is the source of this fear?”  If the source is other – then it is a case of slavery.  If the source is self – more inquiries are called upon to determine its cause.  Are you afraid to lose your life?  Your “face”?  Your pride? Are you afraid others will think you are foolish or reckless?  At what are you looking?  At who?

I tell you this – you cannot lose life – it is eternal.  Yet the physical must be cared for and nurtured.  No “other” exists that can destroy you.  Do you understand?  The “face” you are putting out for others to see is a reflection of your very truth.  It is your chosen form.  Growth and understanding can’t help but change your face – that’s what awareness does.

The innocence of a child is something you all cherish because the pain has been so great in your loss of it – yet innocence is confused with joy and they are not the same.

There is none happier than a wise and ancient soul who sees and understands the expression of life – there is a luscious, rich, tender and beautiful joy in every terrible, wonderful moment.  You are not here to be nice or to make each other happy.  You are here to live and in your living of life unencumbered by the chains of limitation you will bring joy to all you meet.

I am you.

What are you waiting for?  You are the One.

Kauilapele's Blog: “Soap OPPTeras”… and Staying out of them…

“Soap OPPTeras”… and Staying out of them…

oppt_logo_blue26I’ve heard about all this stuff, and soap operas are not my game. No desire to add any energy to all that. Anywhere, anytime. So when I realized that this was what you might call a “Soap OPPTera”, I stayed (energetically) out of that as well, and just sent Light (and all that metaphysical stuff) to it (although I did enjoy watching Ron Van Dyke’s video response to this).
So in order of appearance, here are the “Soap-OPPTera” events.
  1. Neil Keenan Update: Exposing Global Account Frauds – OPPT Is The Cabal In Disguise
  2. Ron Van Dyke’s video response to this
  3. Neil Keenan Update: Rising Above Cabal Divide & Conquer Tactic – OPPT Not To Blame For Threats

The Joy of Tech: Bitcoin vs Bankers

Comic illustration by The Joy of Tech.

Kryon's Solution for North Korea...

This is excerpted from the channeling located here....

...I'm going to give you a potential on Earth that is not the strongest. I am going to tell you about a Human Being who has a choice. This potential is only about 50 percent. But I'm going to "read a potential" to you that you didn't expect. It's about a paradigm that is starting to shift.

Let's talk about North Korea. There's a young, new leader there. The potential is that he will never, ever hear this channel, so I can talk freely about him. He is facing a dilemma, for he is young and he knows about the differences in the energy in his land. He feels it. The lineage of his departed father lies upon him and all that is around him expects him to be a clone of this lineage. He is expected to continue the things that he has been taught and make North Korea great.

But he's starting to rethink them. Indeed, he wants to be a great leader, and to be heard and seen, and to make his mark on North Korea's history. His father showed him that this was very important. So he ponders a question: What makes a world leader great?

Let's ask that question to someone in an older earth paradigm from not that long ago. He will be an expert and a successful one. So this is a valid exercise, asking someone from the past who knows. We will ask that question to a man who you know and whose name is Napoleon. For us, this was yesterday and some of you were there.

If you asked Napoleon, "What makes a world leader great?", he will say, "the size of the army, how much area can be efficiently conquered with a given amount of resources and men, how important the leader appears will then be based upon how many citizens call him emperor or king, the taxes he can impose, and how many fear him." Not only was that Napoleon's reality, but he was right for the energy he was part of at the time. So Napoleon went back and forth between world leader, general and prisoner. He accomplished almost everything he set out to do. His expertise was obvious, and you remember his name to this day. He was famous.

Goldman Sach's Whistleblower Greg Smith

Greg Smith
Date: 14 April 2013 07:00
Producer: Esté de Klerk
Presenter: Devi Sankaree Govender
Show: Carte Blanche

Wall Street, New York City - the exemplar of power, money, wealth... It's the centre of commerce and the financial capital of the globe, home to the largest financial markets in the world - the Nasdaq and the New York Stock Exchange.

And if you're serious about being a mover and shaker in the financial world, this is where you want to work.

It's where Greg Smith found himself at the age of 21, when he was employed by one of Wall Street's most distinguished banks, Goldman Sachs.

Devi Sankaree Govender (Carte Blanche presenter): "Place Goldman Sachs into context, who are they?"

Greg Smith (Former Wall Street investment banker): "Goldman Sachs currently and frankly 12 years ago was the biggest, most prestigious investment bank in the world. So when I got a job there, it was a great, very happy day for me."

But it didn't come easy for this matriculant from King David School in Linksfield. He grew up in Edenvale in the east of Johannesburg in a middle class family and had to get a scholarship to study. With eight distinctions he was one of only 32 applicants around the world to win a full bursary to Stanford University in California.

Greg: "When I was at Stanford, Goldman Sachs was what people would call the Rolls Royce of investment banks. They took big companies like Microsoft public, Sears, Ford and it was really a golden name and what I would say a lot of people strived for."

As did Greg, after he interned at Goldman Sachs in his final year at Stanford. Only one in 45 candidates who apply is employed. When he got the job, it seemed to him that things couldn't get much bigger or better.

