Friday, January 11, 2013

…and Still Further Clarification of
The One People’s Public Trust

I thought I'd reblog this interesting perspective.  This whole issue with law and how the country was shrink wrapped inside the cellophane of the UCC code is really a pretty new subject to me.  This blog post brings a bit of some of the historical background that I didn't quite understand until now. -AK

…and Still Further Clarification of The One People’s Public Trust
JANUARY 11, 2013

I’m hoping that by sharing an aggregate of many takes on this Trust that those who are still suspicious and unable to make sense of the “new age legalese” can come to a definitive understanding and informed decision as to what it is and what it means to We, The People of Earth. Together, we can do this.

Thank you Lightworker 29501 for YOUR research and lay terms. Great job!

Starting to Piece it Together…

by Lightworker 29501  All About 2012

After having some time to digest the TOPPT interviews from a few weeks ago and those on Free American, November 2011, I think I’m understanding what’s going on, a bit better…

Here goes…

The legalese confounds me, but if I read it correctly, the trustees of the One People’s Public Trust have become trustees for the the trust that was formed in 1776, and later abandoned by President Lincoln, because the Civil War created a situation where his government was unable to perform their duties, by virtue of the seceded colonies/states.

Lincoln unwittingly created an opportunity for the cabalists to takeover the US government, when he created the shadow government and failed to state when/how that shadow government would be terminated.

Okay… so the two-year terms for Congress were originally instituted as terms for trustees, right? Farmers would be trustees of the People’s Trust 1776 for two years at a time.

(I only say “farmers” because the USA was an agriculture-based society, at the time.)

So, TOPPT effectively remedies Lincoln’s mistake, since the People’s Trust 1776 has been reclaimed, and supersedes USA, Inc. This also eliminates current-day politicians, because their positions will soon be replaced with trustees of the People’s Public Trust 1776, hence the month-long elections that we’ve been told are coming when all of this stuff finally happens.

Then, if the public trust doctrine, which dates back to the Magna Carta and Roman civilization, is all about managing the land, does this explain why only land-owners could vote, way back in 1776? Did it have more to do with being a protector of the land than discriminating against “low-brow commoners”?

Persistence of lower energy forms is diminished, as Higher D grids strengthen

Persistence of lower energy forms is diminished, as Higher D grids strengthen

10 JAN 2013

Persistence of lower energy forms is diminished, as Higher D grids strengthen.

Discernment and Selection of thought seeds becomes increasingly paramount. All of Gaia now guided and directed via Higher D (frequency) grids.

The overall effect is rapid exposure and dissolution of lower thought forms.

Seeking the intellect-guided, leaves emptiness within, as Higher D energies do not support the intellect.

Seeking the Higher Intelligence aligns Higher Hue-Self with the upgraded Higher D grids.

Higher Sun, now strengthened after the 1-3-13, connects inner Hue-person with Cosmic Integrity, Cosmic Understanding, Cosmic Ascension.

Posh Manhattan Jewish Couple Arrested with
HMTD High Explosives and "Terrorist Encyclopedia"

This is a few days old, don't know how I missed it.  -AK

NYC Couple Arrested for Explosives

A man and his girlfriend, who gave birth under arrest, are facing weapons charges after police say they found a powerful substance used to make bombs and an arsenal of weapons in their New York City apartment.

Morgan Gliedman, 27, and Aaron Greene, 31, were arrested Saturday in their Manhattan apartment after officers with a search warrant found 7 grams of HMTD, a highly explosive white powder used in bomb making. Police also seized a flare launcher, a sawed-off shotgun, nine rifle magazines and various how-to manuals on building bombs and booby traps.

"They had a terrorist encyclopedia, they had improvised and modified firearms, deadly homemade weapons, a do it yourself machine gun..." New York City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said Monday.

Kelly was unsure how much damage 7 grams of HMTD would cause.

Potential targets or a motive for having these items has not been determined. Police say the couple has no known links to any terrorist organizations.

Greene's lawyer, Lisa Pelosi, told ABC News her client has entered a plea of not guilty and is being held without bail. Greene, a Harvard graduate, is expected back in court Jan. 4.
"The whole situation's sad," Pelosi told the Associated Press on Monday.

Gliedman has not been arraigned because she is still in a hospital after giving birth to her daughter, Melanie, while in police custody, according to authorities.

Calls to Gliedman and Greene's family were not returned and police are not granting interviews regarding the case.

Police went to the apartment in Manhattan's Greenwich Village on Saturday morning after they received a tip from a couple Gliedman and Greene invited to their home. Police said they had been investigating Gliedman for credit card fraud when the tip came in.

Police blocked off the street were the couple lived and the entire building had to be evacuated.
"This really goes to mindset and obviously a number of the people involved in extremist philosophies would have all of these weapons and explosives clearly to harm other people," said former FBI agent and ABC News consultant Brad Garrett.

Gliedman and Greene are self-admitted heroine users, according to police.
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