Saturday, February 2, 2013

GAIA PORTAL: Transformations / Transitions
During this Time May Be Sudden…

Transformations / Transitions During this Time May Be Sudden…

3 FEB 2013

Transformations and transitions experienced during the 2-2-13 through 2-13-13 may be sudden, un-”expected”, and enlightening. All stones are being upturned in order to assist alignment with the true Light within each.

Humans are realizing/becoming Hue-mans, and stone-upturning at this time period is required.

Those who resist will be nudged, often strongly, to “cease and desist”. And to search within for the vision of their Higher Hue-man Self.

Be in your joy, and all will proceed smoothly.

We Really Are Separate People! LOL!!!!

Ferdinand Marcos - Anthony Santiago Martin,
Ultimate Agreement

A reader sent this... more data, there's a bigger story here that I don't quite have my mind wrapped around yet but I will share this information as it arrives.  Sharing this data seems to cause others to share what they know and perhaps this jig saw puzzle around just who Ferdinand Marcos was becomes a bit clearer.  Was the fake Anthony Santiago Martin a clone, imposter, or what??? On the Will the name is listed as ANTHONY SANTIAGO MARTIN indicating either a code name or a legal entity/person rather than a specific human??  I have as many questions as I do answers on this subject.

I was also sent this passport image, from another source.  I do not know if this is the REAL Anthony Santiago Martin or a fake one, or just someone who happens to have the same name.

Hey AK,

We've never met...but I'm an acquaintance of Captain xxxxx xxxxx. [Canada RMCP]

He actually sent me this doc...I have attached it.  

It relates to the Marcos will...notice the date in relation to the Will... and that they instituted a "fake" King ASM...complete with RFID chip.

Take care,


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