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DataKiller Instantly Obliterates Data on Magnetic Media

I wonder if the cabal will be buying these by the carload?  I hope the FBI clones those hard drives at JP Morgan!   This will make forensic reconstruction of hard drive data impossible.

Will some hero use this on the credit bureau records and those huge personal information databases private corporations and government have on US Citizens?

From Cryptogon
May 15th, 2012
It makes a satisfying pop sound.
Via: Engadget:

Platform of Japan demonstrated the information obliterating devices at the Information Security Expo. A large powerful magnet realigns the bits on the surface of the drive’s platters eliminating all trace of the data that existed before, without physically damaging the hardware.

With just the push of a button a Data Killer can wipe practically any magnetic media, including tapes or an aging floppy disk. The data disposals even come in different sizes, allowing you to kill just a single 3.5-inch disk or up to 14 at a time. The larger models can even accept an intact laptop.

What's Really Going on at JP Morgan

AK: I've delayed posting on JP Morgan because I think JP Morgan is sand bagging everyone on how bad the situation is there. Remember when TARP was going to clean up the bad mortgage mess and then we found it was orders of magnitude worse than the FED let on?  Found this tonight, it has some good links for more information on JP Morgan and how intertwined they are with the FED, derivatives, European debt, and even Food Stamp processing.

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The Truth About JP Morgan’s $2 Billion Loss

Posted By: Danny Cahalin
Date: Tuesday, 15-May-2012 23:31:18
I included some of the links in this story, but I left out at least a dozen,that are included at Blacklisted News where I found this story,take care all.

Source: Washington's Blog

Must-Read Background

Before we can understand what’s really going on with JP Morgan’s loss (which will probably end up being a lot more than $2 billion), we need a little background.

JP Morgan:

Is the world’s largest publicly-traded company

Is the largest bank in the U.S. … the biggest of the too big to fail banks which are killing the American economy.

Is the largest derivatives dealer in the world (and see this), and derivatives are inherently destabilizing for the economy. http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2009/07/96-of-credit-derivative-risk-held-by-5-banks.html

Essentially wrote the faux “reform” legislation for derivatives, which did nothing to decrease risk, and killed any chance of real reform

Is the creator of credit default swaps – which caused the 2008 financial crisis, and is the asset class which blew up and caused the loss. http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2008/sep/20/wallstreet.banking

Has had large potential exposures to credit default swap losses for years

Has replaced the chief investment officer who made the risky bets with a trader who worked at Long Term Capital Management … which committed suicide by making risky bets

Went completely insolvent in the 1980s … and again in 2007 ( and was saved both times by the government at taxpayer expense).

Heads – with Goldman Sachs – the Treasury Borrowing Advisory Committee, which helps set government financial policy

Has a reputation of being the most risk-averse of the big Wall Street players

Was kept alive by a huge government bailout…but used the money to invest in India and other projects which won’t really help Americans

Has made a killing by kicking companies (and see this) and governments (and here) when they are down, engaging in various types of fraud (update), allegedly manipulating the silver market, and profiting on misery by acting as the largest processor of food stamps in America

In addition, JPM’s CEO Jamie Dimon:

Is a Class A Director of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, which is the chief bank regulator for Wall Street (including JPM). Indeed, Dimon served on the board of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York at the same time that his bank received emergency loans from the Fed and was used by the Fed as a clearing bank for the Fed’s emergency lending programs. In 2008, the Fed provided JP Morgan Chase with $29 billion in financing to acquire Bear Stearns. At the time, Dimon persuaded the Fed to provide JP Morgan Chase with an 18-month exemption from risk-based leverage and capital requirements. He also convinced the Fed to take risky mortgage-related assets off of Bear Stearns balance sheet before JP Morgan Chase acquired this troubled investment bank

Has a reputation of being the “golden boy” and smartest guy on Wall Street

Has been the chief spokesman and advocate for deregulation of banks, and has lectured, scolded and cajoled everyone who has questioned his banking practices

Jokes about a new financial crisis happening “every five to seven years”

What Does It Mean?