Allegations Of Big Irish Banks Operating
Without A Banking License

Allied Irish Bank Logo
Sunday, 14 April 2013 15:42
Allegations Of Big Irish Banks Operating Without A Banking License

Since I started my series on the Irish banks, there's been an outpouring of sympathizers, empathizers, consultants and analysts who have joined in to contribute information, data and insight to the efforts. Below is a contribution from a reader on his experience with AIB (see Global Banking Crisis - How & Why YOU Will Get "Cyprus'd" and As If On Cue, BoomBustBlog Shenanigan...). I have not verified the information contained herein, nor do I endorse it or it author. It is presented here for information purposes only.


Tom Darcy

The premise for my allegations came after a newspaper article was published on the 22nd of April 2012; Judge Mc Govern gave possession of my family home to AIB. The article in the Sunday Independent outlined the loss of my two brothers and mum and business. I asked publically for help and information, the response was overwhelming, one report was from an insider in the AIB who directed me to the Annual Banking Licence application form issued by the Central bank under the 1941-1989 Acts, which all Irish banks and international Banks trading in Ireland require. It became instantly clear that the bank had committed numerous criminal Acts in obtaining their Banking licence, as my statement to An Garda (Irish Police) shows below.

I immediately investigated the AIB financial records 2006-2009 and identified stark anomalies and omissions  all contrary to company law, but more important contrary to their legislative obligations in the renewal of the Banking Licence. So I added that in my appeal affidavits in the high courts of Ireland that the AIB had no locus standi (can send affidavits dated from 29th of June 212) finally on the 21st of January some eleven weeks ago Judge Dunne directed me to report to police.

I also sought Sine Fein to put by way of parliamentary question to Minister Michael Noonan the issue of illegality of banking Licences, Michael Noonan went as far as accepting that the IBRC had no valid Banking licence (which is a criminal Act) that was published in the Nama report.


I Thomas Darcy an Irish citizen aged eighteen years and older of 21 Myra Manor Kinsealy Co Dublin, Make this Statement of facts upon which I believe to be the truth.

I state the AIB plc as registered on the 21st of May 1997 in the companies office and holding themselves as conducting or being willing to conduct the business of banking in the Irish state subject to the statute law and regulations imposed by Central Bank of Ireland Acts of 1941-1989 and Company laws of 1963-2010 and the laws of this Irish state operated a Financial Institution for the periods between 2006- 2007-2008-2009 in contravention of the said laws.

I state the AIB plc operated without a perfected Banking Licence in contravention of the Central Bank Acts of 1941-1989 and further state the AIB plc on renewal of its legislated Annual Banking Licence with intent materially concealed and dishonestly omitted facts by false and misrepresentation in which to obtain said Banking licence.

I state the AIB plc contravened its legislated obligation to deposit securities to the Central Bank of Ireland in respect to its loan to deposit ratios and liquidity ratios under the Central Bank Acts of 1941-1989 on renewal of its Banking licence in accordance with statute law. I state the AIB plc with intent criminally ignored its mandatory obligation to inform the Central Bank of Ireland of Material facts and changes to its status and exposure as a Financial Institution as set forth in the Central Bank Acts of 1941-1989.

I state the omission of the aforementioned legislated securities and material changes were not reflected in the annual financial records of 2006-2007-2008-2009 by the AIB plc.

I state the AIB plc with intent contravened Company Law of the Irish State by omitting and concealing its mandatory obligations to produce a True annual financial reflection of its status. I state the AIB plc contravened its Memorandum and Articles of Association under Company law and statute law by issuing a false and misleading set of financial records to its shareholders for the periods of 2006-2007-2008-2009. I state the AIB plc was required by statute law to inform its shareholders of all material changes and exposures to the status of the company as required by law and with intent failed to do so. I seek An Garda Siochana to enforce the laws of this country as set forth in our enacted Constitution dated the 1st of July 1937 and bring criminal charges against the AIB plc its Directors and agents for the breaches and violations of the laws of this state.

Relevant articles:

Boom Bust Blog

Anglo is in breach of the terms of its banking licence

IBRC 'not compliant' with bank rules | Irish Examiner

As If On Cue, BoomBustBlog Shenanigan Res

Global Banking Crisis - How & Why YOU Will Get "Cyprus'd"

Message from Montague Keen - 14 April, 2013

Message from Montague Keen - 14 April, 2013

There will come a time in the near future when you will have to make a decision as to whether to stand up for truth, or be a coward, and go with whatever you feel is the easier path. Let me assure you now, there is no easy path. The cabal has no intention of creating an easy path for anyone. When enough of you are prepared to stand together for truth and light, then the cabal will know, without doubt, that it has failed in its effort to establish the New World Order that it has spent years planning.

Ireland has just done this. The people of Ireland have come together en masse and have said a big NO! As a people, we refuse to comply with your demands. We want justice !

What is stopping other countries from coming together in this way. Ireland has created the template. They have led the way. The sooner other countries follow this example, the quicker all the suffering and fear caused by the banksters will be wiped out. There is a huge campaign going on (which involves many countries) to start World War 3. This, you can see on your televisions everyday. You are being fed so much disinformation, some of which is so ridiculous that it is hard to believe that some of you actually believe it. It is just history repeating itself over and over again. They just alter the world slightly; the name of the country changes, but it is always the same formula. Their attitude is that it has worked in the past, so why change it? The SHEEP fall for it every time. This is how controlled you are.

Time to Bring Back Glass-Steagall?

Christine LeGarde and the RV

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