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CEOs selling stock -- sign of a downturn?

CEOs selling stock -- sign of a downturn?

Corporate insiders such as C-level executives and directors know more about their businesses than you do. That's why the recent spike in insider selling is spooking some more pessimistic market watchers.

Indeed, John Hussman, the well-regarded manager of Hussman Funds, cites an Investors Intelligence report showing that corporate insiders are now selling shares at levels associated with "near panic action."

"Since corporate insiders typically receive stock as part of their compensation, it is normal for insiders to sell about two shares on the open market for every share they purchase outright," Hussman says in a new note to clients. "Recently, however, insider sales have been running at a pace of more than 8-to-1."

The ratio of insider selling to insider buying is even more pronounced on a value basis, hitting its highest level in a year recently, according to data from Thomson Reuters. Taking the total market into account, insiders sold $44.77 worth of stock for every dollar they bought in February. That's the highest insider sell-to-buy ratio since February 2011, when it hit $44.53 to $1.

March, meanwhile, is so far running at $29.48 to $1. Taken together, the current streak of insider selling most closely resembles the levels hit in April and May of last year -- just as the market rolled over on Arab Spring oil-price spikes, the debt crisis in Europe and the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. See the chart of total market insider selling vs. buying over the last five years, courtesy of Thomson Reuters, below:

Hussman says some of the weekly pops in insider selling have notched levels that are associated almost exclusively with intermediate market peaks, the most recent being the run-up to the 2007 market peak, the early 2010 peak and the 2011 peak. Each instance resulted in significant intermediate corrections or worse.

"Of course, it's sometimes the case that insiders are early, and therefore miss part of the tail of a market advance," Hussman says. "So it might be worth ignoring the heavy pace of insider selling for a little while. But you have to ask yourself one question. Do I feel lucky?"

World Bank chief selection
doesn't deserve much attention,
says China Central Bank Governor
Zhou Xiaochuan

World Bank chief selection doesn't deserve much attention,
says China Central Bank Governor Zhou Xiaochuan

English.news.cn 2012-03-12 13:26:34

BEIJING, March 12 (Xinhua) -- China's central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan said Monday that not much attention should be paid to the selection of the new chief of the World Bank.

Zhou made the remarks when commenting on questions whether he will be nominated for the position at a press conference on the sidelines of the country's annual parliamentary session.

Considering the bank's history and that World Bank chiefs have always been Americans, people should not be too concerned over the issue, as there has not yet been a change in the range of choices for the new chief, said Zhou.

The Washington-based World Bank Group will pick a new chief in April this year to replace the outgoing President Robert Zoellick.

Nassim Haramein:
'Earth-sized space-ships crash into Sun

Nassim Haramein on Earth-sized Space Ships Flying Into the Sun

In this video we see a triangular shape emerge in the Sun.

In this video, at 11:00 you will see an ancient artifact with a depiction of the Sun with a triangle shaped stargate which matches the one in the video above.


This article was sent to me by GW Hardin. I was contacted by Gary in 1994 based on an Internet posting I made to a USENET group. It will take me a while to digest this new post and its implications.  I have never had Gary lie to me.  And I can't think of anything he's told me that hasn't been true or come true since 1994.  So with that in mind, I present this message from GW Hardin.

by New York Times Best Selling Author,
 G.W. Hardin

The topic of suffering coming to an end for humanity is almost unthinkable; we have so long lived with suffering that we culturally expect it. Nonetheless, messages are already coming forward and gifts are already being bestowed by the angelic realm that make this utopian notion reachable and concrete. 

Three different realms of beings have spoken of the Avatar-Child: the realm of angels, the realm of the Ascended Masters, and the realm of the Elohim. Four different groups of people have witnessed the appearances of the Elohim, one of those groups being Native American. The Elders have been outspoken in what these Creator Beings are saying with regard to humanity’s movement into what they call the Fifth World (Ascension). Three faces or vibrational densities of the Elohim have been witnessed, each addressing a different level of manifestation of the Avatar-Child, whose archetypal consciousness dwells in what they call the “Golden City.” These Elohim echo the messages of the angels in stating that the highest manifestation of the Avatar-Child shall come through humanity. How many humans? That depends on us. As many as choose to welcome this Ascension Consciousness into our being. However, at some point, critical mass will be achieved and all of humanity will then hold the Avatar-Child within. I will discuss later one great option the angelic realm has given us. 

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