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The Great Revealing: US Marshals Expose Biggest Scandal in History


The Department of Justice -- home of the US Marshals -- has now blown the lid off of the biggest financial scandal in human history... after a highly covert three-year investigation.

The LIBOR scandal has started the Great Revealing of Financial Tyranny. Mass arrests must begin with mass charges, and mass court cases -- and that has now arrived. Disclosure of many great hidden truths will follow.


Every person on Earth is increasingly aware that our world is ruled by corrupt forces -- to an almost Biblical degree.

The astonishing events that have unfolded since June 27, 2012 have made that much more obvious -- even for those who have been in the greatest denial.

This process has been fascinating to watch -- not to mention remarkably rewarding.

After many years of hard work to expose the truth, we are finally seeing results -- on a worldwide level. The knowledge will spread much, much more with each passing day.

In this new investigation, I will do my best to provide you with a blow-by-blow compendium of what has actually happened.

Furthermore, we are now seeing a precise fulfillment of the justice we've been promising on this site since at least last November.

Critical information was leaked to us from highly classified insider sources, working for the good of humanity. Current events have proven that their plan is still very much in effect.

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Scandal At The IMF: Senior Economist Resigns, Says "Ashamed To Have Had Any Association With Fund At All"

Scandal At The IMF: Senior Economist Resigns,
Says "Ashamed To Have Had Any Association With Fund At All"

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 07/20/2012 14:58 -0400

The rats everywhere are now jumping furiously off the titanic, but few had taken the time to write a letter explaining in detail just how cracked and broken the hull really was. This has now changed, with the departure of Peter Doyle, formerly a division chief in the IMF’s European Department responsible for non-crisis countries and currently an adviser to the Fund. Not content with quietly slinking off the scandal ridden organization which has become the butt of all jokes in the international community, where humor about Lagarde's Louis Vuitton panhandling bag is as pervasive as punchlines about just how incompetent the organization is at actually doing its duty, Doyle has penned the following scathing letter which tears down every myth about the IMF: from its impartiality, to the selection process of its head, to its effectiveness. The letter also contains the following gem: "After twenty years of service, I am ashamed to have had any association with the Fund at all." Pretty much says it all. This is a scandal in the making, and one which may shake to the core the credibility of the IMF in the context of international organization.

Full letter (pdf)

European Department
Washington DC
June 18, 2012

To Mr. Shaalan, Dean of the IMF Executive Board

Today, I addressed the Executive Board for the last time—because I am leaving the Fund.

Accordingly, I wanted first to formally express my deep appreciation to the Swedish, Israeli, and Danish authorities with whom I have worked recently, as well as all others with whom I have worked earlier, for their extraordinary generosity towards me personally.

But I also wanted to take this opportunity to explain my departure.

After twenty years of service, I am ashamed to have had any association with the Fund at all.

This is not solely because of the incompetence that was partly chronicled by the OIA report into the global crisis and the TSR report on surveillance ahead of the Euro Area crisis. Moreso, it is because the substantive difficulties in these crises, as with others, were identified well in advance but were suppressed here. Given long gestation periods and protracted international decision-making processes to head off both these global challenges, timely sustained warnings were of the essence. So the failure of the Fund to issue them is a failing of the first order, even if such warnings may not have been heeded. The consequences include suffering (and risk of worse to come) for many including Greece, that the second global reserve currency is on the brink, and that the Fund for the past two years has been playing catch-up and reactive roles in the last-ditch efforts to save it.

Further, the proximate factors which produced these failings of IMF surveillance—analytical risk aversion, bilateral priority, and European bias—are, if anything, becoming more deeply entrenched, notwithstanding initiatives which purport to address them. This fact is most clear in regard to appointments for Managing Director which, over the past decade, have all-too-evidently been disastrous. Even the current incumbent is tainted, as neither her gender, integrity, or √©lan can make up for the fundamental illegitimacy of the selection process. In a hierarchical place like this, the implications of those choices filter directly to others in senior management, and via the appointments, fixed term contracts, and succession planning of senior staff, they go on to infuse the organization as a whole, overwhelming everything else. A handicapped Fund, subject to those proximate roots of surveillance failure, is what the Executive Board prefers. Would that I had understood twenty years ago that this would be the choice.

There are good salty people here. But this one is moving on. You might want to take care not to lose the others.

cc. Ms. Nemat Shafik
Mr. Stanley Fischer
Mr. Stephan Ingves
Mr. Benny Andersen
Mr. Alex Gibbs
Mr. Eric Meyer
Mr. Amit Friedman
Mr. Martin Holmberg
Mr. Reza Moghadam
Mr. Mark Plant
Mr. Brad McDonald

Ask Your Hearts What Is True For You,
And Live By That

Ask your hearts what is true for you, and live by that.
Michael channeled by Ron Head
July 20, 2012 in Ron's Channeled Messages

Today you continue on in the rising frequencies of which we have been speaking, with the addition of having just moved into those of the new moon.  We know that you are able to recognize these sensations now and that you are becoming able to connect with them at will.  It is not that you are connecting with the energies at these times, but that you are learning that they are always there in the background of your new senses.  This is much like the sounds you are hearing in your ears.  They were always there.  You have become able to perceive them and are learning to hear them whenever you turn your attention to them.

