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GAIA PORTAL: All Gaia “intention” lines converge to Unity

All Gaia “intention” lines converge to Unity
by ÉirePort

All Gaia "intention" lines converge to Unity horizon point. As convergence occurs, undulations from these lines are removed, and the paths are made straight.

As Higher Vision is held, convergence to the Unity point is assured. Gaia assists in this process by aligning Cosmic Solar Energies with Gaia Light Body frequencies.

Galactic Citizenship is the intent of Gaia. This process has begun, and will continue until completion. Dates cannot be given, as these events are above the existing timeline.

Be at Peace. Be with Peace. All is well.

ÉirePort | January 16, 2013 at 19:19 

Removing the Shackles: Heather of OPPT answers some of your questions from yesterday


Heather of OPPT answers some of your questions from yesterday
Good morning everyone!  Last night/early this morning Heather of OPPT went through many of the comments that were written on the article I posted yesterday.  Below are some of the questions and her replies.

I've put philavox's question first, because IMO it is the most important of them all- read the comment and Heather's reply and you'll understand the HOW things are to roll out.

 philavox15 January 2013 16:12
...So let's say that on or around 1/21/13, the fabled Announcements, Arrests and RV occur simultaneously.

In a best case scenario, I imagine this Event as a veritable wall of water flooding all communications channels with insistent, unending momentum, to an exhausting extreme, and then some.

At that moment, it may be that we will receive the kind of clear line of communications that many of us are now asking from Heather, D, and others.

This clear line would include all manner of media at once: television, radio, internet, in a shocking blitz of global revelation about the true nature of human history to date, and, moving forward, the shape of things to come.

Further imagining this best-case scenario...the UCC filings filed by OPPT would suddenly be backed by an unstoppable protective force. What that might be exactly I cannot say. Maybe it would be comprised of a positive U.S. military, backed by the 180 nation BRICS alliance -- and the two together backed by some positive galactic E.T. presence that would, ultimately, ensure the efficacy of our human collective efforts at this time to no uncertain degree.

This Event would suddenly and permanently establish a level playing field for the common human being to do what we want to do with our time and energy when we are no longer bound by the control system created by the powers that literally were (at such future moment).

At this potentially imminent future moment, the OPPT's legalese is finally made understandable by public interpreters to a crystal clear extreme. And those of us following this difficult, emergent narrative at this more obscure moment in time heave a collective a-ha, as we finally comprehend the actual significance of what I might term Heather & Co.'s "ontological legalese."

Perhaps -- so my personal vision here goes -- what we will come to appreciate is that for the first time in human history as we have known and lived it, our subjective divine-given Being has been made nothing other than the public and legal basis for our Action on earth.

Once the construct of the matrix control system is deconstructed and no longer operative, we will understand this legalese to be nothing other than the structure and universal constitution of legal human action on Earth moving forward.

Maybe it all sounds so unreal to some ears right now because we have only the control system to reference it against, which has battered the human imagination to a mere tip of its infinite potential...until now.

Once the Event and Re-Set take place, our perspective will be open to a greater possibility, backed by an alliance of protection the likes of which we may simply not believe is real until it has arrived.

Just a thought. No idea if it will hold any water whatsoever. I do enjoy imagining best case scenarios with this kind of thing, if only for the sake of furthering its (however seemingly remote) emerging possibility.

[6:34:00 AM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: HHHhhhhmmmmm...quite intuitive...either that, or I left my copy of the playbook at the cafe again (rofl)


Tuesday, January 15, 2013
( BREAKING NEWS)) Very Urgent Please Share Widely


For Immediate Release
January 15, 2013

Los Angeles, CA - CHD2 Productions will hold a media event at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah to launch a major event/documentary project. At the press conference Apollo14 Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, the sixth person to walk on the Moon, will be introduced as the international spokesperson for the Citizens' Hearing on Disclosure and Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell will be announced as Director of a documentary film, Truth Embargo, based upon this Citizens' Hearing.  See film Trailer.

The media event will be held in the Aspen Room at the Park City Peaks, 2121 Park Avenue, Park City, UT on Friday, January 18 from 2-3 pm MST.

