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These debates are quite revealing at the level of contempt both parties have for the intelligence of the American public.  We are presented yet again with the choice between lessor of two evils.  And it all depends on some contrived politics of left and right.  Our battle is not with our brothers of different opinions, its with those who set this false agenda of non-change and central control.  Its this kind of thing in the American culture that caused me to create the name for this blog. This is all pro forma dance of lies in an American Kabuki theater of American politics.

The issues I really care about, financial health of this country, individual freedom and privacy, are absent from each man's platform. They both keep endorsing the George W Bush agenda.  I voted for Obama in 2008, but GITMO is still there, the Patriot Act is still going strong, the Government is still data mining the Internet and inventing ever more lists to keep people from flying. Lack of privacy laws is now keeping teenagers from getting into the schools of their choice because they vented their teenage angst on Facebook.  This is an Orwellian night mare!

There has been no taming neo-con imperial agendas around the world by the man I voted for. Rome-ny pledges to continue it.   And even congratulates his opponent for doing so the same! What kind of farce choice is this?  Where are the neocons now when it comes to providing for our Veteran's needs?  Oh yeah, they're just a bunch of "takers", actually expecting their country to honor the limbs and health they sacrificed in war.  Politicians are all too eager to sacrifice the lives of our children for their fame and careers.

Obama is certainly more intelligent that George W Bush was, but then so is Romney. That's not difficult.  What's disconcerting is that we are asked to buy into this non-choice choice.  "Well promise you anything but nothing will change".

Oh yeah? How about we all don't vote for either one at all?  Lets make this a 33% turnout (a good Illuminati number) and give them an electoral college version of Jury nullification.  Sure, there's no quorum rules in our democracy, but I tell you the world and our military would certainly notice!

I know people will say "you'll get the choice you didn't vote for".  But the truth is, I get that even if I do vote!

We have to do something massive soon in a peaceful manner to make our displeasure known, and we don't have much time left before this election comes to pass.

SaLuSa, October 22, 2012

Mike Quinsey - SaLuSa, October 22, 2012

SaLuSa, October 22, 2012

We are pleased to see you demonstrating for your rights, which is a timely reminder to your authorities that they are in their positions to serve you the people. The number of good hearted souls amongst them are few and far between, and that is why far reaching changes have to take place. If your representatives are not keeping to their oath, then they can have no complaint when they are removed. The problem is that corruption and greed spreads like a cancer and before long is accepted as a normal way of working. In the future you will become more involved in the decision making, and consulted before action is taken. Clearly you need the right type of people leading the way forward, who have the foresight and understanding to take you into the New Age. The last cabal would be totally unsuitable, and will be unable to interfere or influence what will happen.

Your Spiritual Age is about to begin and your progress will be astonishing and very quick. Imagine how wonderful it will be to be able to trust all of those around you, because you know that they are ascended Beings like yourself. The Love and Light will have permeated everywhere, and there will be no doubting that you have arrived in the higher dimensions. Life will be a big contrast to what you have now, and will be of no comparison. To live in peace without any threat to it will be a wonderful feeling of freedom and joy. The problems of health and the challenge of mere existence that beset you in the third dimension, will no longer be a factor in your lives. It is difficult to convey the absolute feeling of happiness and contentment, which has to be experienced to be appreciated.

The mind set of those who have opposed your evolution and aimed to prevent Ascension, is focused on self power because they lack the understanding of Oneness, and therefore love for their fellow man. However, they still have their Godspark even if has become very dim, but one day it will light up again. They have the same opportunities to be of the Light as every other soul, and God will welcome them home like every other one. You all started out together, but as you decided your own path of experience some were engulfed by the lower vibrations and fell by the wayside. There will always be a way back into the Light, but the lower you fall the harder the journey. However, as with any soul there are always many willing volunteers who will guide them homewards. Everyone of you without exception has higher Beings in close attendance who guide your life for you.

Will there be a coup d'état in the US
during the next couple of weeks?

Will there be a coup d'état in the US during the next couple of weeks?

Posted by Benjamin Fulford
October 22, 2012

The people in charge at the US agencies and military know the presidential election scheduled for November 8th will be a fraud and a sham no matter what the outcome. That is why many reliable sources are saying US militias and reserve troops were put on alert last week. They have either started to mobilize either to pre-empt the elections and put the Joint Chiefs of Staff in charge of an interim government or to get ready to act in anticipation of post-election violence and chaos, depending on who you talk to.

In any case, it is no coincidence that both the US and China will be selecting a new government on November 8th and there is a lot of plotting and speculation going on beneath the surface as that date approaches.

In Europe as well, there are signs of a fundamental struggle reaching a climax as the IMF and certain governments face off against the bankers over control of the process of money creation.

Defying Gravity: The History of 40 Years
of Wealth Falling Up

Who Stole the American Dream?
By Hedrick Smith
Random House.557 pages.