Some are finding that certain types of sight are also beginning to be experienced when they place their attention upon that, as well.  If any of these things is occurring for you, but at inopportune times, connect with us through your hearts and request that you have control over it.  Seeing more than your normal could be disconcerting and even dangerous at times.  You will not, for instance, wish to have that experience when you are operating a moving vehicle.  It is not anyone’s intention to have any of this done to you, but with and for you.  You can be, and should learn to be, in control at all times.  Merely remind your selves, guides, and angels of this lovingly and it shall be as you wish.  They are doing as you have agreed, and the time now is becoming a factor, but your comfort with the process is important.

You are also beginning to notice many changes, and changes of heart, in surprising places.  This will continue to increase and, as you say, to snowball.  You have seen some appear to be stunned at what they, themselves have said.  They, just like you, are experiencing new feelings and thoughts.  We ask again that they be allowed to change and be forgiven for what they have done when they understood far less and were under the control of lower influences.  The forgiveness will be better for yourselves and the new world you desire than we can describe to you.  Discerning the need for change is necessary, judgment is not.

Now that certain things are about to burst onto the scene, so to speak, we will address one last question.  Much information is being brought forth at this time, and has been for several years.  It is causing your intellects to question the truth of what you are reading.  In a sense, this is a very good thing.  It is expanding your consciousness.  Some are asking for confirmation of certain things.  We could easily say to you that this is true and that is not.  Would that serve?  You would just be taking an outside opinion or refusing to accept the same.  You must find your own answers through the expansion of your mind or through experience.  That is our primary purpose in speaking with you, after all.  There is no concrete reason for you even to accept our existence, is this not so?  Allow your lives to proceed and your consciousness to expand.  All will be answered in due course, and much sooner than you imagine.  In the meantime, ask your hearts what is true for you, and live by that.  It need not be what another believes.  And, as always, it will be subject to change over time.  It is no longer true, for instance, that the flat world is orbited by the sun and moon.  It is no longer true that you are the center of the universe.  THAT one, however, may come to be questioned again as your understanding of who you are blossoms.

Your joy and peace approach rapidly now.  Be in peace and love.  We will speak more shortly.  Good day.

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Taxpayers strike it rich? - Foster Gamble

The New Way of Banking? Co-op Buys 632 Lloyds Branches

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Lloyds TSB logo (left) and a computer generated
image of TSB under the Co-op’s ownership.
The New Way of Banking? Co-op Buys 632 Lloyds Branches
2012 JULY 20
Posted by Stephen Cook

Stephen: Late last year we took all our money – the little we had – and our ‘business’ account and moved it out of one of the big banks (the world’s most profitable banks are here in Australia!).  We joined a co-op, where we are also now shareholders, as are all the members.

While this below, regarding the purchase of the big UK bank, Lloyds, is not NESARA – nor is it the future, where we will need no money whatsoever – it is a prelude to the new, equipollent way the banks will soon be operating.

The bank’s new owners, The Co-operative, will form the Trustee Saving Bank. Just as the current ways of banking are exposed, and their owners are reformed or removed, I expect it will live up to its name.

Co-op Pledges Shakeup of High Street Banking After Lloyds Deal

Co-operative secures cut-price deal to take over 632 Lloyds branches in sale ordered after breach of EU rules on state aid

By Jill Treanor, City Editor, The Guardian – July 19, 2012

The Co-operative has pledged to shake up the closed shop of high-street banking after clinching a cut-price deal to take control of 632 Lloyds Banking Group branches in a move that will triple its branch network and bring back the centuries-old TSB brand.

Some 4.8 million Lloyds customers will transfer to the Co-op along with up to 7,000 staff who currently work in the branches that are to be sold. The deal is expected to give the Co-op some muscle in high-street banking.

It will create a 974-strong branch network with a 7% share of current accounts – propelling it to become a major competitor to the big four high-street lenders, Lloyds, Barclays, HSBC and Royal Bank of Scotland. The Co-op currently has just 2% of accounts.

The branches changing hands, however, will not operate under the Co-op banner, but will be rebranded as TSB – the name of the Trustee Saving Bank, the one-time mutual taken over by Lloyds in the 1990s – by next autumn.

SaLuSa 20-July-2012

SaLuSa  20-July-2012
As channeled by Mike Quinsey

The days pass by and the work of our allies is becoming more coordinated, and it is bearing results. The scale of activities is becoming bigger and soon there will be an overwhelming push forward that will be very noticeable. We are working now on many fronts and expect to see some rapid developments very shortly. Your role in what is happening is to hold your focus on what you perceive as the outcome, thus giving it more energy where it is needed. At the same time powerful streams of energy are reaching the Earth from many other sources and Galaxies. The interest and assistance being given to you is immense, and certain to help you achieve your goal which is Ascension. For our part we stop any attempt to prevent it, and use our technologies to ensure both you and Mother Earth reach your destination. It is necessary as the dark Ones will resort to any means, even if it threatens their own existence. Have no fear, we are in control and they are well aware that we stand in their way.

Those souls who are unaware of the end times, obviously put a different interpretation on events that are going on around them. It is understandable that they fear the outcome, but be assured that as our allies follow their course of action it will be evident that a force for good does exist. Like you we wish to see an ever growing purge of the criminals who are responsible for taking away your rights. Once it becomes public knowledge it will enforce the idea that you are not alone in your fight against evil. Indeed that has been the case for a very long time, and members of the Galactic Federation of Light can take credit for guiding your experiences in such a way that you have survived. There has additionally been careful planning over a long period of time to keep the balance of energies upon the Earth. That was partly achieved by arranging for highly enlightened souls to incarnate at appropriate times to lead you forward in the Light. 

The Universal Tempo
(The Wisdom of Seeing Humanity's Center)

From a very wise 16 year old....

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