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The Great Depression Version 2.0

DS Mahal has graced with another amazing chart of statistics.  This graph is of the number of people on Food Stamps since 2008.

We are in a hidden depression, there are no soup lines, these people get their handouts in politically convenient electronic benefit cards.  There are no dramatic black and white historical photographs of people in soup lines. No images of men on street corners selling apples in the front pages of newspapers or movie house news reels. John Steinbeck will not provide the narration for this new story of Banker greed.  Wall Street securitization and derivative techno-monkeys have spun a new story, The Apes of Math.

Just sad decent people wiping their electronic benefit cards through grocery store electronic readers, unseen, uncared for, then shamed and reviled in the political talk shows. Its not their fault. They want to work.  Think how many more bombs we could buy if we didn't have to pay for food stamps with our taxes!  Some sort of warped death versus life logic in all that.  When did our government shift from affirming life to destroying it?

This is not a story of Republican versus Democrat or right versus left.  Both parties bathed in the pool of avarice and corruption.  If they were passive we'd call them facilitators.  But we can't even be that charitible, their legislation clearly shows they were in on it all, they were the advance party scouting out this reign of destruction.

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The Missing Piece

The Missing Piece

The beginning is where it all starts.  On this much we can agree.  There is a moment in linear time when we each arrived.  This is our beginning as a person.  The physical reasons for our birth are identical; the decisions to engage in the physical act that produced us are as varied as we are.  Some of them were conscious; offspring was part of the intent.  Some of them went no further than the act itself; our arrival was a surprise to our parents.

There is now information “out there” that points to a specific and planned beginning for the human.  It may be a challenge, an affront to what you have been told.  It is another view that once adopted as a possibility – throws the door wide open for expansion of thought in many directions.  The traditional stance on creation is polarized – we were either divinely created by a benevolent god or we naturally evolved from an ape.  There is a missing link that causes a problem for both scenarios and faith is necessary.

This third possibility says that “in the beginning” man was made, yet in a lab and using the ape in combination with genetics from an advanced race – the one called “god”, “elohim”, “he who from the sky came”.

If true, then that would mean that both sides have been right all along.  This is good news.  Everyone can retain their dignity and belief system now.  This was the piece to the puzzle we did not have. We have it now.

We are in the age of enlightenment.  There are truths uncovered daily and sometimes it feels, hourly.  We are about to discover where the pieces are, what they look like and why they’ve been hidden.

I love hearing stories of my childhood, even things that happened before I showed up.  It puts my whole life and family in perspective.  I get a better sense of who I am.

Man has always been a puzzle and the missing piece has never been perfectly filled, there were gaps.  This is the year we fill in the gaps.  We may or may not like what it looks like once the pieces are put in place, yet they will fit.  That will be obvious.

One of my children needed eyeglasses at a very young age and we didn’t know it.  One day we were driving by a huge car lot, sunlight reflecting off hundreds of automobiles, and he said “Hey, I didn’t know there was a lake here!”  Then we knew.

We will see clearly this year and it may be a bit of a jolt.  My son much preferred his image of a sparkling lake to the rows of cars, but he could see clearly and he was grateful.

It is really satisfying to complete a puzzle.  Snapping that last piece in is the whole point.  There is a drive within all of us to have things make sense and when they don’t – things don’t feel quite right.

Answers and reasons are forthcoming; soon we’ll have that last piece.  We may be surprised and uncomfortable with what it looks like, just sitting there by itself.  That is the time to put it in its place, stand back and take in the view.

You may have thought that you were building a kingdom, structurally sound, strong and walled off.  From a distance now it is clear, this is not a kingdom; there is no king.  This is life, expressed in every conceivable form and beautifully connected.  We are one.  The point is not how we started – we are here!  Diverse, colorful, brilliantly assorted, our unity is clear.  We are astounding and more than we have imagined ourselves to be.

The puzzle completed, we see it before us.  It is beautiful.  We cannot just frame it and put it away.  That does not satisfy, not this time.  No, we have come to see it differently.  We’ll be taking this puzzle to the next dimension.

We are the ones we are waiting for.

Construction on Five-Star Waterfall Hotel Commences in Abandoned Shanghai Quarry

Construction is already underway on the Shimao Intercontinental Hotel in the Songjiang District of Shanghai - a five-star, 19-story, 380-room, luxury hotel built into an abandoned, part-flooded quarry (Image: Atkins)

Though at this point only computer-rendered images area available for this audacious project, don't be mistaken. This is no mere concept. In fact, construction is already underway on the Shimao Intercontinental Hotel in the Songjiang District of Shanghai - a five-star, 19-story, 380-room, luxury hotel built into an abandoned, part-flooded quarry.

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by GW Hardin

An inspiring story is evolving of a little boy born with a hole in his brain. At the heart of the story is an evolving revelation as to how all of us may be effected by what is happening to this youngster.