Defying Gravity: The History of 40 Years of Wealth Falling Up

Posted: 10/22/2012 9:38 am
Dan Froomkin, Senior Washington Correspondent, Huffington Post

Who stole the American Dream? The short answer to the question in the title of Hedrick Smith's new book is: The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Wal-Mart.

But the longer answer is one heck of a story, told by one of the great journalists of our time.

In his sweeping, authoritative examination of the last four decades of the American economic experience, Smith describes the long, relentless decline of the middle class -- a decline that was not by accident, but by design.

He dates it back to a private memo -- in effect, a political call to arms -- issued to the nation's business leaders in 1971 by Lewis F. Powell, Jr., a corporate attorney soon to become a Supreme Court justice. From that point forward, Smith writes, corporate America threw off any sense of restraint or social obligation and instead unstintingly leveraged its money and political power to pursue its own interests.

The result was nothing less than a shift in gravity. Starting in the early 1970s, every major economic trend -- increased productivity, globalization, tax law overhauls, and the phasing out of pensions in favor of 401(k)s -- produced the same result: The benefits fell upward.

Smith, a 1970 Nieman Fellow, is at his very best as he examines, one by one, the key economic shifts of the last 40 years and shows that in each case the money flowed to the very richest Americans, particularly those on Wall Street, while impoverishing the middle class.

SLATE: Central Banks Canceling Debt Wouldn't Necessarily Change Anything but Might Be a Good Idea Anyway

Central Banks Canceling Debt Wouldn't Necessarily Change Anything but Might Be a Good Idea Anyway

By Matthew Yglesias
Posted Monday, Oct. 22, 2012, at 1:14 PM ET

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner (right) and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke in October
Photo by Prakash Singh/AFP/Getty Images.

Central banks have been buying up government debt lately, and they could, in principle, engage in the digital equivalent of setting the bonds on fire. Lately speculation about this has been making the rounds on Wall Street, and I got two emails this morning asking me about it.

This is one of these cases where the economics of the situation look different from the political economy of the situation. According to the up-to-date models I'm familiar with, the Federal Reserve burning its Treasury bonds should have no impact at all on anything. If you recall your equation of exchange:

M • V = P • Y

In other words, the money supply [M] times the velocity of money [V] equals the price level [P] times the output level [Y]. You'll see that bond burning has no impact on either M or V and thus has neither real nor nominal impact. Indeed, the argument is simply the converse of the traditional argument that quantitative easing doesn't do anything other than add to banks' inert excess reserves. The size of the central bank balance sheet per se doesn't matter.

What does matter? Expectations. Bond burning paired with a promise to never, ever, ever let inflation go above 2 percent won't do anything because you'd be keeping expectations anchored. Conversely, bond burning paired with a clear statement of greater inflation tolerance would have a very meaningful impact—because of the inflation tolerance not because of the bond burning.

So might this be a good idea anyway? Yes.

For one thing, while I don't think it's currently true that central banks have a credibility problem when trying to raise nominal expectations, the worry that they might have such a problem is perfectly coherent, and bond burning might be a way out of it. It also might impact fiscal policy indirectly. An awful lot of pixels and column-inches have been spilled on the obviously false (somehow by coincidence the threshold is invariably found to be a round number in a base-10 system, presumably the economics of Tau Alpha C, [WTF?? Did I just read that in Slate? LOL!!! -AK] where people have three fingers on a hand work differently) idea that there's some magic debt-to-GDP ratio threshold at which point economic growth slows. Bond burning would put us further away from the arbitrary threshold and thus perhaps increase political tolerance for budget deficits. Alternatively, right now expansionary monetary policy often faces a lot of political resistance, some of which may be due to the opaque nature of its operations. Direct monetization—Fed gives Treasury money in exchange for bonds, Treasury gives money to taxpayers, Fed burns the bonds and says the point is to raise present and expected nominal income levels—might be a clearer way of communicating to nonspecialists what's going on and why it's supposed to work.

GAIA PORTAL: Golden Light Sparks Have Commenced

Golden Light Sparks Have Commenced
by ÉirePort

Grid points upon the Earth planet have begun a process of "sparking". Ignition of Higher Light fires within each Hue-man proceeds. This applies equally to groups within various consciousness levels, and includes cultural, social, political, technical entities. No one will be spared from these sparks, nor from the resultant Higher Light fires.

These fires are supporting the burning of all old 3D-4D Earth paradigms and will continue throughout the 12-21-12 gateway. 11-11 portal is a key to new beginnings, and all higher priority items will be cleared prior to that date.

Those guided by Gaia will undertake holding of Higher Light and Higher Vision for the New Earth, Gaia Nueva. Any and all may assist. Those called by Gaia are urged to heed Her messages, and follow them precisely, moment to moment.

Sparks lead to Fire Fire leads to Purification. Purification leads to Planetary En-Lightenment.

ÉirePort | October 22, 2012 at 08:13

Kerry Cassidy Interviews Tman, of the White Hats Report

Kerry Cassidy Interviews Tman, of the White Hats Report: Global Settlements, Dinar Revaluation etc. (Oct. 19. 2012)

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