Friday, February 22, 2013

The results are in

We are on our journey, discovering what it is to love.  It is not what you’ve been told.  Words like sacrifice, selfless and obey have managed to crawl into the same sentence with love, honor and cherish.  They are interlopers, planted there to infuse the field with doubt, debt, fear and worth.  Love is a field of wildflowers.  It self generates and spreads with random abandon, knowing no boundaries, borders or requirements.  Love simply is.  Love is what you are.

You came here to be part of a grand experiment.  In it, you’ve been surrounded, since birth, with falsehoods and half truths.  They have told you there are things you must do, rules you must follow, ways you must look, amounts you must have, words you must say, groups you must be a part of and attitudes you must adopt in order to be worthy of anything desirable.  Love, prosperity, expansion and joy were properties of the rich and elite; or so you were told.  You were taught the concept of work, which in itself is neither good nor bad.  Yet what you also learned was that work was necessary in order to “deserve” anything positive.  All the while, you watched a small faction of the population who seemed to follow none of these teachings – yet spent lifetimes enjoying both wealth and play.  It was not a fair world – on purpose.  This experiment has come to a screeching halt, the results are in.

The official report is yet to be released; yet preliminary findings tell an interesting story.  Despite every effort and manipulation both on and off world to completely enslave the human, we have declared ourselves free.  In each generation there have been the outliers, the misfits and the rebels – none of whom would succumb.  Like the wildflowers, this field of humanity has continued to populate itself with relentless beauty and unstoppable passion.  Humans BEing have consistently, through every age, declared their sovereignty.  A surprise to the controllers, yet not to us, is that despite all efforts – we love.

For love is the force of creation.  At the instant of our arrival, conception, there is passion unleashed and unable to be inhibited.  Does it surprise you that the most exhilarating, satisfying and thrilling moments of your life were those in which you felt free?  Passion is how you began – it is who you are.

Passion is the one thing that has been harvested and controlled.  Religions, wars, laws and enslavement all work at controlling and manipulating your emotions systematically.  That way they can be used as sustenance in a predictable fashion.

Yet you, a wondrous Human BEing, have loved anyway with reckless abandon.  You’ve loved when you wanted to, who you wanted to and how you wanted to.  Now that the experiment is over you can love yourself the same way.  Realize that conditions of worth are lies – you are unconditionally worthy of love.  Without restriction – adore who you are.

Care for each part as you would a newborn. Gently caress, lovingly engage and joyfully embrace each facet that makes you – you! You are perfection.

There is nothing to give up in order to get agape. Agape is your birthright.  Love is truth. You have come to shine your light on all those dark places we’ve been focused – to point the way to freedom.  It is your brilliance that broke through every attempt at ownership.  Remember who you are.  You are the One we’ve been waiting for.

See you tomorrow,

Italian Comedian, Beppe Grillo Shakes Up Italian Politics

I've been following this guy for a number of years. His blog is hilarious.  He looks a bit like the late American comedian John Belushi.  To put Beppe Grillo in perspective he's formed a political party called the 5 Star Movement (M5S) protesting corruption in Italian politics.  It'd be like Steven Colbert running for office in the USA.  He popped on Bloomberg TV early this morning, Silvio Berlusconi called him a "mytho-maniac" [conspiracy theorist], showing that he's clearly panicking at the impact Beppe is having on politics in Italy.  I didn't know Beppe was running a political movement until I saw it on Bloomberg this morning.  It has the financial press all shook up for what it might mean to Europe. Go Beppe! 
The parties are using "copy and paste"
by Beppe Grillo

>>>Today, 21 February at 5:00 pm, I’m in Rieti’s piazza victory Emanuele and then at 9:00 pm, I’m in Viterbo’s piazza Verdi. Tomorrow, 22 February at 6:00 pm I’m in piazza San Giovanni in Rome! Follow the live broadcasts on La Cosa! >>>

The parties are unashamedly copying the MoVimento 5 Stelle {5 Star MoVement}. They are even embarrassing when they say that "they want to come out from the darkness“ (Gargamel 17 February in piazza del Duomo) or when they proclaim that "no one will be left behind" (PDminusL). These are slogans taken word for word from the M5S manifesto. As well as the slogans, they’re even copying the programme, like the psycho dwarf who said (hold onto your hats) that politics is about being passionate rather than about money, that his parliamentarians (his - as they have been selected by him personally) will lower their salaries and will only serve two terms of office.

The parties are using "cut and paste" but there’s one M5S slogan they haven’t made use of "Let’s send them all home" because it’s very difficult to turn round and give yourself a boot up the backside. The word "antipolitics" has been deleted, it has been absorbed point by point by the parties and thus has become noble politics, in the highest possible meaning of the term. The prostitutes on the rebound use unfamiliar words like honesty, participation, civil society. They chew the words in public like chewing gum, then in private they spit them out. However, when it’s a question of money, they don’t compromise. No one refuses money. They all want the election contributions, all of them, the PDL, the PDminusL, Rigor Montis or Ingroia the multi-purpose vacuum cleaner .


I received the following from Scott Molloy, Bill Brockbader's sentencing is coming up on February 25th (this coming Monday).  Bill needs your prayers, meditations, encouragemnet and energy at this time.  Perhaps we can focus on the judge and others involved and bring this charade to a positive conclusion and Eva can have her husband back.  -AK


Hi friends,

I just did this interview with Eva on what is going on with her and Bill of late. You may have seen the blog by AK recently explaining some of this. Eva asked me to get the word out, so she can get some urgent and much needed assistance to help Bill and herself. Bill has a sentencing on the 25th this month ie that is in 7 days and Eva needs help to execute paperwork safely ASAP before that day comes in an effort to free Bill. Eva is open to any suggestions and energy and prayers to free Bill.
I have the FULL VERSION here

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Kind Regards
Scott Molloy

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