The Citizens' Hearing on Disclosure will be produced by Paradigm Research Group and will take place between April 29 and May 3 in Washington, DC at the National Press Club where the main ballroom will be turned into a "Congressional Hearing Room."  This unprecedented project will bring top researchers from around the world along with government/agency witnesses to testify for 30 hours over five days before former members of the United States Congress.  The subject of this hearing is an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race.  The motto of this hearing is, "If Congress will not do its job, the people will."   The last time the Congress of the United States held a hearing on what is arguably the most important issue in the world today was in 1968 before the House Committee on Science and Astronautics.

Producing the accompanying documentary film Truth Embargo will be Just Cause Entertainment, a film/television/special effects company located in Marina Del Rey, California.

Just Cause Entertainment President Reuben Langdon and Paradigm Research Group Executive Director Stephen Bassett will moderate the press conference. Langdon and Bassett will be meeting throughout the week with activist writers, directors and producers regarding endorsements for the Citizens' Hearing project.

Truth Embargo mini-trailer:
CHD2 Productions Contacts:   Stephen Bassett     Reuben Langdon
                                                  202-215-8344        818-324-6294

Media Interview Contact:  Janet Donovan, Creative Enterprises International,  202-904-1035 (cell),  202-822-9318
CHD2 Productions, LLC
4130 Del Rey Avenue, Marina Del Rey, CA  90292

Sheldan Nidle’s Update for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy

Sheldan Nidle’s Update for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy

A new Age of Light will dawn and the time of the sacred prophets of the Creator will again be seen. Every one of you is a potential prophet and a deliverer of Good News! You are to form a society based upon your great Light, which is to shine in glory and multifarious service to the Creator.

13 Chicchan, 13 Chicchan, 9 Eb

Dratzo! We return! Your world continues to move forward toward the day chosen by Heaven for manifesting your new reality. Our Agarthan family informs us that their part in this operation has reached completion. Likewise, our secret sacred allies confirm that their activities have reached the point chosen for them by Heaven. We continue to allow the use of our technology to assist everyone in ensuring that all these interlinked operations are manifested exactly as planned. The one thing now remaining is for us to obtain the final green light from our heavenly hosts. This signal is shortly to be given to us. Until then we wait, watch, and oversee what is so close to happening. Meanwhile, the dark panics and wonders how and when the arrests will take place. At present, they are in a state of some anxiety because many of their co-workers have simply 'disappeared'. They fully realize that the threats given them are quite real and that their positions of power are not to last very much longer. Their vast fortunes have dwindled and the banking system they control is close to being shut down.

As all these dramas play out, your world appears on the surface to muddle along as before. Yet the dark knows that this charade is nearly over and that new governance is in place in America, ready to assume authority. The changeover will start with a series of announcements that are sure to astound most of you. Then the new financial reality will bring a huge sigh of relief to each of you, as freedom from want and anxiety allows you to move into joy and abundance. Debt forgiveness on this scale will heal the many deeply entrenched rifts in a society that has been badly lopsided for millennia. The rich and powerful have used this double-standard system to hammer the masses and force them to do their bidding. Now all of this is to be removed and a level playing field has replaced the unjust world that has tormented you for so long. Moreover, governance more to your liking is beginning to 'call this new tune.' But do bear in mind that these improvements in your circumstances merely herald much greater changes to come, including disclosure. Here you get to the magic moment when we can formally introduce ourselves to you.

Hactivist, Internet innovator Aaron Swartz commits suicide

Aaron Swartz
Hactivist, Internet innovator Aaron Swartz commits suicide
Juan Carlos Perez
@JuanCPerezIDG Jan 12, 2013 4:47 PM

Aaron Swartz, the brilliant Internet pioneer, passionate political activist and computer programming prodigy, committed suicide on Friday as he faced hacking-related charges that could have landed him in jail for decades, according to published reports.

Swartz, who was 26, killed himself in his New York City apartment, according to The Tech, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) newspaper that first reported his passing on Saturday.

Swartz played key roles in the development of the RSS online content syndication technology, in the creation of the Creative Commons licenses, in a campaign against the SOPA and PIPA bills and in the success of the Reddit news sharing site.

He apparently hanged himself and was found by his girlfriend, according to The New York Times.

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