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Patterns of Piano Music Notes

Isn't interesting how these piano notes look like mandalas and some crop circles?

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South African Banks Must Pay Out Big Time

SA Banks must pay out big time

Dear Citizen,
Up to a trillion rand could be refunded to South African customers by the banks. This is precisely the kind of cash injection that will help bring our country out of debt slavery and into a new age of prosperity.

Millions of South Africans who have loans or credit could see their monthly repayments reduced substantially. And tens of thousands of people who have had judgments against them over the past two decades may be eligible for compensation. Garnishee orders should be slashed and small businesses struggling with overdrafts should be released from the shackles of debt slavery.

In simple terms – it is very possible that your credit card, home loan, personal loan, vehicle loan or any form of credit you may have, has been settled in full by a third party, called a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV).  Because your loan has been settled in full (ie. the bank has been paid out for your loan), the bank cannot bring your case to court. Under these circumstances, the collections process undertaken by banks, and any judgments taken by the bank as a result, would be unlawful.

Once a loan has been securitised (this is the technical term for this process), the bank loses the legal right to the asset. Confirmation of this was given to the New Economic Rights Alliance in the form of the attached letter from the South African Reserve Bank (see page 5, para AD8).

Julian Assange,
International Intrigue
and What’s Going On With Ecuador

2012 AUGUST 29

Julian Assange, International Intrigue and What’s Going On With Ecuador

This article was found by Jeannie, a member of The 2012 Scenario Discussion Group. It is from an Italian-language blog called ‘Free Thought: The Home of the Italian Exiles at Home’ by Sergio Di Cori Modigliani . The original is in Italian here:

Sergio describes his blog’s philosophy thus: “the purpose of this blog is to contribute to the spread of free thought without ideological ties, without party affiliations, without economic dependence on [sources] more or less hidden. Independent and connected to groups of international bloggers operating in California and South America”.

Assange and the Attack on the Republic of Ecuador
By Sergio Di Cori Modigliani i – August 18, 2012

Important Note: Re-edited in English from Google translation by Sandhya Jain.

Today we talk of geo-politics and the freedom of information. But what is happening today technically (i.e. politically) began on 12 December 2008, though some say September of that year, but it took four years for the shock waves to reach Europe and America.

The issue relates to Julian Assange, Wikileaks, and the Republic of Ecuador. Mind you, it was assumed in the entire American continent, Australia, and Europe that the world was the same as ten years ago. But the world does not work that way anymore.

In Italy, no one was told of the fight growing between Brazil and the United Nations, badly managed by Christine Lagarde who heads the International Monetary Fund, whereby Italy was officially relegated from the eighth largest to the ninth largest economy in the world. It was overtaken by Brazil. So at the next G8, Italy will not be invited, but Brazil will. So we had the decision to abolish the G8 and G10 becoming the new standard.

Europe, with England and Germany at the helm, simply cannot accept the “Keynesian” triumph of South America. In essence the western guideline remains: “Let them stay home and remain grateful that we let them survive like the Africans. Otherwise one by one they will all end like Gadaffi.”

This is the warning in a nutshell So, quietly, South America has in the last 40 days sent three powerful messages; the last and most important was on August 3, and it was televised live from the New York office of the International Monetary Fund. Now for some facts.

Tarpits, Honeypots and Venus Fly Traps

By American Kabuki,

This is a very strange time.  All around us the autumn crispness of change is occuring.  Structures, institutions and energies of oppression crumble and disappate.  Amazing pieces of information are flooding into our consciousness from so many different sources about what lies ahead.  We've come a long ways actually, we no longer puzzle of what, we pretty much know that. We are also learning the how.  The when we do not know, nor do we know the pace of the change.

We get frustrated because we know we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses. Galactics, interdimensionals, angelics, Elohim, the Crystallines, Gaia, Mother/Father Creator.  The Solar system is chock a block with craft.  Krulian cruisers doing what ever they do with their planetary sized craft moving in and out of the Sun.  We even have those who really don't care what happens to us, this is after all not their fight, but they are watching.  Curiousity has brought everyone it seems.

There you are!

We are completing our Quest right now.  Today is the last day of this journey and we can see our destination.

Although it’s always been there, it may well have been invisible.  Wrapped in blinders of shoulds and judgments, you could not see Agape.  It is obvious to you now.  Clear vision is available to us always, yet it sometimes shows up in surprising ways.

“Hook” (2003) is a story of finding yourself again, after a long time of loss.  The three clips here illustrate the journey.  Peter Pan has forgotten how to fly.  What he needs is simple; he must find his happy thought.  What is your happy thought?

From Agape flows a constant stream of smiles.  The point of this Quest was to find an eternal source of love.  It has been here always, right there in your heart.

First Called ‘US Enemy of State’,
Now Julian Assange Makes UN Appearance

First Called ‘US Enemy of State’, Now Julian Assange Makes UN Appearance
Posted by Stephen Cook

First this morning, my time in Australia, he has been called an ‘enemy of the state’ by the US  (see second story below) and now he’s at the UN!

There is so much more – much, much more – to the whole Julian Assange saga than many of us realise… as we will soon know.

sage’s post on Sergio di Modigliani’s blogpost which explained a lot of the real background to the Assange story  is here:

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