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation - May 15, 2012

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation - May 15, 2012

1 Cauac, 12 Moan, 8 Manik

Selamat Jarin! We return! Your world is inching ever closer to the sacred shift point. The last vestiges of what needs to be done are now in play. The dark cabalists know that their arrests will shortly commence and so they are busy ramping up global chaos in the vain hope that these imbecilic activities will delay the inevitable. We monitor these goings-on and take note of whom it is who is following these orders to disrupt and distort the fragile nature of various parts of your world. Southern Europe and the Middle East are only two particular trouble spots on your globe. Meanwhile, various financial institutions and national governments are on the verge of collapse, and these constitute the true time bombs that have the dark on tenterhooks. This situation is about to become public and, therefore, news that the dark-controlled media can no longer ignore. This shocking reality will put in train the events that we have long awaited. The new governance is to come into being as the old order is taken down, and the prosperity funding will at long last be delivered!

The momentum toward financial and personal freedom cannot be stopped. A grand upwelling is gathering more and more strength as the days go by. The peoples of Gaia are demanding that the shackles long binding them to their former dark lords be forever severed, to be replaced by an ever-growing freedom coupled with responsible sovereignty which are to restore the precious interactive ties between Gaia and you. This reinstated relationship marks the beginning of the final leg of your journey back to full consciousness. We come at this right sacred moment to assist you openly in reuniting with your cousins from Inner Earth. The Agarthans have long associated with your Ascended Masters and intend, together, to help you in returning swiftly to your natural fully conscious state. We are all one grand family that spans this galaxy and indeed, the whole of physical Creation. This first contact mission is, in essence, a homecoming celebration for you and your extended human family.

Finding Peace: Where To Start Looking

Posted by Wendy in Featured on May 15th, 2012

Peace of Mind is the Ultimate Goal. How do you get it under the circumstances?
by Wendy Keller, author, inspirational speaker, woman who cares

It’s been a few days since I’ve posted anything original, because I’ve been stuck on a few sentences in a book. The book is called “Being Peace” by the Vietnamese monk Thich Naht Hanh.  This is not the first time I’ve read this book, but since last time, someone must have come along and added a few sentences I never noticed before.  Does that ever happen to you?

The sentences that have seized my mind are these:

“Reality, ultimate reality, is free from all adjectives, either pure or impure.”  – page 24

It’s not “good” or “bad”; It’s not “fair” nor “unfair”.  The bad stuff that’s happening in your life just Is. Reality is just that: What Is.  We can hate it, we can suffer, we can squirm.  But ultimately, that has no bearing on What Is.  It only affects how we cope with What Is.

I think when Really Bad Stuff happens, coping goes way, way, way beyond “Think Positive Thoughts.”  We may mutter under our breath to any chirpy person who dares to admonish us to think positively when we’re really hurting, “Let me shove your positive thoughts right up…”

But logically, let’s look at this.  The Bad Thing has already happened. Nothing is going to grow back your amputated legs; resurrect your loved one; make your spouse into someone who doesn’t cheat; whatever.

Could it be – and I suspect it is – our “adjectives” cause us pain?  I know it takes enormous effort to think this – really I do – but just for a split second, what if you said, “What happened to me isn’t Good or Bad; Pure or Impure; it just is What Is.”  It’s a fact. 

The minute we stop resisting something that’s already happened, the sooner we can decide to stop hurting and starting living again.  The sooner we can begin to open ourselves to coping strategies, to recovery, to seeing what’s left in the ruins of our lives.  It takes an unfathomable amount of mental strength to try to let go of The Bad Thing, to wash off all the words we use to describe it, and to just let it be What Is.  Yet the minute we do, everything changes.  Our perspective. Our feelings. Our coping ability.

You’re still alive.  You made it through The Bad Thing.  Why not make the best of it?  What will it hurt you to try this little experiment?  Why not take a stab at creating Peace of Mind by letting go (even for a second!) of the judgment you have about what happened, the labels you and society give it, and let a fresh breeze into your soul?

You are Beginning to See the Effect

You are beginning to see the effect.
– Michael channeled by Ron Head

May 15, 2012 in Ron's Channeled Messages

Our message for today concerns the community of lightworkers and the energies of inclusion.  All over the planet now groups of lightworkers are starting to come together and grow in small communities and large.  This has always been in the nature of humans.  It has been discouraged for thousands of years except where the group was formed to carry out the controllers’ agendas.

You are waking to the fact that your power can also be used to carry out your own agendas.  And as you incorporate your higher understandings of yourselves and your true nature, your agendas are making dramatic changes.  You are beginning to question everything you have been led to believe.  Slowly, at first, and now with gathering speed, you are beginning to see the effect of this upon your outside world.