This two-year-old is the son of a longtime friend of mine, who I stopped to visit on the way to a conference where I was to speak. A car crash had injured the boyʼs mother while he still grew in her womb. Even though the doctors had thought the “bun in the oven” was OK, it turned out he had suffered a stroke in vitro. The stroke ended up leaving him with a hole in his brain about the size of ping pong ball. However, when I looked at the ultrasound pictures, his tiny head made the black spot look more like the size of a tangerine.

When he reached the age for walking, Dad began to notice that his sonʼs right side was not developing normally. Like grown-ups who have suffered from strokes, he walked with a limp and carried his arm as if in a perpetual sling.

A Matter of Angels

On February 14 of 2012, eight angels appeared to Joseph Crane, one of the angels being Archangel Michael. Unlike previous appearances, the angels took him to an angelic dimension in which sacred tones (tuning forks) and “the most sacred oils” were handed to him. However, the gifts did not end there. The angels also bestowed on Crane a wonderful blessing. The angels told him his aging 65-year-old body would be “made whole” again, and then showed him how he would eventually look—some twenty years younger. Michael then said to him, “With each passing year you will become more fit in body and mind. You will be able to pass this on to others in time ... through mutual love ... As you grow in years, the better you will become in bringing this gift to others.” The angel further went on to say that those who show up in sacred formation at the Denver Children of Light Conference (June 20-23) will be taught how to teach others how to pass this Wholeness Blessing on to yet others. Each individual will become a spreading source of blessing to our world as it spreads across our globe.

Over the ensuing days, Joe decided he would try to pass this Wholeness Blessing on to someone else as a test. He picked another longtime friend of mine, Jewls, as his guinea pig. She described the Wholeness Blessing as a bathing in light accompanied by heavenly aromas that left her body electrified. Plus, she collapsed to the ground in reverie. At a class in Austin, Texas, Jewls received the Wholeness Blessing once again from Joe, with similar results. But this time Joe decided to see if he could teach Jewls how to pass the blessing on.

A Matter of Wellness

When my longtime buddy heard that Jewls had been taught the Wholeness Blessing, he decided to fly her in to work with his little boy. The three of us have a long history of daring endeavors. So I was not surprised to hear the two of them were going to see what might happen. The little guy slept in his bed as Jewls began the blessing. His right arm and leg began to twitch repeatedly. Dadʼs eyes filled with hope. The hope changed to wonder as he saw his little boyʼs arm completely straighten out. Could it be possible? Upon wakening, the toddler ran to his father—with no limp, and the arm straightened. The two adults stared at one another, exploding with joy.

As the days roll by, the little guy improves continually. When he sits idly, he will still favor his right arm. But when walking or running, he looks normal. Dad tells me, with the way his son is progressing, he expects the remnants of the stroke to fade completely away. Jewls concurs.

To Do or Not to Do

I take this as a strong indication of what our world can choose to receive from the angels—or not. Itʼs up to us. We have this glorious opportunity not only to receive this Wholeness Blessing but to spread it out across our world. What could be simpler? What could be more wondrous? What are we waiting for? If you feel so moved, join us for the Children of Light Conference in Denver. Become part of the gift that keeps on giving to  our planet.

In the latest appearance, hereʼs what Michael said about the June Children of Light Conference:

“Our kind knows it is difficult to speak of that which can only be understood when it is experienced. This is not a perchance conference. This is a monumental vibrational healing and wholeness event that will take place. Have no misgivings of the miracles that will take place. Ask, what would be the wholeness created by you should you have the space to create it in? All things are possible.”

For complete details on how the Wholeness Blessing was given by the angels, go to ... and read about all the angelic appearances that have occurred this year. For more information as to what else the angels are bringing to our world, you can read my articles about the Avatar-Child:

Great Joy and Happiness Await Humanity

Great joy and happiness await humanity
by John Smallman

Humanity’s progress along the path to awakening is now constantly accelerating because ever more Light-holders are releasing old attitudes that are “way past their sell-by dates.”  Instead, they are embracing the Love that surrounds them, with the intent to maintain themselves centered within the divine energy field at all times, and to share the Love that it offers indiscriminately with all on the planet.  The result is that the Light emanating from them is becoming increasingly brilliant, and the power it provides is continuously intensifying and flowing out into the world to bring about the changes that will allow and enthusiastically encourage all to move forwards towards the grand moment of awakening.

As you move ever closer to this magnificent event, your energy will continue to intensify, and the required changes that you are making happen all over the world will come about with increasing rapidity.  Already many on Earth are aware that something of enormous significance is shortly to happen, and while they may feel somewhat anxious or worried, they are also experiencing the sensation that all is for the best.  This is the first sign of recognition for many of their deep-seated knowledge that there is a divine plan, and that it will be brought to fruition for the eternal benefit of all.  There is a great sense of hope in the air, and it is utterly justified – God’s Will will be done.


Graphs by DS Mahal Twitter:@dsmahal
Data Research by American Kabuki

The Rise in 65+ People Re-entering the Workforce

Graph by DS Mahal twitter:@dsmahal

FDIC Failed Banks since October 1, 2000

Graph by DS Mahal 

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