Thursday, August 23, 2012

Out of time

Picture In June it was a shock.  After a decade of sweeping the seconds, the kitchen clock crashed to the floor.  There was no sudden movement or jostling to have caused it to do so.  We laughed, because it occurred on my son's birthday, saying "time stopped the day you were born!"

As there are cell phone clocks and microwave clocks and stove clocks, I was in no hurry to get another.  But eventually I did.  It lasted a week or two.  It too, has come crashing to the ceramic tile floor and is no longer recording the passage of time in this home.

I suspect that we are vibrating out of time.  I don't think I'll purchase another one.  I am wondering, is anyone else having similar experiences?  It is getting interesting, for sure.

Much love,

'UFO' Caught On Camera in Dos Palos, CA - Strange Metal Object - Aug. 21

At first I thought this was a high altitude balloon, but it gets stranger looking towards the end of the video. 

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