Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Showing you the Money - How to Access Your Absolute Value

Showing you the Money - How to Access Your Absolute Value
An Essay by Justin Deschamps
Sunday, March 31, 2013 at 10:29am

With the new lawful landscape we all have a great deal of adjusting to do.  What is this new landscape?  Who is in control of it?  How do we get things done like paying our bills and making sure our families are fed?  These questions we all have and we all are seeking to answer but often what is, and what we consciously see are two different things; especially as we are all products of the control matrix where money and society are the only tools of manifestation we chose to acknowledge. But there is a universe of exchange happening right here on earth, right now, that doesn't involve money and is ready to replace the slavery system.

What is Money in relation to Absolute Value?

Presently the focus is on money.  How do I get it? When will I have it?  Why isn’t it here already? I need it to survive etc.  All valid concerns, but they reveal a misunderstanding with relation to what value is, and how manifestation actually work (don’t work we are all in this together).  Money is a facilitator towards manifestation, which is the expression of absolute value; but there is more to it.  When you create, anything, you take from the absolute within, and bring it forth into reality using ALL of your BEing to do so. So what is value you then? Value is the inherent state of absoluteness self-contained within all that is.  Stated in another way, ALL that is, is absolute value, and all individuations of all that is, is absolute value; meaning all things have all value inherently within them.  "Well this is all well and good, but how does any of this relate to money and paying my bills!"

Money is the social mechanism we use to facilitate manifestation on earth in the "world of man" or in the "slavery system."  Money is the tool or our slave masters, for us the slaves, to service them in their design.  But money isn’t the only choice, far from it.  The only reason anyone accepts money is because of social doctrine, money has no intrinsic value whatsoever. It only has value because we give it value by our BEing and Doing.

The Time of Remembering

We have known this always.  We have put it in our books and movies, our legends and sacred texts.  We are not just these rock hard abs and pearly whites!  We are eternal essence, embodied.  We have entered the Time of Remembering.

Yoda said it simply – “Do or do not.  There is no try.”  Watch this clip until the end:

Believe it.  We’ve done fear, disbelief, doubt and excuses until we are tired of our own story - Time for something new.

If I was Source, I’d want to get every possible ounce of juice out of it all before I was done.  I’d want absolute knowledge.  I’d want every possible emotion lived to every extreme.

Our slavery ending has been guaranteed folks – but this is Improv. Our Creator, in Infinite Wisdom, is watching us play out the final scene.  We have one more thing to do that we have never done – and that is to end it.  We have to say NO.  Enough.  How we do this is being written in the Eternal Moment Now.

Let’s do it with Love.  We are all players and this is our final act in this scene.  Read Jenna’s post, Laugh with Buddha on theTrain and understand what Yoda means when he says “That is why you fail.”

It is time to believe.

You are One.


A Train Full of Eternal Hearts

As we contemplate who we really are, consider this - it only takes one of us to remember our eternal heart; we cannot keep it to ourselves. All will join in our remembering!  Just watch.

We are (the) One.


Calling All Eternal Hearts

I believe this beautiful message from Jenna to be both timely and spot on. Anger, hate, fear, hostility, aggression, or any combination thereof, have no place in where we are going. The bracelet I wear around my wrist 24/7 says it all; on one side it reads "LOVE IS THE WAY," and on the other side, "BELIEVE." :)

When all Eternal Hearts wake up to this Truth, the world as we know it can shift in an instant. 

In Absolute Gratitude Jenna,
~ Brian

Calling All Eternal Hearts

by Jenna Lavoie


I have something to propose. Something that I feel in my core must be proposed. I have a wonderful power of extreme sensitivity. Everyday I feel the collective energy and for the past 2 weeks and especially the past few days… I have felt the energy of the PTW VERY strongly. So strong that I have had to rest BIG TIME. I would love to go into detail with you on every moment of the past few days, its truly remarkable the info and unfolding that has occurred,  but I really want to get to the good stuff!

Overall what I have felt from the PTW is,… they are tired, really tired, they are weak and exhausted, some have given up the fight but are following a group that are still in the “we wont ever give up!!!!!!!” energy.. and they dont know how to stop following them, they feel hopeless and scared, (yup hopeless and scared, they feel what we have been feeling our entire lives from them ), they are desperate and scrambling around searching and searching. BUT the energy of the desperation is deeper then, “we must figure out how to continue having control”, its hopelessness of not KNOWING how to BE. They started the fear based system because they were so disconnected and lost from Source and their Eternal Hearts.  How they have been doing it for the past “bazillion” years  has fulfilled that space inside and taken place of the Eternal Heart for survival. Now that that reality they created to feel filled with power is gone… their hearts are exposed and hopeless not KNOWING or having the slightest idea where to focus or go. They don’t feel their Eternal Heart in a much bigger way then we ever have.

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