Codings within you are being activated by Divine intent.  Monumental changes which would have created havoc around the globe are occurring in small increments, bringing the necessary changes into being in as safe a fashion as possible as you make greater and greater changes within yourselves.  A great deal of the stress which your dear mother planet needed to relieve was due to the stresses in your own make-up.  As you become clearer and clearer, the immense stress she has taken on become less and less urgent.  Also, as you become clearer, the means to reverse the damage done to her are beginning to surface in your consciousness.

The monumental changes you will make beginning right now will, when you look back upon them, be stunning.  Daily observation only reveals great upheavals.  Normal growth and change is unremarkable.  This has always been a fact of life for you.  As change speeds up now in incremental rates, it will become more and more obvious.

This month there will be more bursts of energy which will ‘kick the can down the road’.  But the impetus will come from within yourselves.  We continue to speak of this, and you continue to ask when someone else will do something to change things for you.  We point to one of your own widespread wisdoms, “We are the ones we have been waiting for.”  Yes, you are.

Fortunately there are more and more of you who are making change where they stand.  It is a natural extension of the great change they are making within.  And that is a natural extension of the immense changes that are being created in your make-up by the will and love of your Creator.  Many are beginning to sense the inevitable peaceful outcome of the changes at hand.  Soon it will be felt by more and more of you.  Fear and discord will melt away like the illusions that they are.  Keep your visions of the new world alive and growing, dear friends.  Continue to add to them day by day.  As you do that and change yourselves in the doing, you begin to see your own lives change.  That makes many billions of changes each day, none remarkable by themselves, but very remarkable when viewed from our perspective.  And each one changes the potentials of all.

We send you, as always, our love and support in your tremendous undertaking.  Tomorrow we will speak again.

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Tolec – Emotional Healing on the way to Spiritual Awareness 5-13-12.. Video and MP3s

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Tolec – Emotional Healing on the way to Spiritual Awareness 5-13-12.. Video and MP3s
Posted on May 14, 2012

Some of you may find this helpful in moving through and beyond emotional issues that come in during this time. The mp3s have been volume leveled and amped up, so some may find easier to hear the questioners and Dr. Joe Marra.

Here is Tolec’s website: http://andromedacouncil.com
—————————————————————————MP3s (each part, 30 min., 5 MB)

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Complete show
(1:44:44, 18 MB)

Time to Fill the Bucket


With all this talk of arrests and change and off planet beings and collapse, it feels like we need some love.  At the core of this there is just you.  The one in charge, the God force, the only one making decisions for your life and how it feels, is you.  You are here now to transform a world.  You are here now to transform yourself.  You can’t draw water from an empty well, it’s time to replenish.

You are and you have been many things.  At the very center of all that you are – is love.  They have “proven” that love is the most powerful force in the universe.  But, really, didn’t we know that all along?  Nothing happens without love.

Yes, there is saber rattling, warnings and even physical destruction with fear – but love has not been doused, nor can it ever be.  Love is the source of it all, including those spewing fear.

Love cannot be outdone.  Your very source is love.  It is your soul essence, the God force, the infinite energetic.  It is that which fuels you; it is that which you are.

God breathed you into life and here you are – a being of magnificence here to show the way.  What will you do?  As you live and work and hear the news, remember one thing.  It is your voice, our intentions, your thoughts and our collective feelings that are deciding how this goes.  There may be some louder; some fancier and some with better broadcasting tools but none of them have more of an effect than you do.

ONE is truth.   Unity is reality.  ONE is a force.  It is you.  It is me.  It is us.  We are writing this story.  We are reading it and we are reacting as well.  We – the collective called humanity are directing this show.

Nothing is more important than you.  Nothing is less important either.  “There are no small parts, just small actors.” (1898 by Konstantin Stanislavsky)  You can pretend others have more of a say in how this turns out but it won’t work.  They don’t.

Fill your well with love.  It is time for clarity of purpose, fullness of heart and buckets of joy. This is how we create amazing.  Self care is primary. 

Love yourself.  If that means paint your nails, take a walk, take a day or just take a break – do it.  You will return replenished and the ripple effect of your light and your love will indeed change the world.  

Love yourself without condition, for you are the chosen one. There is no one better for the task at hand than you. You are perfect where you stand.

You are the one you have been waiting for.

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